1st Match, Dublin, May 03, 2022, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup
(43.5/50 ov, T:186) 186/3

Leinster won by 7 wickets (with 37 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
21* (31) & 5/24
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It was probably right that Harry Tector scored the winning runs. It was a excellent partnership between the two Tector brothers that steadied the ship after the Lightning lost those two early wickets.

The Warriors tried to pry out wickets by using their most experienced bowlers, although the Lightning batters did well to see them out, and punish the others.

They didn take their time to get there but I guess that making sure that they secured the four points for the win to get their campaign off in the right way was the important part today.

George Dockrell has been named player of the match for his excellent all round display.

You'll be glad to know that the Interpro games come thick and fast in May, Thursday sees the next game at Stormont, when the Northern Knights take on the Munster Reds.

Hope that you can join me then, until then, this is Justin Smyth saying goodnight from Pembroke.

Kennedy to Tector, FOUR runs

and that's the game! Outsode off-stump, all the fielders were in the ring on the off-side, once Tector cuts the ball past them, no one can stop it going to the boundary

Kennedy to Tector, no run

bends the front knee and hits the ball to mid-off

Kennedy to Dockrell, 1 run

hits the ball to wide long-off, they settle for a single

Kennedy to Dockrell, no run

backs away again, hit to extra cover again

Kennedy to Dockrell, no run

backs away to leg, can't get the ball past the extra cover fielder

end of over 4312 runs
LSTER: 181/3CRR: 4.20 RRR: 0.71
Harry Tector72 (86b 4x4 4x6)
George Dockrell20 (28b 3x4)
Conor Olphert 10-0-46-0
Graham Kennedy 7-0-49-0

Only five needed for the win now....

Olphert to Tector, 2 runs

too full, slipped through mid-wicket, not enough pace on the ball to get it to the boundary

Olphert to Tector, no run

onto the front foot, pulls the bat out of the way and lets the ball through to the keeper

Olphert to Tector, no run

driven hard at the extra cover fielder

Olphert to Tector, FOUR runs

Tector is in the mood now, drives the ball wonderfully through the covers, the fielders give chase but they aren't catching that!

Olphert to Tector, SIX runs

that ball was hit very cleanly. Short ball, pulled hard and flat over the square leg boundary, crashes into the fence on that side of the ground

Olphert to Tector, no run

good length ball, Tector steps forward and meets the ball early, defends

end of over 427 runs
LSTER: 169/3CRR: 4.02 RRR: 2.12
George Dockrell20 (28b 3x4)
Harry Tector60 (80b 3x4 3x6)
Graham Kennedy 7-0-49-0
Conor Olphert 9-0-34-0
Kennedy to Dockrell, FOUR runs

in the slot, Dockrell isn't going to miss out on that and driven it to the extra cover boundary

Kennedy to Tector, 1 run

Tedtor comes out of the crease and looks to hit down the ground, doesn't get a clean hit and it lands well in front of the fielder on the long-on boundary

Kennedy to Dockrell, 1 run

clips the ball through square leg

Kennedy to Dockrell, no run

hits the ball hard at point, fielder does well to stop it

Kennedy to Dockrell, no run

Dockrell reaches forward, the ball spins past the bat and hits him on the pads, must have been going down leg as the Umpire isn't interested

Kennedy to Tector, 1 run

waits for the ball to spin down the legside, helps it on its way

end of over 411 run
LSTER: 162/3CRR: 3.95 RRR: 2.66
George Dockrell15 (24b 2x4)
Harry Tector58 (78b 3x4 3x6)
Conor Olphert 9-0-34-0
Graham Kennedy 6-0-42-0

It's just started raining here, can the Lightning finish this before it starts getting any heavier?

Olphert to Dockrell, no run

outside off-stump again, left alone

Olphert to Dockrell, no run

outside off-stump, was certainly a little faster from Olphert, Dockrell pulls his bat out of the way.

Olphert to Dockrell, no run

outside off-stump, Dockrell walks across the stumps and lets the ball go

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