Only ODI (D/N), Sharjah, Aug 25 2012, Australia tour of United Arab Emirates
(43.5/50 ov, target 273)206
Australia won by 66 runs
player of the match

The four early wickets pegged Afghanistan back early but from there on we saw some fight from them. Nabi and Stanikzai were slow to start off but gradually opened up and would have had Australia a bit concerned at one point. But Nabi gave his wicket away and Australia tightened their grip during the batting Powerplay. Both teams will be reasonably happy with how things panned out, in tough conditions. We'll get you the details from the presentation in a bit.

Mitchell Starc is the Man of the Match: "It's a bit humid, quite sweaty, took a little bit of time to get accustomed to. It was quite sweaty, it was a bit hard to hold the ball, also with the dew. We all bowled quite well, we've been here for a couple of days to get used to the conditions. Afghanistan put up a good fight today. It's a bit different to play cricket this late."

Nowroz Mangal: "The players played very well. Australia is one of the best teams in the world. Our top order didn't click this time. The way the bowlers performed and the way we fielded, it was quite satisfactory and we proved we can compete with such big sides. We have learned a lot. This is a good preparation for the T20 World Cup. This was a better performance than we put up against Pakistan. I'd like to thank Cricket Australia for allowing us to play their team. We played the T20 World Cup in the West Indies and we'll rectify the errors we made then. It's a historic game. We are happy we have played the 200th game on this ground."

Michael Clarke: "After our trip to England, a very good performance. We've got three important games coming up, and tonight it was important to get off a good start. We've probably got areas to work on with both bat and ball. We coped pretty well with the heat. We had a good preparation. Mitch bowled very well, the ball got a little slippery there. Our batsmen deserve some credit as well. Nice to make some runs. Michael Hussey is an important player in this team. We have to be at our best against Pakistan, they know these conditions well."

There's a trophy for this one-off game and it's been handed to Michael Clarke. That's all from us here. Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you when the Pakistan-Australia series begins. See ya. You can read the report for this match here.

Doherty to Zadran, OUT

holes out, tossed up and he swings hard, gets too much elevation there and finds Michael Hussey at deep midwicket

Dawlat Zadran c Hussey b Doherty 8 (32m 18b 2x4 0x6) SR: 44.44
Doherty to Zadran, FOUR runs

that's been swept powerfully, tossed up and he smacks that through deep square leg

Doherty to Zadran, no run

goodish length on the off, pushes that back down the pitch

Doherty to Zadran, no run

comes down the track and tries to swing it into the stands, gets a thick inside edge

Doherty to Shapoor, 1 run

slog-sweep, drags it towards deep midwicket for a single

Doherty to bowl

end of over 433 runs • 1 wicket
AFG: 201/9CRR: 4.67 • RRR: 10.29 • Need 72 runs from 42b
Shapoor Zadran0 (3)
Dawlat Zadran4 (14)
James Pattinson9-1-46-3
Xavier Doherty7-1-29-0
Pattinson to Shapoor, 1 leg bye

full outside leg stump, clips the pads and they take a leg-bye this time

Pattinson to Shapoor, no run

tries to fend it, strikes him on the pads, they decide not to run a leg-bye

Pattinson to Shapoor, 1 wide

Pattinson goes round the wicket and bowls a wide down the leg side, raises the Afghan 200

Pattinson to Shapoor, no run

short of a good length, pushes at that one and misses

Shapoor Zadran's the new man

Pattinson to Gulbadin, OUT

short and Naib shapes up for a cut, there was an edge, a clear sound as he went for it, Wade dived low and to his left to catch that, the umpires are trying to verify if it carried, they've gone to the third umpire. Replays show it was a clean catch, he's got to go

Gulbadin Naib c †Wade b Pattinson 22 (31m 17b 1x4 3x6) SR: 129.41
Pattinson to Gulbadin, 1 wide

too wide this time and it's called by the umpire

Pattinson to Gulbadin, no run

swings hard, was the slower one, it cut away and he missed

Sajith: "ICC should restructure match scheduling. It should do something to make sure emerging nations get fair share of international match experience before a world cup. Afghanistan justifies this need. Maybe on another day they would have beaten Australia."

Pattinson to Gulbadin, no run

in the channel outside off stump and he lets that one go through

Rahul: "The result may be a foregone conclusion, but the number of sixes conceded by Aussie bowlers is a worrying sign...they've got Pakistan next, and then the T20 WC. Being hit for sixes on slow pitches against a second tier side.....not good omens these for the coming months."