51st match (N), Kanpur, May 19 2016, Indian Premier League
Guj Lions won by 6 wickets (with 39 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

11pm: Gujarat Lions move up to second on the points table with their eighth win. They have also lifted their net run-rate from -0.747 to -0.479.

Lions, however, aren't assured of a berth in the playoffs berth yet. The returning Suresh Raina steered the chase on a green track at Green Park, which was hosting its first T20, with an unbeaten 53 off 36 balls. His inside-out drives were classy, but it was Dwayne Smith who set the match up with his career-best figures of 4 for 8. Lions, however, will be sweating on the fitness of Praveen.

KKR's tactics backfired today: Chawla was promoted to No.4 and then did not bowl in the chase. Shakib din't bowl either. Neither Morne nor Holder was given the new ball. They missed #DreRuss?

Nikhil Kalro's report will tell you the full story.

Gambhir: I thought we did not turn up properly. It was a decent wicket. We could have scored 150-160. When you end up with 124 it is difficult to restrict the opposition. It was one of those days where nothing worked for us.

Raina: These last two games are important for us. Smith bowled well. He is not just a batsman. I always feel he is an allrounder and that set the game up for us. I am glad I won the toss. We need to play well against Mumbai Indians on Saturday. Praveen is fine. Hopefully, he will be back.

Dwayne Smith, Man of the Match: I am not one to be frustrated if I don't get the ball. But I'm willing to bowl. I don't really bowl in the nets. I just back myself. Jerome Taylor is there in Mumbai along with Pollard. Looking forward to it.

Gummalla: "Raina back on top with 4038 runs. Most runs by a batsman in IPL

JAY: "KKR without Andre Russell is not the same team"

A: "Very rare. The opening batsman getting out on the first ball of the innings becomes Man of the Match!"

Thanks for tuning in tonight. That is all we have for you from his game. Good night

Morkel to Raina, 1 run

back of a length on off, Raina leaps and stylishly whips it to square leg to seal Gujarat Lions' six-wicket win

Morkel to Jadeja, 1 run

shorter and angling away, helped to third man

Prem Tripathi: "Setu "Why has Shakib al Hasan not bowled yet?""

Morkel to Jadeja, FOUR runs

full and outside off, Jadeja clears his front leg and muscles it past mid-on who is in the circle


end of over 136 runs
GL: 119/4CRR: 9.15 RRR: 0.85
Suresh Raina52 (35)
Ravindra Jadeja6 (8)
Yusuf Pathan 1-0-6-0
Sunil Narine 4-0-30-1
Pathan to Raina, no run

Raina makes room outside leg again, Yusuf follows him with a flat dart. Squeezed back to the bowler

Pathan to Raina, no run

pushed back to the bowler

Pathan to Raina, FOUR runs

Raina goes outside leg, collapses his back leg and unfurls another top inside-out drive over the covers, this brings up his half-century

Pathan to Jadeja, 1 run

round-armish ball, fizzes in, cramps the batsman for room. He cuts and squirts an inside edge onto the pad

Pathan to Jadeja, no run

short on off, punched to cover

Setu Parikh: "Why has Piyush Chawla not bowled yet?"

Pathan to Raina, 1 run

dabbed to midwicket for one


end of over 126 runs
GL: 113/4CRR: 9.41 RRR: 1.50
Ravindra Jadeja5 (6)
Suresh Raina47 (31)
Sunil Narine 4-0-30-1
Jason Holder 2-0-14-0
Narine to Jadeja, 2 runs

heading down leg, tickled to fine leg

Narine to Raina, 1 run

fired short on middle, punched to long-on

Narine to Jadeja, 1 run

leg-stump length ball, tapped wide of the square-leg ump

Narine to Raina, 1 run

flat on middle, punched past the bowler. Raina examines the toe end of the bat

Narine to Jadeja, 1 run

shorter and outside off, swatted to long-on

Narine to Jadeja, no run

full and slides on middle, Jadeja aims a leg-side flick and nearly spoons a leading edge to Gambhir at short cover

end of over 1110 runs
GL: 107/4CRR: 9.72 RRR: 2.00
Suresh Raina45 (29)
Ravindra Jadeja1 (2)
Jason Holder 2-0-14-0
Sunil Narine 3-0-24-1
Holder to Raina, FOUR runs

Holder bangs another short ball, but it's not short enough. Raina pulls to the midwicket boundary. The batsman backed away and connected well, even as the bowler chased him

Holder to Raina, FOUR runs

dug in short and outside off, Raina gets inside the line. He rolls his wrists and pulls it behind square

Holder to Jadeja, 1 run

banged in short on middle, Holder gets extra bounce as well. Jadeja hops and gloves it square on the off side

Holder to Raina, 1 run

short on off, run away past point for one

Holder to Raina, no run

fullish and on the pads, Raina can't connect with a flick

Holder to Raina, no run

full and angled away just a shade outside off, tapped back to the bowler. Holder collects the ball and aims a direct hit. He misses. Raina dives full-length to make his ground

A slip in place

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