Nottingham, September 26 - 29, 2023, County Championship Division One
366 & 224/6d
(T:207) 384 & 210/8

Notts won by 2 wickets

NOTTS 2nd Innings
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5.42pm Wow... can you hear the shrieks at Canterbury? In fact, they are playing the Great Escape over the PA. Kent cling onto the top flight by the skin of Nottinghamshire's tail. Middlesex did everything they could, most particularly Sam Robson, who scored his third hundred - and his county's fourth of the campaign - then ripped his legbreaks with elan to give his side real belief. But they were forced to gamble on a gettable run-chase due to their desperation, and in the end 207 to win was not enough.

Here ends the County Championship, and just like last year's hi-jinx with Warwickshire, we've had a relegation humdinger to see us into the winter. In the end, Middlesex showed spirit, but it's been a grim season for them on and off the field, and it's ended with a return whence they came two years ago. Cheers for joining us... See you again in 2024 tomorrow, for England's first World Cup warm-up match in Guwahati ... it's all go in these parts....

Robson to Ball, FOUR runs

Tossed up, swept behind square, Notts win and Middlesex are relegated! Ball bows out in glory at Trent Bridge, but what a fight Middlesex put up!

Robson to Ball, no run

thumped on the up, towards mid-off, never a catch, but it is a dot

Christmas Cactus, this is ridiculous. Three men round the bat again for the No.10. Slip, silly point, short leg

maddog: "Come on Jake, end your Notts career in style. "

end of over 552 runs
NOTTS: 206/8CRR: 3.74 
Matthew Montgomery34 (65b 2x4)
Jake Ball2 (13b)
Jayant Yadav 25-3-68-2
Sam Robson 13-1-42-4

Robson will go again... Ball was rehearsing his own reverse-sweep just now...

Jayant Yadav to Montgomery, no run

reverse-sweep, nailed at De Caires at backward point! Body on the line to save the winning run!

Jayant Yadav to Montgomery, no run

right back on the stumps, getting everything in line to defend

Jayant Yadav to Montgomery, no run

head right over the ball to smother the full length. Jeepers

Jayant Yadav to Montgomery, no run

paddle sweep, and edged onto Simpson's chest! Top-edge, no chance of a catch, but he saves the run!

Slip goes to gully

Jayant Yadav to Ball, 1 run

cut away off the back foot, scores are level! Middlesex still alive, just... eight points for a tie saves them

Slip, leg slip, short leg

James De Lamber: "County Championship Cricket, eh? Ain't nothing like it and long may it live! Thoroughly enjoying this grand-stand finale, thank you for the comms Miller!"

Jayant Yadav to Montgomery, 1 run

reverse-sweep, good contact to deep third... two to win, and one to level the scores! A tie would be enough for Middlesex!

Another conflab from the brains trust... four overs remaining, as it happens!

end of over 54Maiden
NOTTS: 204/8CRR: 3.77 
Jake Ball1 (12b)
Matthew Montgomery33 (60b 2x4)
Sam Robson 13-1-42-4
Jayant Yadav 24-3-66-2

Dan: "Rhys - If Middlesex declared later, whilst they'd have a better total to defend, they'd have less overs to get the wickets. Can't have one without sacrificing the other, hard to work out at the time but easy to comment on after the fact." Indeed. I think it was about right given their desperation!

Robson to Ball, no run

width, that was the ball! Ball has a hack off the back foot, contact would have been a precious run... but he's at least survived!

Robson to Ball, no run

a beauty! Flight and dip, spins past the outside edge... yikes

Robson to Ball, no run

right back on the stumps and straightens past the off stump! Slip can't look...

Robson to Ball, no run

full toss, punched to mid-off... still no run

Robson to Ball, no run

tossed up, driven square, Bamber sprawls and prevents the single!

Robson to Ball, no run

back of a length, chopped down into the crease... nearly curtains!

Is this the over? Two slips...

end of over 532 runs
NOTTS: 204/8CRR: 3.84 
Matthew Montgomery33 (60b 2x4)
Jake Ball1 (6b)
Jayant Yadav 24-3-66-2
Sam Robson 12-0-42-4
Jayant Yadav to Montgomery, no run

very full length, clipped off the toes to Robson at short midwicket. Ball will be on strike!

Jayant Yadav to Ball, 1 run

right back on the stumps, glided down to deep third, they take the single, so a big ball coming up now. Got to keep Monty on strike...

Jayant Yadav to Ball, no run

rocks back onto the stumps and defends once more, back to the bowler

Jayant Yadav to Ball, no run

drags the length back, tapped to the off side

maddog: "Even more so after another wicket.. Come on Notts!!"

Jayant Yadav to Ball, no run

tight line, pressed back down the pitch

Three men round the bat, as TRJ, Yadav and Stoneman confer... make it two round the bat

Jayant Yadav to Montgomery, 1 run

swept fine, but he takes the single... so be it... Ball has five balls, with four to win!

So, Yadav, with half an end open... will that affect how Montgomery plays this? Singles might be a little more dicey

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