2nd ODI, St George's, Aug 22 2014, Bangladesh tour of West Indies
(24.4/50 ov, target 248)70
West Indies won by 177 runs
player of the match
Sunil Narine
West Indies

So there you have it, West Indies have sealed the three-match ODI series with a resounding 177-run victory over Bangladesh. The visitors will now fly to St Kitts to try and save face by winning the final ODI. And while there might not be anything at stake, it can still provide a much-needed confidence boost ahead of the T20 and Test series. But till then, we hope to see you on August 25 when these two resume pleasantries. We hope you had as good a time as the West Indies' bowlers did. Have a good night/day wherever you are!

Dwayne Bravo, West Indies captain: It was a great team effort, especially after the last game we had some harsh words and a honest discussion, but it shows that today we have grown from that and learned from it. Seeing Chris and Darren among the runs, along with Ramdin and Simmons. We had opportunities to score 280-290, but we lost our way in the middle. The bowling display was good, well done to all the bowlers. We needed a better all-round game today, and we certainly got that. The type of cricket we want to play as a one-day unit, I mean we have top-class batsmen and quality bowlers, and we just have to get that balance right. In the past we have been hesitant to play freely, but now the coach and team management gives us the confidence to go out and express ourselves.

Mushfiqur Rahim, Bangladesh captain: Obviously it is really disappointing (third lowest score in ODI history). We lost a couple of early wickets, but the most disappointing part was no one was willing to stay in and fight. The good news is that there is one more game to go so we have one more chance to show that we are better. I think our bowlers did a good job, but our batting has too improve as a unit. There is one more game and we hope to get something out of it. It is a combination of both being confident and taking the positives and coming up with a good plan for the next game.

Sunil Narine, Man of the Match: I just tried to keep it as simple as possible. I didn't get wickets in the first game, but tried to bowl better today. You have to go out there and back yourself and bowl in the right areas, that way we were able to come out on top.

Sunil Narine is the Man of the Match

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This is the second lowest ODI total for Bangladesh, with 58 v India and West Indies taking the top spot. The new coach will be feeling a little bit of pressure I am sure..

With this result, West Indies are crowned victors of the three-match ODI series, and that too with still a game in hand. Bangladesh will have to, once again, return to the drawing board as they look for some way to register a first ODI win of the year.

Aside from Tamim, the rest of the batting order couldn't manage to even get into double digits. Roach and Narine impressed with three wickets apiece, while Rampaul and Holder provided the pressure early on.

It has been yet another woeful performance from the Bangladeshis, as they are wrapped up for a paltry 70, giving the West Indies a ludicrous 177-run victory, despite scoring only 247 for 7...

Rampaul to Al-Amin, OUT

it's all over, 57 for 3 to 70 all out, that is some collapse even by Bangladeshi standards, and it ends with a farcical run-out, a solid drive towards mid-on by Al-Amin, he thinks it has beaten Simmons at mid-on, but Simmons makes a diving stop, Al-Amin was midway down the pitch when he realised he has to turn back, plenty of time for Simmons to relay the ball to Ramdin, who finishes off the 177-run victory

Al-Amin Hossain run out (Simmons/†Ramdin) 0 (2m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Rampaul to Al-Amin, no run

shortish ball on the stump, Al-Amin ducks under that one

Rampaul to Mortaza, OUT

huge lbw appeal, after thinking over it the umpire raises the finger, West Indies were pleading with him before the decision came, Mshrafe has to go, he was hit on the back leg by an offcutter, hit on the thigh pad, was it too high? Mashrafe thinks so, the umpire doesn't, Bangladesh nine down, and another sorry outing for them is coming to a close

Mashrafe Mortaza lbw b Rampaul 2 (27m 16b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.5
Rampaul to Mortaza, no run

shortish ball outside off, Mashrafe sways out of the line

end of over 243 runs
BDESH: 70/8CRR: 2.91 RRR: 6.85 • Need 178 runs from 26 overs
Abdur Razzak0 (14)
Mashrafe Mortaza2 (14)
Sunil Narine7-0-13-3
Ravi Rampaul5-1-21-1

Aryan: "@Nabil: Last week my friend and I were arguing with each other about completing a college project and were abusing each other. Today we are chilling and having a beer watching it in tv and reading cricinfo. It's not just cricket, my friend, its life that is amazing!"

Narine to Razzak, no run

a big appeal for lbw as Narine bowls the knuckle ball, turned down by the umpire as that was turning down the leg side, probably a bit high as well

Narine to Razzak, 1 wide

spinning down the leg side, Narine seems to be striving a bit too hard for the wickets

Narine to Razzak, no run

again a touch short from Narine, plenty of turn away, Razzak chases it and misses

Narine to Razzak, no run

defended off the front foot by Razzak

Narine to Razzak, no run

quick leg break from Narine, Razzak manages to get the blade down in time to swat it away

Narine to Razzak, 1 wide

a big offspinner, drops it too short though and it turns away way outside off

Narine to Mortaza, 1 run

on the pads, tucked towards deep backward square leg

Narine to Mortaza, no run

pitching that legspinner on middle and leg stump, solid defended by Mashrafe

end of over 23Maiden
BDESH: 67/8CRR: 2.91 RRR: 6.70 • Need 181 runs from 27 overs
Abdur Razzak0 (10)
Mashrafe Mortaza1 (12)
Ravi Rampaul5-1-21-1
Sunil Narine6-0-10-3

Gaurav Manchand: "At the end of 22nd over, the combined score of 7 out of top 8 Bangladeshi batsmen is just 27."

Rampaul to Razzak, no run

pitched up, looks to drive though the covers but he misses and the ball whizzes past the outside edge, Rampaul looks up to the (blue) skies wondering why Razzak didn't edge that

Zeeshan Mahmud: "Plot twist: Narine just had his eye dilated hence the glasses. "

Rampaul to Razzak, no run

a touch shorter and just outside off, blocked off the back foot by Razzak

Rampaul to Razzak, no run

more defence towards the off side

Rampaul to Razzak, no run

short of length ball just outside off, blocked comfortably to the off side

Rampaul to Razzak, no run

a bouncer to rest Razzak, who manages to get under that one

Rampaul to Razzak, no run

Rampaul starts a new spell with a short of length ball outside off, defended to the off side