3rd ODI (D/N), Benoni, Oct 22 2010, Zimbabwe tour of South Africa
(29/50 ov, target 400)127
South Africa won by 272 runs
player of the match
Jean-Paul Duminy
South Africa
end of over 291 run • 2 wickets
ZIM: 127/10CRR: 4.37 • RRR: 13.00 • Need 273 runs from 21 overs
Prosper Utseya24 (40)
Rusty Theron6-0-18-3
Johan Botha7-0-32-2

Right, that's all from me, Sahil Dutta, and Abhishek Purohit, thanks for all the emails. For a final word on the game do check out Liam Brickhill's bulletin which will be ready shortly.

JP Duminy is named man of the match and declares that he's 'pretty happy' with his form. The man of the series is AB de Villiers, who seems surprisingly nervous as he accepts his award. He says he has 'a lot of work do with the gloves' and insists he's 'going to work very hard at it'.

South Africa win by 272 runs and complete 3-0 series win. Tough day for Zimbabwe here, they've fought bravely with the bat until today when, faced with an impossible 400 target, they slumped to 127 all out. Fair to say it was a rout today, South Africa - led by twin hundreds from de Villiers and Duminy - were might impressive.

Theron to Nicolson, OUT

that'll be all! Theron finds some extra bounce, Nicolson ends a miserable day be gloving behind and South Africa have recorded their biggest ODI win

Ian Nicolson c †de Villiers b Theron 0 (2m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Theron to Nicolson, no run

classic No. 11 drive, plenty of loose movements and surprise that ball hit bat

Theron to Nicolson, no run

big appeal from the fielder, nothing from the bowler, who clearly has a firmer grasp of the rules because it came off the inside edge

Theron to Masakadza, OUT

Theron strikes! Middle stump out the ground! Theron aims a yorker, and lands it perfectly, clipping the boot and ricochetting on to middle

Shingi Masakadza b Theron 14 (13m 12b 0x4 2x6) SR: 116.67
Theron to Utseya, 1 run

steered to third man for a single

Theron to Utseya, no run

Duminy hits the stumps! But only with his body as he tried to slide in and under-arm flick the ball, made a hash of the throw but he cleaned up the stumps with his body

end of over 2812 runs
ZIM: 126/8CRR: 4.50 • RRR: 12.45 • Need 274 runs from 22 overs
Shingi Masakadza14 (11)
Prosper Utseya23 (38)
Johan Botha7-0-32-2
Wayne Parnell7-0-30-2
Botha to Masakadza, SIX runs

wow! Get this guy up the order! Botha drops just a fraction short and Masakadza clatters it miles over midwicket

Botha to Masakadza, no run

back to careful defence

Botha to Masakadza, SIX runs

bosh! 'Av it! Bit of air from Botha, and for once Masakadza unwinds his big backlift to send this over mid-on for six

Botha to Masakadza, no run

careful, pub-denying defence from Masakadza

Botha to Masakadza, no run

you have to admire Masakadza's discipline, giving nothing away here

Botha to Masakadza, no run

Botha has settled on a lovely length and line and Masakadza can do nothing but block

end of over 275 runs
ZIM: 114/8CRR: 4.22 • RRR: 12.43 • Need 286 runs from 23 overs
Prosper Utseya23 (38)
Shingi Masakadza2 (5)
Wayne Parnell7-0-30-2
Johan Botha6-0-20-2
Parnell to Utseya, no run

beaten again, good stuff from Parnell, slipping this past the outside edge, he deserves to finish this off quickly

Parnell to Utseya, no run

fuller, straighter, blocked. What more can I say?

Parnell to Utseya, FOUR runs

oh rats, after all that praise he bangs in a long-hop, Utseya is too good to miss out and thumps a boundary to deep square

Parnell to Utseya, no run

there is a lot to like about this Parnell spell, this is the best he's been all series, quick and with the angle across the right-hander beating the outside edge

Parnell to Utseya, no run

very correctly worked to mid-off

Parnell to Masakadza, 1 run

steered to point who for some reason spills a routine stop