Final, Basseterre, Sep 15 2021, Caribbean Premier League
Patriots won by 3 wickets
Player Of The Match
48* (24) & 1/38
end of over 209 runs
STKNP: 160/7CRR: 8.00 
Dominic Drakes48 (24)
Naseem Shah1 (2)
Kesrick Williams 4-0-29-1
Wahab Riaz 4-0-36-2

3.35pm Right, that is all we have from the presentation. Thank you for sticking with us through the tournament and we hope you've had a great time. On behalf of the entire team, this is goodbye.

Dwayne Bravo: First of all thanks almighty god to give us a chance to be champions. To my entire team and owners and most of all the fans of the St Kitts - they were our 12th man. This is for them. Belief - we gave the people opportunities. And we backed each other. In my first session I had with Drakes, I told him he's not an emerging players, you're my main player. All the guys who came in, whether they play or not, the energy was there. I challenged myself to come here and see if I could do anything. It was a new franchise, out of my comfort zone, coming here not knowing what to expect - I think this is in the top three for me. The Univesers Boss and The Champion in one team - one thing can happen.

Andre Fletcher: It's a bit hurtful but the guys played well, I cannot fault the way we played. We fought right till the end. Drakes played exceptionally well. I guess we weren't destined today. I think it came to execution - that 19th over if we had executed well, maybe tried to tuck him up, it might have been different. But that happens. To be honest, for me, it's never over - no matter what position we're in. The two things I told the guys today was stay calm and show humility. We did that today but unfortunately it didn't happen. [In the last over] I'll be honest, I was really confident we would defend it. That four Drakes hit, Kesrick didn't miss the length by a lot. [Message to the fans] I know they're disappointed, we are all disappointed. Keep the faith. We're improving every season. Everyone had us as the punching bags, I'd say. But we've improved and trust me, we'll be back.

Roston Chase: Very thankful for this. My advice to youngsters is you always have more time than you think in T20s, so don't rush. I thought camaraderie in the team was really good after such a short time, that's one thing we can take as positive. We also batted well and bowled really well in the powerplays. So those are the three things we can take.

Roston Chase is the Player of the Tournament

Dominic Drakes: Just tried to keep my nerves. I guess things worked in my favour. I think [my dad] was more nervous than me! Always been clear [bowling plans] - even if you go for a boundary, it's part of cricket. Have faith in yourself and your team. I'm just happy to win in St Kitts. We had a chance in the semi-final in my first year, happy to do it now.

He's barely able to hold it together and string together words. Very emotional day for him.

Dominic Drakes is the Player of the Match

Whew, while we wait for the presentation, worth mentioning what Bravo said at the toss - that he moved to Patriots to challenge himself. And here he is, a fifth CPL title in hand in his 500th T20 game. His 15th T20 final win. Equals Pollard. At no point has this career ever trended downwards in this format - a true claim for the title of greatest ever T20 player. Top three at the very least. We'll hear from him shortly at the presentation.

Drakes: "First chance I got really and I did well. But it's not just me, it's everyone in the team. I just thought it was a team effort. [On giving away his shirt at the boundary] he's down there all the time cheering me on, even on bad days. Thank you father [Vasbert Drakes]...."and well, I couldn't quite catch the rest because he wasn't exactly prioritizing getting those words out at the moment!

A moment to tip your hats to our very own Deivarayan Muthu, who called it in his tournament preview, suggesting that the Patriots could pose pre-season favourites TKR their biggest threat

Sarah: "Bravo did exactly what he said he was going to the patriots to do. You can say whatever you want about bravo but you really can't deny that he is truly one of the best T20 players and he can inspire a team to win a tournament "

Barry: "What a final! The passion and energy are a joy to behold! Feel chuffed for the winners, but at the same time it is so hard on the Kinds that tried so hard are within a hair's breadth. The tournament of the year (not that there have been too many in 2021)"

Aj : "Look at those celebrations, no one plays the game like us man "

Sarat M: "Ok i was wrong .. D.Drakes over F.Allen is justifiable decision..!!"

Eddy Layne: "SKNP deserve this title. From the get-go, they played for the championship and the performance of everyone in the team throughout the tournament was a clear indication they came to take the title. Congrats to young Drakes, he is indeed a new star for West Indies "

Sandeep Singh: "I didnt know that Dominic is son of Vasbert Drakes, I used to like him and selected him in my first super selector team back in early 2000s for his abilities with both bat and ball"

Dasitha: "Wow.. What a CPL this has been.. Can't imagine how many national teams can windies prepare for the world cup.. I'm sure easily at least 2 super duper teams.. "

Irfan: "It looked like a crime when Drakes was sent in ahead of Allen, instead it was a stroke of genius!"

Malli: "That confidence and maturity in a final. Drakes, remember the name!"

