Group 1, Birmingham, Apr 22 - 25 2021, County Championship
295 & 244
(80.4 ov, target 256)284 & 256/3
Warwickshire won by 7 wickets

6.12pm: Plenty of whooping and cheering on the Warwickshire balcony, it's back-to-back wins for them, and another fine chase after they reeled in 333 at Trent Bridge last week. Rob Yates gets the applause of his team-mates, as well as the Essex players, as he heads off unbeaten on 120, a superb knock from the 21-year-old opener. George Dobell's report will be in soon(ish), so stick around for that. It's been another round of top Champo action, and we'll be back for more from Thursday. Thanks, folks. Cheerio!

Cook to Yates, 1 run

full outside off, Yates flashes an edge that squirms out of Cook's grasp at slip, and that'll be it! Warwickshire win by seven wickets, they've knocked off the champions and will go top of Group One

Cook to Yates, no run

Cook keeps him honest, defended in front of his stumps

Cook to Yates, no run

length on the stumps, blocked

Cook to Yates, FOUR runs

short of a length, goes for some pongo on the pull and that flies for four! Scores are level

Walter won't bowl this penultimate over, he wanders off and Sam Cook removes his jumper. Warks almost home and hosed, but there's a bit of a delay... because Essex have taken the new ball!

end of over 806 runs
WARKS: 251/3CRR: 3.13 
Robert Yates115 (227)
Matthew Lamb6 (5)
Simon Harmer32-9-88-0
Paul Walter5-0-18-2
Harmer to Yates, 1 run

tip-and-run into the leg side, could be tight... but the throw to the non-striker's end misses!

Harmer to Yates, no run

full again, bunted back

Harmer to Yates, no run

full toss, whacked straight back to Harmer's right

Harmer to Yates, no run

pushed through, clips the inside edge and runs behind him into the leg side

Harmer to Lamb, 1 run

flighted, worked into the leg side for one

Harmer to Lamb, FOUR runs

tossed up, Lamb dances out and gobbles it up, smashed through mid-off for four! That'll help

We could be going right to the wire here... Harmer continues to the new batsman

end of over 793 runs • 1 wicket
WARKS: 245/3CRR: 3.10 
Matthew Lamb1 (3)
Robert Yates114 (223)
Paul Walter5-0-18-2
Simon Harmer31-9-82-0
Walter to Lamb, 1 run

pitched up and Lamb punches towards mid-off for one

Walter to Lamb, no run

full and wide, almost on the tramlines, Lamb swipes at it and misses

Walter to Lamb, no run

pitched up and driven into the covers, stopped at the second attempt

No great celebration from the Essex players, probably too late to put the squeeze on now. Matt Lamb, in decent form, heads out with 12 more needed

Walter to Hain, OUT

short ball, Hain swings it away... but picks out long leg! Is there a twist yet?! Hain throws back his head, trudges off in a bit of a funk. Nothing special about the ball, but Hain pulled in the air and Cook stooped for the catch

Sam Hain c Cook b Walter 60 (140m 116b 6x4 1x6) SR: 51.72
Walter to Yates, 1 run

short and heaved over the leg side out into the deep for another single

Walter to Hain, 1 run

pitched up and Hain leans into a drive through the covers for one

Four overs left, 14 runs needed. Close enough to touch...

Here's Neil: "when I want it rain, why can't it rain :-( It's a shame Essex are going to lose, but fair play to Warwickshire, they have batted far more sensibly and haven't thrown their wickets away"