1st ODI, Vadodara, Oct 25 2009, Australia tour of India
(50 ov, target 293)288/8
Australia won by 4 runs
Player Of The Match
73 (54)
end of over 504 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 288/8CRR: 5.76 
Ashish Nehra2 (2)
Praveen Kumar40 (32)
Peter Siddle 9-0-55-1
Shane Watson 10-0-70-2

Both teams shake hands and they wait for the post-match ceremony. Hang on for a short while, we would bring you the breathless quotes from that. Hopefully, we would know why Brett Lee wasn't used in the end. Was he injured? He was there on the field, though. Let's see if they ask Ricky the question.

Dhoni: "What we wanted to do was to take the game till the end. Five overs of powerplay was left and we should have achieved it but ... Thanks to Harbhajan and Praveen who made it such an interesting game. I would have been with a 270 score [When Australia batted]. We need to improve the death bowling and batsmen to carry on to make big scores."

Ponting: "It was a pretty good performance other than six or seven overs in the end. The wicket held up nicely and the outfield was fast. We were just good enough to hold out in the end. The top order did a good job today; unfortunately we couldn't get on to score a hundred. TOld Siddle to be just calm and have one thought .. just keep it simple. Harbhajan played well in the end."

Hussey is the Man of the Match: "It was good fun. I really enjoyed the partnership with White in particular and the assault in the end came good. We had good partnerships higher up the order ... Paine and Ponting. It was important to have wickets for the end. There was no target set; we tried to get to 300. The outfield is small is some places and very very fast; it's a difficult ground to defend. The series should be very entertaining to the crowds."

That's it from us. Thanks for logging on. Apologies for the mess created by server problems during the end overs in the first innings. We do hope you would join us for the second game.Till then, Good bye and Good luck.

Siddle to Nehra, 1 run

And Australia win the thriller. Full delivery, driven down to Lee, who has only bowled six overs, at long-on. Phew. What a game. Immense fun.

Six from the last ball. It's not Javed Miandad on strike

Siddle to Praveen, 1 run

just a single. Another really full delivery, dug out towards midwicket. The batsmen get across for a chat. Gary kirsten stares ahead from his position.

Siddle to Praveen, no run

really full delivery on the middle, dug out back down the track, Siddle jumps to stop it . the ball bounds behind him... The batsmen think about a single but decide against it as Siddle rushes back

Siddle to Nehra, 1 run

goes for the yorker, just about squeezed out to the on side and PK rushes across. It's up to him now. Siddle V PK.

Siddle to Harbhajan, OUT

Clatter! The off stump has been pegged back. Siddle roars and the crowd applaud the departing Harbhajan. He opened up his stance and tried to swing the length delivery across the line but missed. Timber! Enter Ashish Nehra. what a fine knock this has been from Harbhajan.

Harbhajan Singh b Siddle 49 (48m 31b 4x4 3x6) SR: 158.06
Siddle to Praveen, 1 leg bye

goes for the yorker, lands up short of the block hole and its on the legs as well but PK can' connect; the ball rolls of the pad to short fine-leg

9 from 6. Siddle to bowl

end of over 4920 runs
INDIA: 284/7CRR: 5.79 RRR: 9.00
Harbhajan Singh49 (30)
Praveen Kumar39 (29)
Shane Watson 10-0-70-2
Peter Siddle 8-0-52-0
Watson to Harbhajan, SIX runs

Harbhajan has got the crowd going. Kohli jumps up and down in the dressing room. It was yet another full toss, would you believe it. Pressure. Tension. Harbhajan waited on the back foot and slapped it high over backward point. Super slice. Gone up and over!

Watson to Harbhajan, FOUR runs

WAtson keeps bowling well outside off again and again and the batsman have by now well caught on to that fact. Harbhajan moves towards off and slices it over backward point. Marsh rushes across and tries a tumbling stop but the ball goes through his grasp

Watson to Praveen, 1 run

full delivery but not a full toss, carved away to deep point region

Watson to Praveen, FOUR runs

What is happening out there. WAtson shrugs his shoulder in apology. It was another full toss and PK slams it to extra cover boundary.

Watson to Praveen, FOUR runs

Full toss well outside the off stump, PK reaches out to drive and edges it through vacant slip region. Crowd are going mad here

Watson to Harbhajan, 1 run

full delivery outside off, sliced away to covers where White makes a tumbling stop