2.49pm Bring out a search party because Drakes is lost somewhere under a mountain of Patriots players! They have come storming out and buried him. They sent him up at No. 6 and boy has he delivered. People tumbling as they run out of the dugout. Drakes manages to get out, peels his shirt off, and sprints away. He will never forget this. In front of the home crowd, no less. Epic scenes. What a final. They've managed to get their hands on the trophy even before the presentation! And are doing laps.

For Williams - it's a completely different story. Nearly in tears as he's got arms around him from is team-mates. St Lucia Kings have lost in the final for the second time in a row. They came so close, but the little opportunities missed out with bat and a couple of mistakes with the ball have all added up to this moment. Heartbreak for them again. They did about as well as they could with a score of 159, keeping the run rate in check, getting the big wickets well before they could take it deep - but were thrown completely off by Drakes. This will sting for a while.

Williams to Drakes, 1 run

a new star is born in the Caribbean! Dominic Drakes has seen St Kitts and Nevis through to their maiden title! It's a yorker, he gets an inside edge to short fine, and Naseem runs for his life, runs like he never has before, and makes it comfortably

One needed. Williams is on his haunches. Midwicket and cover are close in. Keeper up.

Williams to Drakes, FOUR runs

one away! Glory beckons Dominic Drakes. Looks for the yorker outside off and it ends up perfect driving length - the line and length he's been milking all day. Clears the front leg and drills this on the bounce over the extra cover boundary

Williams to Drakes, 2 runs

chance for three but they won't take it! Yorker at off stump, clears the front leg and carves it to sweeper's left. Cottoy there retrieves and sends a high throw back at the non-striker's that Williams can't gather cleanly

So short outside off and full outside off is out of the strategy book at Drakes it seems...

Williams to Drakes, no run

nails a yorker! Right into his toe. Drakes looking to flick that past short fine, can't get anywhere near it

Williams to Naseem Shah, 1 run

heaved out to deep midwicket. Naseem gets off strike. Low full toss at middle stump, a legcutter, and he manages to swing it into the leg side

Williams to Drakes, 1 run

he's taken the single! Well, what do I know? It's a low full toss, he looks to whip it into the leg side and gets an inside edge onto pad that trickles into the leg side. Naseem wasn't quite prepared for that run, but Drakes shows trust in him

end of over 1912 runs • 2 wickets
STKNP: 151/7CRR: 7.94 RRR: 9.00 • Need 9 runs from 6b
Naseem Shah0 (1)
Dominic Drakes40 (19)
Wahab Riaz 4-0-36-2
Kesrick Williams 3-0-20-1

Whew, what an over. Patriots will be the much happier side after that. Drakes has six balls to try and make 9. Don't see him taking any singles here, but expect a run out or two at the other end. Williams to bowl the last over. Short fine, short third, point, an extra cover are in the circle. Williams is over the wicket.

Wahab Riaz to Naseem Shah, no run

yorker at off stump, scoops it out towards extra cover and is sent back as he comes down for the run

Wahab Riaz to Cottrell, 1 run, OUT

drama. A batter's run into Wahab - it's Cottrell, as he turns for the second. And he loses his bat and is run out at the other end. He protests, but it doesn't look like Wahab changed path at all. This should be fine. Umpires have had a discussion, Fletcher in tow, and raised the finger. Short of a length at middle stump, miscues a pull to long-on's right. Wahab was walking back, ball watching, and Cottrell ran into him. He can't make it as Chase gets a good throw into the striker's end

Sheldon Cottrell run out (Chase/†Fletcher) 5 (6m 2b 1x4 0x6) SR: 250
Wahab Riaz to Cottrell, FOUR runs

no! What?! No, really, what? I don't quite know what to call this shot - but it's done the job! A faux helicopter? This is full and just outside off, he backs into the leg side and has a big, wristy swish at this - and it comes off the toe-end and clears mid-off. I don't know if he meant that, but I am a fan

Wahab Riaz to Drakes, 1 leg bye

nails the yorker at leg stump now, he manages to squeeze it into the leg side

Wahab Riaz to Drakes, SIX runs

smoked! Wow wow wow! That is some hit! It's short and climbing outside off and it seems like he's set up for it - waiting in the crease and stands tall as he slaps this on the rise into the off side! Off the back foot. Stunning, stunning hit.

21 off 11. Cottrell the new man, but Drakes in strike. Will Wahab go short at him this time?

Wahab Riaz to Allen, OUT

taken at deep midwicket! Massive moment! He's gone short, climbing in the corridor. He brings out the pull but he's never in control - under it and cramped. Gets a top edge and that is straight at Keemo in the deep

Fabian Allen c Paul b Wahab Riaz 20 (28m 18b 2x4 0x6) SR: 111.11