18 | 13 Runs | RCB: 176/4 | RR: 9.77

  • AB de Villiers90 (39b)
  • Mandeep Singh17 (9b)
  • Trent Boult4-0-33-1
  • Chris Morris4-0-43-0

Right time to pack up. There's a double-header tomorrow as well, starting with Sunrisers Hyderabad v Chennai Super Kings and then peaking with Mumbai Indians v Rasjathan Royals. Hope you'll join us for the shenanigans then. For now, g'night.

AB de Villiers is the Man of the Match. "Some of those nights when I see the ball well, last two innings, I didn't. But tonight it was nice and clear. It buys my time an extra split second to make a decision. When I do get going, I cash in on the momentum. I spoke about being a black mamba earlier. And today I wanted to be that. This is the greatest crowd. But I must say when you get into the zone, you don't really hear much. It's just a buzz."

"These 30 runs are bigger than the 90 odd in the last game. We won. We still have a few areas to correct, but when you have the brilliant AB in the team, he always makes you smile," Virat Kohli says. "We understand our games very well and then he starts going off. And we know if we can get a 60-70 run partnership, we could win the game. Pity I couldn't stay till the end but Corey and Andy did well. [The catch} I was stunned when he took it, that's a brilliant catch, it happens in the IPL specially,. Good to see. That's a catch when you look back, you don't feel bad about getting out. The way we started with the ball was very good, we were spot on until 15 overs. Lot of positives, we can still rectify a few areas. They always support us well here, and we know if the team believes then the crowd also believes. We'll keep pushing hard for them"

Well. That happened. And that's a sentiment the Delhi Daredevils must be very familiar with. RCB's beloved AB de Villiers leads em all off the park. He was at work for 39 balls. He came away with 90 runs - his top score in an IPL chase - facing only five dots faced! That's just genius. And it puts Rishabh Pant's 85, which was a special innings too, on the wrong side of the scorecard. RCB continue to stay true to form. Their bowling leaks runs. Their batting makes up for it.

"He took the game away from us. We were in the game, 175 was a great effort from the batters. The pitch was a bit tacky in the first six overs, Shreyas and Rishabh were unbelievable to tackle it and get us a good score," Gautam Gambhir says. "I thought our spinners could have bowled better to AB. Specially when the left-arm spinner came in there was lot of grip. AB took his chances and dominated from the get go. The best catch I've ever seen. It was his wrong hand as well, Boult's a left-hander, he took it right-handed. I would be lying if I say I wasn't concerned. No one wants ot be in this situation. Hopefully we can turn it around when we get back home. It's tough being on the road nad losing, but that's no excuse. All the teams are pretty clumped together. We just have to push in with them,"

"This is how T20 games go. I played a good knock, but AB was too good," Rishabh Pant says. "Wicket was not so easy, so we thought we'd just concentrate on having a good partnership. Because of the dew, the pitch got better in the second innings. But that's part of the game. Every time you watch someone like Virat and AB bat, you see how easy they make it. I just try to learn from them. It was a new innovation, my scoops behind the wicket."

Boult to de Villiers, FOUR runs, and just to prove that he and the coaching manual are still good buds, he essays a picture perfect cover drive to finish the game off.
Boult to de Villiers, FOUR runs, he goes around the wicket for the bouncer, all with the aim of cramping AB up. But the genius that he is, AB sways away, makes his own room and lifts it over short third man's head

James B: "No sense of theatre whatsoever from Mandeep scoring runs. Has no chill as the youth would say."

Boult to Mandeep Singh, 1 run, fullish on leg stump, turns it through midwicket
Boult to de Villiers, 1 run, short and outside off, AB chops it to point
Boult to Mandeep Singh, 1 run, drops and runs to cover
Boult to Mandeep Singh, 2 runs, taps a full toss down the ground and pinches a second run as well. RCB need 10 runs to win now. AB needs 19 for a century

17 | 14 Runs | RCB: 163/4 (12 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 9.58, RRR: 4.00)

  • Mandeep Singh13 (6b)
  • AB de Villiers81 (36b)
  • Chris Morris4-0-43-0
  • Trent Boult3-0-20-1
Morris to Mandeep Singh, 1 run, slow, dipping full toss. Mandeep flicks through square leg and steals the strike

Ashwin: "Blindfold ABD, force him to bat left handed and give him a hockey stick instead of a cricket bat and he'll still whack you with a strike rate of 200."

Morris to Mandeep Singh, FOUR runs, wallops the back of a length ball outside off over mid-off. Roy is the man haring after it, hoping to drag it back, throwing himself head-first at the ball. It's travelled too far, and he might have hurt himself from the effort. He's on his haunches with a crowd around him, talking to Chris Morris and the physio. Roy has gone off the field
Morris to Mandeep Singh, no run, nudges the length ball to short midwicket
Morris to de Villiers, 1 run, slower ball becomes a full toss on leg stump. AB taps it down to long leg

Siddhesh: "If the non-millenials say you miss I hit, what do the millenials say?" ----- We go #Boom

RCB need 18 to win, AB needs 20 for the century.

Morris to Mandeep Singh, 1 run, drops the leg cutter at third man

RCB 2nd innings Partnerships

1st9Q de KockM Vohra
2nd20V KohliQ de Kock
3rd63AB de VilliersV Kohli
4th56AB de VilliersCJ Anderson
5th28AB de VilliersMandeep Singh