14th Match (N), Lauderhill, Aug 22 2018, Caribbean Premier League
(20 ov, target 157)154/3
Tridents won by 2 runs
Player Of The Match
63 (44) & 2/19
end of over 206 runs
JT: 154/3CRR: 7.70 
David Miller25 (20)
Ross Taylor26 (28)
Raymon Reifer 4-0-39-0
Wahab Riaz 4-0-25-0

10:26pm Holder is grateful after his players made it hard for themselves with all the dropped catches, but there was some good bowling towards the end too. Russell says he backed his batsmen to get the runs, but felt like they weren't fearless about getting the runs. "Didn't expect to be feeling this way," he says at the post-matc presentation. And that is all we have for you from live coverage. Peter Della Penna's report is coming in so be sure to catch that. No game tomorrow, so we'll catch you when the tournament resumes. Good night!

Steven Smith: Jason thought I might have had a chance to bowl tonight. Changed a few things up - I'm trying to model my action after Shahid Afridi, pushing it through. Why not, the bloke's done so well for so long! I can't get the momentum into the ball [with Smith's usual action] as I'm growing older. Hopefully I don't have to bowl too much. Most of these wickets are flat and the grounds are small. Thought we were 20-odd short. We dropped a heap of catches and you usually don't win when you do that. Perhaps they got their tactics wrong - Russell didn't bat.

Steven Smith is the Man of the Match.

10:10pm Jamaica have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. A superb bowling effort to keep Barbados to 156, a flying opening stand of 80 in nine overs. Ten wickets in hand, 11 overs left to get 77, and somehow they have ended up on the losing side. It was Steve Smith who broke the opening stand with Charles' wicket, then got Phillips in the same over, perhaps with some luck. But that's where it turned. Kennar Lewis who had been opening before Charles returned, was sent No. 3. His swipe-and-miss 17 off 16 didn't add to the innings as Taylor struggled to middle them at the other end. Russell didn't bat, Rovman Powell didn't bat, and Miller didn't quite manage the finish that was required. Russell looks furious. Why won't he be.

Reifer to Miller, 1 run

Guptill gathers at long-on and takes a tumble to secure it. Barbados Tridents have turned it around dramatically. It's yorker length on off stump, toe-ends it to long-on with a slog, on the bounce. It's another unsuccessful last-over effort for Miller

Reifer to Miller, no run

beaten! Miller backs away a long way to open up square on the off side, expecting this to come in based on the field. But the bowler has double bluffed him and gone full and wide outside off. He's falling over trying to hit this but he can't

Miller was in a similar position in the last over, a few weeks ago for South Africa against Sri Lanka. Couldn't do it then. Can he do it now? Third man, fine leg, point and extra cover are in.

Reifer to Taylor, 1 run

full and wide outside off, drilled to sweeper cover off the front foot

Reifer to Taylor, no run

beaten. Taylor's struggle continues. It's another dot ball for him. Walks across outside off against a full one, and he's beaten on the inside edge

Reifer to Miller, 3 runs

gets it between them, square leg and short fine. It's full and into the pad. He doesn't mean this, it's an attempted slog that has pinged off the inside edge. Nurse gives chase from square leg and pulls it back in with a slide

Two fielders in behind square on the leg side

Reifer to Taylor, 1 run

slower short ball wide outside off, shuffles and drags it to deep square's right with a pull

end of over 1911 runs
JT: 148/3CRR: 7.78 RRR: 9.00
Ross Taylor24 (25)
David Miller21 (17)
Wahab Riaz 4-0-25-0
Mohammad Irfan 4-0-30-1

Reifer has to defend nine off the last over. He's bowling around the wicket.

Wahab Riaz to Taylor, 1 run

looks to be deft but he's not middled that. Hasn't middled much, this innings. It's a knee height full toss and he wants to caress it wide of mid-off but the connection isn't there

Wahab Riaz to Miller, 1 run

dropped at deep midwicket! Oh that's just woeful from Shai Hope. Riaz has Miller hurried with the bouncer. The pull is sliced up feebly. Hope runs in and looks wayward. Ends up running an extra yard. Even so, it's not a difficult one. But it's gone down

Craig: "What's the point of watching the Tallawahs if I only get to see Russell bat if the Tallawahs loses 5 or more wickets or if only two balls are left!!"

Wahab Riaz to Taylor, 1 run

yorker swung away from middle, jammed into the covers with soft hands

michael: "Reifer and Nurse learned well from Darren Bravo. Drop the catches to leave the dangerous Russell in the dugout. "

Wahab Riaz to Taylor, 2 runs

yorker on middle stump, nudged with soft hands to deep square's left to come back for an easy second. Direct hit from the deep is sent upstairs but he's made it

Wahab Riaz to Taylor, 1 wide

wide. Taylor went down leg side to make room for this and Wahab went full and wide into the off side. It's well past the wide marker though and his plan fails

Wahab Riaz to Miller, 1 run

inswinging yorker and he can only jam this into the pitch and onto his pad. Rolls pitch side on the off side

Wahab Riaz to Miller, FOUR runs

misses the yorker and it's a bad start to the over for Riaz. It's a knee height full toss headed down leg side and Miller swivels to help it along to the long leg boundary