1st Investec Test, London, May 21 - 25 2015, New Zealand tour of England
389 & 478
(67.3 ov, target 345)523 & 220
England won by 124 runs
player of the match
Ben Stokes

6.35pm: Yeesh. It's been a rattling five days but England have carried off the spoils - you can read all about their victory, after 14 wickets fell on Monday, in Gnasher's report, then sit back and reminisce about Kane and Trent, Alastair and Stuart, and the ginger titan Ben. England have gone from zeroes to heroes but NZ will be looking to even the score in the second Test, which starts on Friday. We'll be back to cover ourselves in glory then but, for now, it's goodbye from myself and Alex. Thanks for keeping us company. Cheerio!

6.20pm: Time for the presentations... This is the 100th Test between England and NZ, remember. A fine way to mark the century.

New Zealand captain, Brendon McCullum: "Boys are obviously hurting but I thought we played out part in a tremendous Test match that was a great advertisement for the game. Credit to England, they fought through the game, played and enterprising brand of cricket. We played the brand of cricket we want to play as well, it was an entertaining game. We got 700 runs in the game and still lost by 100, it was a fantastic pitch, great crowds. All credit to Alastair and his team, we'll come back at them at Headingley. Such a fine line between success and faulure when you've got two good teams. We passed the bat but couldn't take the wickets we wanted. Root and Stokes played with freedom and put us under pressure and got them back in the game. To lose three of your top six in a few balls kind of undermines you. [Decision to drop down] BJ is a fighter and we felt if we could build a partnership between those guys, myself and Corey could provide a second wave of attack later in the game. We weren't able to do t but that was the plan. Delighted with the way the bowlers bowled, we still took 20 wickets, they kept running in, even with significant workloads. We've got a few days to rest and recover and re-plot our strategy. Should be another cracking Test match.

England captain, Alastair Cook: "Little bit of frustration because of Trent and Matt but thankfully Moeen hung on. [Best innings on Sunday?] Certainly up there, those guys bowled incredibly well, Tim and Trent put us under pressure and we lost Ian early. But we got a little bit of luck and got through it and then Ben played one of the best innings I've seen, a fantastic knock. On day three we bowled pretty well, didn't quite get it right on day two. Fought hard on a great wicket. It was a real team effort this week, been a rocky road over the last two weeks as a side, so to come out with a win, we can be very proud of that. We've been incredibly luck with the support we have, to have a full house on the fifth day of a Test match, it's been a great spectacle... When Stokesy got two wickets in two balls, I can't remember Lord's ever being louder. [Recent upheaval, new coach?] Today we just want to concentrate on what a fantastic Test match it's been. All the other external stuff, we'll let that be what it is, we're a little bit in limbo... but if we play like that in limbo I'll be very happy."

Ben Stokes is named Man of the Match: "Yeah, been fantastic, great crowd response. Been striking the ball well in the nets but didn't expect it to go quite that well. There was always opportunities to score, they were attacking us, Lord's is a very fast-scoring outfield so you pick up boundaries and me and Joe just tried to get on with it. It's great to have fun with your mates, Joe's in great form, we're calling him the Don at the moment. [Crowd response?] They've been behind us the whole day and we owe a massive debt of thanks to them. [Parents back in NZ] They're pretty weary, staying up to watch, but pretty pleased as well."

6.05pm: How's about that, then? They'll be dancing in the streets of north London after England finished off a banquet of a Test match with the wafer-thin mint they needed. Having been put in and reduced to 30 for 4, England fought for respectability; even then, when New Zealand passed 500, only one side looked like winning. They were resurrected by Alastair Cook and, thrillingly, Ben Stokes and here we are, 24 hours later, with the visitors having been blown away on the final day. Unlike in Antigua last month and here at Lord's a year ago against Sri Lanka, England managed to finish the job. New Zealand were, for large parts, superb but they ran out of gas at the end. Test cricket, you've done it again.

By the way, we have a correction to that stat from James: "Actually it's only the fifth highest if you count every Test Match in which all 40 wickets have fallen!" says Graeme. "James only included matches since 1950!" Let's call it a post-war record and get out the party hats, eh? And as Mark points out, the other four were all timeless. Woop!

Broad to Boult, OUT

short ball, Boult uppercuts... Moeen is down at third man, he's taken the catch, diving full length! Of all the places to be caught trying to save a Test! Moeen did brilliantly well, he was running back to his left, went with both hands but took it in his left, managed to cling on as he fell to the ground, just below the England team balcony. England win by 124 runs and go 1-0 up in the series

Trent Boult c Ali b Broad 10 (38m 26b 2x4 0x6) SR: 38.46
Broad to Boult, 2 runs

drops back and flips it away through square leg, past the catchers

Broad to Boult, no run

goes around the wicket, short and at the body, jumps back to defend

There are ten overs left in the day. How many of those 60 deliveries are we going to see?

This, from James, is very interesting: "This will be the most runs in a test match in which all 40 wickets fall." But will all 40 fall, James?

end of over 673 runs
NZ: 218/9CRR: 3.25 
Matt Henry10 (24)
Trent Boult8 (23)
James Anderson14-5-31-1
Stuart Broad16-3-48-2
Anderson to Henry, no run

kicks off a length, takes the shoulder of the bat and is in the air again, towards point - but no one is there, Stokes having moved to slip! Not sure it would have carried anyway

Fifth slip comes in...

Anderson to Henry, 2 runs

length ball, testing line and Henry edges wide of the slips, sort of guided it at the last moment, up and in front of fourth slip

Anderson to Henry, no run

short, outside off, goes through at chest height as Henry drops his hands

Anderson to Henry, no run

on the stumps and punched crisply into the covers

Few shouts of encouragement again... The two last Black Caps clinging grimly on

Anderson to Henry, no run

back of a length on the stumps, shows it the maker's name, blocked to mid-on

Anderson to Henry, no run

good length around the line of off stump, defended square on the off side

Anderson to Henry, 1 wide

short and climbing over the batsman - wide

James Anderson, from the Pavilion End. Needs one more wicket for 400, still