2nd T20I, St George's, Jun 27 2021, South Africa tour of West Indies
(20 ov, target 167)150/9
South Africa won by 16 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 2019 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 150/9CRR: 7.50 
Kevin Sinclair0 (1)
Obed McCoy1 (5)
Lungi Ngidi 4-0-49-1
Anrich Nortje 4-0-27-1

Well, well the series has been levelled in emphatic fashion. A bowling line-up that looked clueless just a day back hits back brilliantly to keep the opposition quiet. It's 1-1 in the T20I series now, so don't forget to join us for the third game as both teams seek a series lead. Until then, good night and take care!

Jared: "With all the talk about SA needing an extra bowler, the 5 man bowling attack worked out for them today." --- It did, but going in with just five bowling options is always risky.

Camper: "As polite and well spoken as Fabian Allen is, he is a true killer on the field..especially with the bat."

Here's Temba Bavuma with his straight face despite a win: "Guys came with an open mind, and had to be brave. We have been good in the first six overs, but in the end, we weren't able to capitalise. All in all, the score we put on was a par score. Shamsi and George were amazing; for a captain, it makes things a lot easier. We always go to our pace bowlers, and the conditions needed to mix it up."

Kieron Pollard has this to say after his batting line-up under-performed: "We know South Africa would come hard. It was just a matter of bowling good balls, and we were pretty happy with 166. It was a matter of playing smart cricket. We lost three wickets from the seventh to the 11th over. We are not going to hide away from the fact, but will continue to play aggressive cricket because that is our strength. McCoy taking the responsibility of bowling the death overs matters, lot of positives for us."

Linde is the Player of the Match, as he wears half a smile: "I just went back to the basics, and it worked for me. It was my day, and Shamsi has been exceptional for us. We had a hard look at ourselves, and luckily today, it worked for us. Today it was a lot slower and turned as well, and I'm always happy with that."

alaithiran: "Are we seeing what happens when you play two days back to back? " --- But to be fair, both teams did that; and with the same XI too.

Karthik Arumuga: "Ngidi has been very disappointing on both matches. Such a weak link. "

5.42pm An incredible day of cricket comes to an end. A game that ebbed and flowed finally went to South Africa by 16 runs. You always got the feeling that the visitors were at least 20 short despite that rollicking start, yet that proved enough. West Indies also began well with the bat, but lost the momentum once Lewis was dismissed. Linde and Shamsi turned it around - in every sense of the term - as the series now sits level at 1-1. The moment 31 for 0 became 70 for 5, it smelled of disaster for West Indies, who've now shown us two contrasting displays with the bat.

Ngidi to Sinclair, no run

tries the ramp but misses. That was very full and just missed leg stump too

Sinclair the last man

Ngidi to Allen, OUT

pins him leg before to end the entertainment. Gets that yorker on middle on target, as Allen swings for the hills but misses. The ball hits his back pad on the full, and no umpire could have ever given that not out

Fabian Allen lbw b Ngidi 34 (19m 12b 0x4 5x6) SR: 283.33
Ngidi to Allen, SIX runs

six number three in the over! Flat and furious over long-on, with Allen getting it off the bottom of the bat this time as Ngidi again went full on middle and off

Ngidi to Allen, 1 wide

and it is a wide now. Full length and far away from the batter, who leaves it alone

Ngidi to Allen, no run

drives this full ball outside off away from his body, and gets an inside edge to short fine leg. West Indies can't win this now bar no-balls and wides

Ngidi to Allen, SIX runs

two in a row!. This time smashed over deep midwicket by swinging his arms to this ball in the slot on off, and bang

Ngidi to Allen, SIX runs

and Allen gets the first of those. Swung away hard and far over long-on by clearing his front leg and standing deep in his crease to this length ball on off

Six sixes required to win. Ngidi over the wicket.

end of over 192 runs
WI: 131/8CRR: 6.89 RRR: 36.00
Obed McCoy1 (5)
Fabian Allen16 (7)
Anrich Nortje 4-0-27-1
Kagiso Rabada 4-0-37-3
Nortje to McCoy, no run

that's another dot, as McCoy can't get bat to ball to this fuller ball wide of off as Nortje persists in his search of yorkers

Nortje to McCoy, no run

gets that bottom edge off this full ball outside off, and tries to set off for a single but can't get away

Nortje to McCoy, no run

another full length ball outside off, and missed again on his drive

Nortje to McCoy, no run

and de Kock shows some awareness here. Almost falling back while collecting the ball after McCoy missed that very full ball outside off, he heard the batters' call for a bye and hit the stumps bang at his end

Nortje to Allen, 1 run

another full-toss, but this was on middle and leg. Pushed to deep midwicket on the bounce

Nortje to McCoy, 1 run

full-toss a little wide of off while looking for the yorker, and driven fiercely to deep point

38 needed from 12 balls. Nortje over the wicket.