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Scorer: Ranjith P | Commentator: Sreshth Shah (@sreshthx)

That's that as far as today goes. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Do join us for tomorrow's games. South Africa v West Indies and Pakistan v Bangladesh. Hope to see you then. Cheers

Time to join the captains

Aaron Finch: Our fielding was sloppy, not upto the standards we set ourselves. To get 300 was superb, Steve played an unbelievable knock. Overall, pretty happy. Wicket got slower and drier, Nathan Lyon bowled slower and bowled beautiful lengths. The wicket had something in it for everyone. Jason Behrendorff was impeccable with his new-ball bowling today. Can move the ball back in to right-handers, when you're challenging the stumps, it's a great asset to have. Just need to get two-in batters right towards the back half of the innings, just need to have our partnerships go deeper, and the fielding. Bowling overall was pretty good.

Jos Buttler: Some good work for some of the bowlers, good to see Plunkett take wickets, Stokes bowl a lot of overs. Lost a couple of lads to a few niggles, but we're in good shape. Dawson could've batted if it was a World Cup game but chose to rest him as a precautionary measure. The pitch was slower than some of the pitches we've played on before. It was still a good wickets, but didn't have the pace it normally has. Disappointing when you're feeling in good touch, we were in a position to win the game, disappointing when you get out.

Pleasing win for Australia, but England don't have any reason to fret. This is a contest we'll see a lot more of as the summer progresses. Steven Smith made a century, David Warner 43, while for England, Vince, Buttler and Woakes hit the high notes with the bat later in the evening. England had some anxious moments early in the day when Archer and Dawson triggered an injury scare. Wood too had to go off for a pre-cautionary scan, but we're told it's not too serious.

James Vince: It's a warm-up game, guys got something out of it. Wicket was two-paced, but managed to get few which was nice. Jos took all the pressure off, think he got 50 off 30 as the rate was climbing. Should've kept a few more wickets in the hut there. These warm-ups are - well, we were missing a couple of guys. Lack of couple of partnerships hurt us. All our injuries are minor, hopefully all good.

Stoinis to Archer, 1 run, OUT, length ball, on middle, and uncomfortably pulled to deep midwicket. He wants a second run, and oh dear, he's run out! Australia win by 13 runs!

JC Archer run out (Maxwell/†Carey) 1 (4m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

C-mant: "The happiest face, when Smith raised his bat for century, in the dugout was Warner... The fans conspiracy theory might just have failed.."

Ebbie: "Lot of pot stirring going on. Plenty of diggs at both sides "

Pranav: "Australia didnt have Starc or Maxwell so I dont think Morgan and Root are excuses"

Stoinis to Rashid, 1 run, length ball on off, and he tries to cut square. Inside-edged towards the keeper, but they scamper across for one. Keeper misses his shy at the stumps

Jofra Archer, batting for the first time in England colours. A shame it won't count in his ODI stats

Red Dirt: "...also worth remembering Australia are without Starc, Maxwell, Hazelwood, Cummins, too."

Stoinis to Plunkett, OUT, back of a length outside off, and Plunkett comes down the wicket. Tries to pull square, and the crowd roars as they think that it's going for a six, but wait, Maxwell is there in the deep! Pin-drop silence all of a sudden

LE Plunkett c Maxwell b Stoinis 19 (32m 20b 2x4 0x6) SR: 95.00

49 | 6 Runs | ENG: 283/8 (15 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 5.77, RRR: 15.00)

  • Adil Rashid6 (7b)
  • Liam Plunkett19 (19b)
  • Kane Richardson9-0-51-2
  • Marcus Stoinis6-0-29-0

Adarsh: "Never thought that we could see a situation where England bat out the 50 overs and fall short of a sub-300 target." -- Pressure, especially of a World Cup, makes you do funny things. But also worth mentioning that they were without Morgan and Root

Richardson to Rashid, 2 runs, length ball, outside off, and tries to cut. Mistimed to Smith at point, but he misfields allowing Rashid to take the second and Plunkett to take the strike for the final over

Tasmeem: "Warner hugged Smith when he took a stunner against New Zealand in the warmups. Sorry to rain on your parade, Sunil."

Richardson to Rashid, 2 runs, full, outside off stump, and Rashid has teed off! But this has only found the bat's toe-end, and lands safely near midwicket. They scamper across for two
Richardson to Rashid, no run,

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st39JM BairstowJJ Roy
2nd26JM VinceJJ Roy
3rd35JM VinceBA Stokes
4th71JM VinceJC Buttler
5th26MM AliJM Vince
6th42MM AliCR Woakes
7th11CR WoakesTK Curran
8th25LE PlunkettCR Woakes
9th8LE PlunkettAU Rashid
10th2AU RashidJC Archer