43rd match (N), Chennai, May 8 2015, Pepsi Indian Premier League
(19.2/20 ov)159/4
Mum Indians won by 6 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
player of the match
Hardik Pandya
Mumbai Indians

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"The Mumbai Indians are never beaten till the last ball is bowled," says Ricky Ponting. Today, they didn't even let it go to the last ball. Excellent finish provided by Hardik Pandya, who is also the Man of the Match. He says, "I was batting very well in the nets. It's good they have faith on me. I can hit the ball very hard. It was the most emotion I have gone through. I had to target the straight boundary, because side boundaries are slightly long. Ball was always coming to me in the field. This is the best opportunity for me."

Rohit Sharma: "He strikes the ball really well. It was a gamble between him and Bhajji, but Hardik being a batsman, we had to go with him. We wanted to win this badly. We always knew it was a difficult wicket. We knew they were going to pull it back at some stage. But we wanted to bat deep. We lost a couple of wickets in the middle which wasn't good. But in the end we won, special thanks to Rayudu and Pandya. We dropped a few catches, which is not good for a top team. But to restrict them to 158 was a good effort. We were determined to change it around (the poor start), wanted to come back strongly. Very happy where we stand right now. It's not over. With the table so tight, we need to continue playing well."

MS Dhoni says: "I was pushed to take the decision (to bring Negi in the 19th) because our fast bowlers didn't bowl well. Negi has bowled well, he was under pressure, no problems that it didn't come through. It was more a tactical error. You will drop a few catches, it's bound to happen. But some fielders were not really in the field, it's important to give your 100%. "

This is Bombay's fifth win in five games. It has been a massive massive turnaround after the horror start. And what a venue to do it in. Super Kings had not lost a game in Chennai for the last two years ( they didn't play here in 2014, though) and let it slip through the fingers. Bombay had an excellent start to the chase, given by a half-century stand between Parthiv Patel and Lendl Simmons, but Super Kings came back brilliantly in the middle overs, drying up the boundaries. And just when it seemed it was over for Bombay, there came Pandya. The 25-run 19th over turned it around completely.

Swami: "Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle explained by Dhoni. "Some fielders were not really in the field" !"

Bravo to Rayudu, FOUR runs

now Rayudu slogs, gets a top edge that runs down to the third-man boundary. But the last few minutes have all bee about Hardik. What a Pandya!!!

Bravo to Hardik, 1 run

now even Jadeja has dropped a catch! Pandya goes for a slog, top edges this one towards deep midwicket, Jadeja walks in casually, but drops a sitter..

This is easy now.. this is very very easy. Bravo to bowl

end of over 1925 runs
MI: 154/4CRR: 8.10 RRR: 5.00 • Need 5 runs from 6b
Ambati Rayudu30 (18)
Hardik Pandya20 (7)
Pawan Negi4-0-34-0
Dwayne Bravo2-0-11-1

What an over this was! Twenty five runs in the over. No wonder Tendulkar was all smiles, appreciating the hitting from Pandya

Aswin: "The Question is which Pandya is it - Original or cloned?"

Negi to Rayudu, SIX runs

Negi has been hammered all over! Now Rayudu joins in in the fun and smashes it down the ground for the fourth six of the over.

Negi to Hardik, 1 bye

fires a good yorker that the batsman is not able to get bat on, hits Dhoni's pads and rolls to the leg side

What a change now! Three sixes for Pandya.. This could be a stroll for Bombay.

Negi to Hardik, SIX runs

Pandyaaaaaa! This one is deep in the stands at long on! A huge huge hit. It was fuller.. it was smashed!

Negi to Hardik, SIX runs

another six! This is a quicker one outside off, a length ball.. The batsman clears his front leg and hammers it hard over wide long-off. The fielder leaps up but can't reach it

Negi to Hardik, no run

looks to reverse paddle but this is wide outside off! Negi gets away with it as it's not called a wide

Negi to Hardik, SIX runs

long handle! Pandya has long levers and he has thrashed this one over long. Tossed up, clean hit

30 off 12 sounds much worse than 51 off 24. Negi to bowl

end of over 184 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 129/4CRR: 7.16 RRR: 15.00 • Need 30 runs from 12b
Hardik Pandya2 (2)
Ambati Rayudu24 (17)
Dwayne Bravo2-0-11-1
Ashish Nehra3-0-45-0
Bravo to Hardik, 1 run

fuller on the pads, Pandya flicks it through square leg for a single. Just four from the over

Bravo to Rayudu, 1 run

he comes down the pitch but gets a slower delivery, has to adjust and chop it to backward point for a single

Bravo to Rayudu, no run

superb yorker! This one comes in at his natural pace, swings in too and slides under the bat to the keeper

Bravo to Hardik, 1 run

length delivery on the pads, Pandya gets off strike with a clip to deep backward square leg

Bravo to Rayudu, 1 run

slower one again, the batsman punches it to long on for a single

Pandya is the next man

Bravo to Rohit Sharma, OUT

Raina won't make the mistake Faf made! Rohit is beaten by yet another slower delivery and yet again he manages to get height but not the distance. Raina settles under it at long on and takes it easily

Rohit Sharma c Raina b Bravo 18 (29m 22b 0x4 0x6) SR: 81.81

34 off last three sounds much better for Bombay compared to 51 off 24.

end of over 1717 runs
MI: 125/3CRR: 7.35 RRR: 11.33 • Need 34 runs from 18b
Ambati Rayudu22 (14)
Rohit Sharma18 (21)
Ashish Nehra3-0-45-0
Dwayne Bravo1-0-7-0
Nehra to Rayudu, SIX runs

he errs on the length and that is another free hit for Rayudu. The full toss is hammered over long on for the second six this over. Nehra ji has leaked again

Nehra to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

superb yorker from Nehra! The batsman was making room, but has to dig it out to the off side

Nehra to Rayudu, 1 run

comes down the pitch and yorks himself, picks up a single towards cover though

Nehra to Rayudu, 2 runs

fires a low full toss and Rayudu punches it over cover, where Baz leaps up and gets a hand to it, slows it down

Nehra to Rayudu, SIX runs

length delivery, Rayudu gets his front leg out of the way and hammers it over long-on. Not a great connection but good enough.

Harish: "12.3% of important catches have been also been dropped by South Africans. True story." ---- That one I believe

Nehra to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

fires it full from round the stumps, the batsman jams this one down to long on

51 runs needed off 24 balls.. Super Kings have squeezed Bombay Indians into a corner

Nehra ji comes on. 2-0-28-0