30th Match, Super 10 Group 1 (D/N), Nagpur, Mar 27 2016, World T20
(20 ov, target 124)117/8
Afghanistan won by 6 runs
Player Of The Match
48* (40)
end of over 203 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 117/8CRR: 5.85 
Samuel Badree2 (2)
Andre Fletcher11 (13)
Mohammad Nabi 4-0-26-2
Gulbadin Naib 1.2-0-14-1

""Obviously very disappointed," says Darren Sammy, "but there's no doubt we're not going to let this dampen ours spirits.

"We just need to find a way to chase down those small totals. This was the only game we could afford to lose in terms of winning the cup. We have two more games, so we have to regroup and come back strongly."

My last match for a while - it's been a fun stint, and perhaps I'll see you around again some time. I'm Will Luke, thanks for joining us this evening, and don't forget about India v Australia (as if) - coming up very shortly. T'ra.

Najibullah is named Player of the Match but injured himself in that incredible final catch, so he's in the changing rooms.

6.20pm A lovely moment just now as Gayle joins in the celebrations with Afghanistan and Shahzad. That might be my moment of the tournament. Shahzad demands a selfie, and eventually the entire team crowd round Gayle in front of the cameras. I'm sure we'll have the shot for you shortly. Cricket is a wonderful sport.

And there's Inzi! Broad smile on his face. A wonderful victory in so many ways. They've shown what Associate cricketers can bring to a global tournament, and to do it in their last match is quite telling, too. Difficult for administrators to ignore a win like this, or the inevitable clamour that there will be by former players to give Afghanistan and co more matches against Full Members.

Shahzad leads the celebrations as Fletcher trudges off disconsolate. Afghanistan's last match of the tournament and what an effort - and what celebrations! They're all dancing, singing "Champions! Champions!"

M Nabi to Badree, 1 run

pulled to leg, and Afghanistan notch a famous, brilliant win!

8 from 1 ( :~ )

They've almost done it!!

M Nabi to Fletcher, 1 run

a full toss, pushed down the ground - he can't get hold of it and hobbles through for a single

Fletcher only has one leg. His other is injured - bust his hamstring. But it's up to him to try and get West Indies 9 from 2

M Nabi to Badree, 1 run

full toss but only for one, pushed to deep midwicket

Fletcher is back. He's injured, but he's back. 10 from 3

That was quite remarkable. To take that, on the run, under that pressure - what a snaffle.

M Nabi to Brathwaite, OUT

lofted it high, high, long, long and here comes Naib who takes an amazing, brave, brilliant running catch! What an incredible take under pressure, falling awkwardly and he looks in some pain. Stunning!

Carlos Brathwaite c Najibullah Zadran b Mohammad Nabi 13 (11m 8b 0x4 2x6) SR: 162.5

10 from 4. This is ridiculous!

M Nabi to Brathwaite, no run

down the pitch and swings and misses again! Dot ball

Around the wicket

M Nabi to Brathwaite, no run

swings and misses! Dot ball

Here we go!

Ten needed off the final over. They shouldn't have got themselves into this position, though Afghanistan have been quite excellent in the field. Rashid the stand-out.

end of over 1915 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 114/7CRR: 6.00 RRR: 10.00
Carlos Brathwaite13 (5)
Samuel Badree0 (0)
Gulbadin Naib 1.2-0-14-1
Samiullah Shinwari 4-0-22-0
Gulbadin to Brathwaite, 1 run

another yorker attempted but Brathwaite calmly, cooly, turns it to leg for a single

11 from 7

Gulbadin to Brathwaite, SIX runs

he's second-tiered him. A massive, massive blow as Naib offers a full-toss. Monstrous blow over midwicket

17 from 8. Who wants this? Who wants it?

Gulbadin to Sammy, OUT

he's off balance, trying to loft this over cover but Afghanistan have another one! A loose shot in the circumstances, picking out deep extra cover who, cool as a cucumber, takes an easy catch

Daren Sammy c Samiullah Shinwari b Gulbadin Naib 6 (17m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 60

It's all happening. 17 from 9

Gulbadin to Brathwaite, 1 leg bye

speared into his legs, Naib is convinced he's got his man, jogging backwards while appealing, then falling onto his backside!

"West Indies batsmen out to prove they don't panic, even when they should!" Good bants, Steve the Bajan.

Gulbadin to Brathwaite, SIX runs

shot. Absolutely nailed it over long-off. He really can hit a laaaang ball!

Yowks. They need a four, or more

Gulbadin to Sammy, 1 run

spearing into his pads, driven to mid-off

25 from 12 balls!

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