2nd T20I, Providence, Jul 31 2021, Pakistan tour of West Indies
(20 ov, target 158)150/4
Pakistan won by 7 runs
Player Of The Match

Right, that brings our coverage to an end. Do watch out for Sreshth's report, and we'll see you tomorrow for the third T20I as West Indies battle to keep the series alive.

"I was very impressed with the boys," Babar says. "We were 10-15 runs short, but our bowlers bowled very well, and I think we should give them credit. We were looking for 170-180, but we lost too many wickets at that time."

Pays tribute to Hafeez too. "He showed his experience in the PP. As captain it pleased me tremendously."

"I thought the way the bowlers bounced back shows we're consistent with the ball," Pollard says. "I don't think the pitch changed much but it dried out a bit. Pakistan bowled wicket-to-wicket, but the way we fought in the end was impressive.

"At the end of the day we could have taken a few more singles, but you can come up with lots of ideas, but this is a learning curve for us. There are things we continue to look at, and it's all about improvement as the games go on. We were on the losing end today but all hope isn't lost."

Mohammad Hafeez is the Player of the Match. "It's my first MoM award as a bowler. We knew the conditions were tough for the batsmen against spinners. Shadab bowled really well, and Shaheen's last over, he nailed his yorkers."

Hafeez credits playing the CPL and his experience in that compo for today's performance. "I really tried to execute my skills and it worked well for me. I'm more comfortable bowling to left-handers and I believe I put them under more pressure, but you still have to nail your lengths."

Irfan: "West Indies didn't time the chase well at all. Only 4 wickets down, they left the big hitting too late. Congratulations Pakistan."

end of over 2012 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 150/4CRR: 7.50 
Nicholas Pooran62 (33)
Jason Holder0 (0)
Shaheen Shah Afridi 4-0-44-1
Hasan Ali 4-0-32-1
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Pooran, SIX runs

sliced for six over point, and that brings to an end an engrossing T20I which Pakistan have won by 7 runs. Brilliant shot, majestic strike to a decent delivery that caps a sensational individual effort from Pooran, but West Indies left it much, much too late in the end.

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Pooran, FOUR runs

same ball, but this time it's slightly wide of long-off, and it goes all the way for four. This has been a superb over from Afridi, and here are the last rites

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Pooran, no run

excellent delivery, in the blockhole. he can't get underneath it, another slap to long-off, another dot ball. Pakistan have won this barring extras

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Pooran, no run

smashed to long-off, doesn't run. Now needs 18 off 3

Talha Waleed: "Don't watch Pakistan match if you are not ready for any thrill"

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Pollard, OUT

leading edge to deep extra cover, and Mohammad Wasim Jnr takes a simple catch. Importantly, it's a dot ball for Pakistan, but even more importantly, Pooran is on strike for WI. 18 off four and you'd imagine he has to face all four now

Kieron Pollard c Mohammad Wasim b Shaheen Shah Afridi 13 (31m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 92.85
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Pollard, 2 runs

clipped to cow corner but there's a fielder stationed there. WI come back for two. Pooran still kept off strike, which will please Pakistan

Riad: "This is pakistan .they play most of the game like a lion and when everyone thinks it's their day , they slipped .Why those slower off cutter ball ?"

Haris Khan: "Clean hitting can't get any better! Amazing to watch "

end of over 1915 runs
WI: 138/3CRR: 7.26 RRR: 20.00 • Need 20 runs from 6b
Kieron Pollard11 (12)
Nicholas Pooran52 (29)
Hasan Ali 4-0-32-1
Shaheen Shah Afridi 3-0-32-0
Hasan Ali to Pollard, 1 run

only a single, and that means Pollard will be on strike for the final over. Result for Pakistan, that, and WI need 20 to win

Hasan Ali to Pollard, no run

slower ball, fooled Pollard completely. He's the one that's dragging WI back at the moment, how often do you say that?!

Hasan Ali to Pooran, 1 run

good ball from over the wicket. Yorker length and he guides it down to long-on

Hasan Ali to Pooran, SIX runs

straight six, Pooran is getting Windies closer and closer. Monstrous strike back over the bowler's head, and that's Pooran's 50! Is a remarkable chase on here??

Hasan Ali to Pooran, SIX runs

goes over the top, and it's a six over extra cover. Hasan missed his length ever so slightly, ended up being too full, and Pooran opens up his body and clears the rope

Hasan Ali to Pollard, 1 run

straight drive. Long-on is very straight so it's just one