1st Test, Galle, Jun 22 - 25 2012, Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka
472 & 137/5d
(114 ov, target 510)100 & 300
Sri Lanka won by 209 runs
player of the match
end of over 11412 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 300/10CRR: 2.63 
Adnan Akmal40 (105)
Suraj Randiv 30-4-86-3
Nuwan Kulasekara 23-8-48-3

That is it from us for this game at the moment. Have a look at Sid Ravindran's match report. Abhishek Purohit signing off. The next Test begins on June 30 at the SSC in Colombo. Join us then

Mahela Jayawardene: "Kulasekara was outstanding with the new ball. It is always good to see Dilshan getting runs for us, as he gets them so quickly. Quite a few reasons to not enforce the follow-on. We had played only two and a half days on that wicket. Our bowlers had already bowled 60-odd overs. I wanted to give them a rest and wanted to bat Pakistan out of the match. It was all about Test cricket, and not about extra holidays. The weather was a bit of a concern. We have to see that the workload is being monitored as well."

Mohammad Hafeez: "Thumbs up to my team for showing the highest standard of spirit in the field. It is a learning experience for them. We [batsmen] have to work hard in the nets for the next couple of days. Misbah coming back will give us a boost. It was good to see Younis and Asad fighting till the end." No mention of the umpiring from Hafeez

Kumar Sangakkara is the Man of the Match for his unbeaten 199. Sangakkara: "It was a case of adapting quickly, the ODI series with ttwo new balls, it allows batsmen to build innings even in ODIs, and you can carry that rhythm in Tests. Dilshan got the momentum for us. The conditions were easier than it is usually at Galle, breeze blowing throughout. Pakistan bowled well. I had one delivery to get to the 200, and I let the opportunity go, you control your own destiny."

Time for the presentation. Looks like it will drag on for a bit, numerous awards being given, most sixes, fastest innings, and so on

Lots of feedback against the numerous umpiring errors in the game. It is a tough job, and the umpires will get it wrong on days and in games like these as long as we don't put in place simple things like giving the third umpire more powers, and having a very basic DRS in place to minimise howlers. The fight against and for complicated technology can go on in parallel

That doesn't absolve Pakistan of the lack of fight they showed in the first innings, and the way the top order again failed in the second. Having said that, to last 114 overs in the fourth innings is an achievement in itself

Sri Lanka's big three batsmen came good in the first innings, and Pakistan crumbled against the weight of runs, and quality bowling led by Kulasekara and Herath

Randiv to Junaid, OUT

that is it then, bat-pad catch to forward short leg, no doubt about it, pitching middle and off, kicking in, forward push, off the bat, onto pad, and onwards to short leg

Junaid Khan c sub (BMAJ Mendis) b Randiv 8 (9m 10b 2x4 0x6) SR: 80
Randiv to Junaid, FOUR runs

cut through point now, straightening outside off stump, bouncing, he handles it well

Randiv to Junaid, no run

spinning in onto the pads, pops away to short leg

Randiv to Junaid, no run

that rolled onto the stumps, as Junaid pushed forward, but well, well, the bails remain resolutely in place

Randiv to Junaid, FOUR runs

slashes hard and gets four to the third man rope

Randiv to Junaid, 4 byes

angled in down leg and Prasanna cannot collect

end of over 1138 runs
PAK: 288/9CRR: 2.54 
Adnan Akmal40 (105)
Junaid Khan0 (4)
Nuwan Kulasekara 23-8-48-3
Suraj Randiv 29-4-78-2
Kulasekara to Adnan Akmal, no run

that has got to be close, hit on the pad in front of middle as he misses the work to the on side, it was moving in, but it was much closer than Ayub's dismissal, not given this time, was hitting leg I think, been that kind of game really

Kulasekara to Adnan Akmal, FOUR runs

smashed through point, pitched up and driven hard

Kulasekara to Adnan Akmal, no run

left alone outside off

Kulasekara to Adnan Akmal, no run

back and across, and pushed out to covers

Kulasekara to Adnan Akmal, FOUR runs

low full toss eased down past mid on

Kulasekara to Adnan Akmal, no run

defended off the front foot