2nd Test, Birmingham, Aug 4 - 7 2005, Australia tour of England and Scotland
407 & 182
(64.3 ov, target 282)308 & 279
England won by 2 runs
player of the match

This incredible Test match comes to an end with England winning by two runs

End of one of the great Test matches of all time

England played magnificently and Australia responded in fine style, taking the game further than anyone would have imagined

This has been some Test match. Unbelievable scenes right down to the last ball.

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We'll be back shortly with comments from the captains

'Full credit to England, they played brilliantly. Full credit also to shane Warne for 10 wickets and his runs. Kasprowicz and Lee showed great character. We gave ourselves a glimmer of hope this morning' says Ricky Ponting

'You always miss someone of Glenn McGrath's skill and experience. But Kasprowicz bowled well and perhaps this afternoon he did more with the bat than Glenn could have' adds Ponting

'Full credit to the way Australia came out this morning. Warne and Lee have had great games. We fought hard under pressure all match. We've won this one and it sets us up for this series.' says Vaughan

'We go to Old Trafford now with momentum. We've got the series back on track.' he adds

'Freddie Flintoff was outstanding for us,' says Vaughan and it is no surprise that the Man of the Match is Andrew Flintoff

'We knew they had good players. Brett Lee was outstanding. He bowled his heart out and then batted brilliantly today' says Flintoff

'The whole Test match has been a great spectacle. Pleased that we got over the line in the end.' adds Flintoff

'We've got to believe we can go on and win the Ashes' says Flintoff

England's hero Andrew Flintoff waves his magnum of champagne at the crowd who roar appreciatively.

With that we come to the end of our coverage of this great Test match

There's been a few close games and a few classices we've shared, but this must rate right up there with the best of them

This is Anand Vasu, your commentator, telling you it was a privilige to bring you this game. I do hope you will be with us again when the first ball of the third Test is bowled in Old Trafford on Thursday

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Harmison to Kasprowicz, OUT

short ball banged in, Kasprowicz tries to get out of the way but just cannot manage, the ball balloons up towards the keeper and Geraint Jones takes the catch

Michael Kasprowicz c †Jones b Harmison 20 (60m 31b 3x4 0x6) SR: 64.51
Harmison to Kasprowicz, no run

just short of a good length and on the off, defended back down the pitch to the bowler

Harmison to Lee, 1 run

full toss outside the off, Lee hits it well but finds the sweeper on the off side fence and gets a single

end of over 641 run
AUS: 278/9CRR: 4.34 
Brett Lee42 (74)
Michael Kasprowicz20 (29)
Andrew Flintoff 22-3-79-4
Flintoff to Lee, 1 run

just short of a length and on the pads, Lee hits the ball to the on side, drops the bat in the process, but runs across for the single and keeps the strike

Flintoff to Lee, no run

slightly fuller and outside the off, Lee has a waft at it and the ball goes just past the outside edge to the keeper

Flintoff to Lee, no run

and almost an action replay. Another short one banged in and Lee ducks out of the way leaving Jones to collect behind the stumps

Flintoff to Lee, no run

another short one banged in, and again Lee ducks, Geraint Jones moves well and collects down the leg side

Flintoff to Lee, no run

just short of a good length once more and outside the off, left alone to the keeper

Flintoff to Lee, no run

short ball banged in and Lee ducks under this one, watching the ball very carefully

end of over 631 run
AUS: 277/9CRR: 4.39 
Michael Kasprowicz20 (29)
Brett Lee41 (68)
Steve Harmison 17-3-61-1

All eyes on Freddie Flintoff now, the man who has done it so many times for England in this match. Can he do it again?

Harmison to Kasprowicz, no run

full and on the off another attempted yorker, again dug out to end the over

Brett Lee comes up to Kasprowicz to have a quiet word

Harmison to Kasprowicz, no run

just short of a good length and outside the off this time, Kasprowicz leaves it alone to the keeper

Harmison to Kasprowicz, no run

slightly short of a length and down the leg side, left alone to the keeper

Harmison to Kasprowicz, no run

another attempted yorker, it is bang on target and quick, but somehow Kasprowicz keeps it out and the ball rolls to the on side

Harmison to Kasprowicz, no run

down the leg side, short of a length, Kasprowicz has a swat at it and misses, through to the keeper

Harmison to Lee, 1 run

full and on the off, Lee jams that to the on side wide of the man at mid-on and steals a single