1st Semi-final, Pune, Dec 17 - 19 2017, Ranji Trophy
286 & 86
Delhi won by an innings and 26 runs
Player Of The Match
3/55 & 4/35

4:45pm Thanks for joining us for the coverage of this game. We'll catch you again at Indore - for the Ranji Trophy final. See you.

4:34pm Delhi's young boys are holding up devil horns with their arms outstretched. Very apt. A young team, with a young captain - in the absence of Ishant Sharma - have completely flattened Bengal. Hugs in the dugout, Bhaskar Pillai and Manoj Prabhakar are overjoyed. Gautam Gambhir is there too, relaxed and all smiles. Bengal have fallen to their lowest score against Delhi. The presentation is underway, with the match referee thanking both teams as they stand in a big semi-circle. Delhi won the Ranji Trophy when they last made the final. Quite a turnaround for a team that was marred in controversy last year. A win by an innings and 26 runs.
Bengal were ordinary today. Arguably, they were ordinary when they decided to stretch a lead to 800 in their last game instead of going for a win. It was similar today - they were too afraid to go for the kill, allowing Delhi to come back into the game despite being six down and only about 30 in front. Their most prolific batsmen - the openers - failed in both innings, their bowling was stretched and the overall game management just didn't work out. A good season for them ends in a tame manner.

Soham: "Whatever may be the outcome of the Final Navdeep Saini is certain to fetch it big in upcoming IPL auction"

Khejroliya to Dinda, OUT

gets him with a wristspinner! Delhi are into the final for the first time since the 2007-08 season. Tossed up at off stump, at a length. He swipes across the line and loses off stump

Ashok Dinda b Khejroliya 2 (16m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25
Khejroliya to Dinda, no run

short ball outside off, ducks under it

Khejroliya to Shami, 1 run

short ball at middle stump, pulled powerfully past short leg who doesn't spot this despite being deep. Deep square leg cleans up

Khejroliya to Dinda, 1 run

full toss at leg stump, backs into the leg side and skews it to deep point off the leading edge

end of over 244 runs
BENG: 84/9CRR: 3.50 
Mohammed Shami9 (12)
Ashok Dinda1 (5)
Navdeep Saini 12-3-35-4
Kulwant Khejroliya 8-0-38-3
Saini to Shami, no run

bouncer at off stump, swivels to try and hook. Beaten

Saini to Dinda, 1 run

yorker at middle stump, squeezed out to midwicket. They take on Manan Sharma there and he can't hit the stumps at the non-strikers. Dinda would have been out by three yards

Saini to Dinda, no run

bouncer at leg stump, ducks under it awkwardly and lets it pass

Bengal's lowest total in Ranji cricket since 2005 is 76. They're three behind the second-worst, 86.

Saini to Shami, 1 run

full inswinger at middle stump, shuffles and flicks to deep midwicket

Saini to Shami, 2 runs

good length just outside off, pushes on the up to mid-off's left

Saini to Shami, no run

back of a length at middle stump, shuffles and pushes to square leg

end of over 237 runs • 1 wicket
BENG: 80/9CRR: 3.47 
Ashok Dinda0 (3)
Mohammed Shami6 (8)
Kulwant Khejroliya 8-0-38-3
Navdeep Saini 11-3-31-4
Khejroliya to Dinda, no run

short ball outside off, looks to pull, misses

He switches to around the wicket. Pant points to the head, indicating where he wants the ball.

Khejroliya to Dinda, no run

oh what a shot. Short ball at middle stump. He doesn't swing the bat for the pull. Instead, he hangs the bat up and rotates his body to get pace on that. Innovative stuff

Khejroliya to Dinda, 5 wide

short ball angled across off stump, flies towards first slip who backs away, and past Pant's right hand

Khejroliya to Dinda, no run

inswinging yorker at leg stump, squeezed to midwicket

Four slips and a gully now. He's staying over the wicket.

Match State: Drinks

Khejroliya to Goswami, OUT

taken at short leg. Short one jumps into his mid-riff. He looks to tickle it fine, with one hand coming off. Inside edge onto thigh guard, lobs up for that fielder who is a little deep. Nitish Rana. He dives forward and takes it

Shreevats Goswami c Rana b Khejroliya 17 (47m 20b 1x4 0x6) SR: 85
Khejroliya to Shami, 1 run

back of a length outside off, swivels and taps into the midwicket region

Khejroliya to Goswami, 1 run

back of a length at off stump, tapped into the covers off the under-edge

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