Group B (N), Bengaluru, Oct 5 2011, Nokia Champions League T20
RCB won by 2 wickets
player of the match
Virat Kohli
Royal Challengers Bangalore
end of over 2014 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 215/8CRR: 10.75 
Arun Karthik6 (2)
Sreenath Aravind6 (3)
Dan Christian4-0-44-1
Shaun Tait4-0-32-5

That brings us to the end of an incredible T20 game, one where 215 was successfully chased through a last-ball six, hit by a man who took his career tally to 232 with that hit. Thanks for joining us. Don't miss when Warner, Watson, Gayle and Dilshan test this pitch further in the first semi-final

Virat Kohli has won the MoM award. He says: "Top of the table. Never been in such an exciting T20 match all my life. I had my eyes closed on the last ball. We were sitting upstairs, and thought if Chris and Dilshan could bat five or six overs, we had a fair chance. I was calm and relaxes, but of course you can't stay assured chasing 215."

Dan Vettori: "Pretty amazing game of cricket. One thing about this ground is you can chase anything here. Always things you can do well, the last five overs were really poor. Harris and Callum and Dan Christian batted extremely well. The dew does change this wicket. The new ball turns a bit, but once it becomes soft, it's really difficult. However, the class of the batsmanship coupled with the wicket was amazing."

Callum Ferguson, standing in for Klinger who injured himself while catching Gayle: "Obviously disappointing to not defend 214. Dan Harris and Dan Christian batted well, Tait came back with the ball and went bang bang bang, but Virat and Dilshan batted beautifully. We were backing our bowlers to execute despite the dew, disappointed not to do that. Tait takes a lot wickets at a good strike-rate, the value he brings to our side is amazing."

As RCB go ecstatic, spare a thought for South Australia. They have a centurion, one of them took five wickets, and yet they lost last ball. How much did the lbw against Dilshan cost them? How much did that drop off Kohli cost them? Dilshan went onto hit at least one six after that reprieve. All this shouldn't take away from this uninhibited chase from Bangalore, who never let the asking rate get out of hand

This is the fifth-highest successful chase in all Twenty20 cricket, and the highest in all Champions league matches

Oh hello. RCB have drawn NSW for the semi-final at Bangalore. That's Watson, Warner, Gayle, Dilshan, Kohli on this ground

Arun Karthik, still struggling for breath, says, "I just kept it simple, I waited for it to arrive. I knew it was going to be a slower ball, I waited and then gave it my all." Too many slower balls as I said. Too predictable

A sea of red descends on the stadium, and that's red with gold sleeves and not black. Kohli is relived. Plucks a stump out. Karthik is yet to come down off his high. He gets a hug from the coach and the owner. RCB, RCB reverberates around the stadium. Bangalore have been a wonderful audience. They applauded Harris's century too, which can't be said of many Indian crowds. And when their team were on a roll, they went absolutely berserk

Christian to Arun, SIX runs

Arun Karthik you beauty. Too many slower balls. Karthik is expecting it. Slog-sweeps it, like you would a spinner. Sends it twenty rows over midwicket. Will South Australia regret not trying to run him out previous ball?

Six required off the last ball. Damn we can't get a tie here

Christian to Aravind, 1 bye

slower wide half-volley, brave brave ball, Aravind swings, misses, they steal the bye. The keeper lets them take it

Christian to Aravind, 2 runs

he goes down the ground this time, mistimes the slower ball, it bounces short of long-on. They sneak a couple

This is your chance Aravind. Get nine runs, all will be forgotten

Christian to Aravind, FOUR runs

slower ball, on a length, Aravind moves across, scoops this over short fine

Aravind is the new batsman. He has some runs to make up for

Christian to Arun, OUT

slower ball, Karthik slogs, hit on the pad, they want a leg-bye, the keeper takes his time to hit the stumps down. Another wicket gone

Jamaluddin Syed Mohammad run out (†Ludeman) 2 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100

"Tait such a strange one. Either winning you the match or losing it. No in between." Garreth, somehow I feel modern culture doesn't appreciate such characters

Christian to J Syed Mohammad, 1 run

slower ball, outside off, can just get a single to short third

Christian to bowl the last over. Normally a reliable man

end of over 194 runs • 3 wickets
RCB: 201/7CRR: 10.57 RRR: 14.00 • Need 14 runs from 6b
Jamaluddin Syed Mohammad1 (1)
Arun Karthik0 (0)
Shaun Tait4-0-32-5
Aaron O'Brien4-0-44-1
Tait to J Syed Mohammad, 1 run

low full toss outside off, driven to deep cover for one. Tait gets high-fives and pats on his back. What a spell. Bear in mind he had to dismiss both Dilshan and Kohli twice each

Tait to Bhatkal, OUT

An extraordinary five-for for Tait. They kept back his three overs among the last six. They kept all their eggs in the often fragile Tait basket, but he has taken five in his last three. This time he is full and straight. Bhatkal misses. The middle stump is out of the ground

Raju Bhatkal b Tait 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Tait to Vettori, OUT

Has Tait won South Australia the match? The trouble with Vettori, decent lower-order batsman, is that he has just one trick against the quick bowler. Shuffle across and go fine. Twice in a row Tait has bowled wide outside off to him. This time Vettori tries to clear fine leg nonetheless, but manages just a leading edge. Caught at short fine

Daniel Vettori c sub (GD Putland) b Tait 8 (5b 0x4 1x6) SR: 160
Tait to Bhatkal, 1 run

full, quick, on the pads, concedes the leg-bye

Raju Bhatkal is the new batsman

Tait to Dilshan, OUT

what a gem, what a comeback, Chinnaswamy Stadium has gone deathly quiet. This is what they held Tait back for. He bowls a late inswinging yorker that takes the middle stump out. It swings in enough to beat the bat, which seemed to have the yorker covered. Dilshan walks back dejected

Tillakaratne Dilshan b Tait 74 (47b 9x4 2x6) SR: 157.44
Tait to Dilshan, (no ball)

Instead it's the beamer. He went for the yorker, the wet ball perhaps slipped? Tait apologies immediately, but it seems to have hurt Dilshan's hand

Tait will want to bowl the nasty bouncer now

Tait to Vettori, 1 run

Tait knows Vettori likes shuffling across and pulling, so he bowls a wide full toss. Sure enough Vettori shuffles, guides it to third man for one

Eighteen require doff the last two overs. SA will want two wickets from Tait