1st Semi-Final, The Oval, Jun 19 2013, ICC Champions Trophy
(37.3/50 ov, target 176)179/3
England won by 7 wickets (with 75 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

In fact before I go, there's time to tell you that Tim Bresnan is now a father! His wife has given birth to Max Geoffrey Bresnan. Congratulations to the Bresnan's.

So there we have it, England, as many expected in all fairnace, are in the final of the Champions Trophy and go into Sunday's final with great confidence. They will take on India or Sri Lanka who contest tomorrow's second semi-final in Cardiff, which gets underway at 10.30am BST, so tune in then for all the best live coverage. And I'll be back for the final on Sunday at the same hour. My thanks to Monty for today, but from me, Alex Winter, it's goodbye, see you Sunday...

Presentation time: "The toss wasn't that important," AB de Villiers says. "It didn't really do that much but England got their plans spot on. Under pressure from the word go, we just weren't good enough.

"It was the hardest team selection I've had. Alviro would have been great in the team but we backed Hashim and Colin. I'm especially proud of David Miller and Rory, they kept fighting to the end and that's what I expect from our guys.

"We tried everything with the ball but it got pretty flat in the afternoon. There's no excuses. We had the talent to win this tournament. We just didn't play well enough."

Winning captain Alastair Cook: "That's the performance you want in a semi-final. Jimmy was outstanding which was fantastic. The other guys back him up, especially tricky Tredders. To win any tournament you need everyone to fire and we've got that so far."

Man of the Match goes to "tricky Tredders" James Tredwell for his three wickets.

South Africa have lost yet again in a semi-final and this time it was their batsman that let them down badly. They failed to deal with the new swinging balls and then lost cheap wickets to put themselves out of the game before they had a chance to get into it. James Anderson was at his brilliant best and James Tredwell was excellent again. The only proper application came from David Miller and Rory Kleinveldt but then it was too late and they merely served to save complete humiliation.

That is a thumping, England dominant and have won by seven wickets and qualify for Sunday's final. The damage was done with the ball but a small chase can be tricky, not with Jonathan Trott at the crease it isn't. He's been his usual steady-Eddy best and timed the ball as good as I have seen today, he was superb and has led his side home in fine fashion. There was a mini-scare when Alastair Cook fell cheaply and Ian Bell went with less than a quarter of the target overcome but Trott and Joe Root got together in a partnership of 105 to pick off South Africa, Root again showing great maturity in such a calm innings.

Peterson to Trott, FOUR runs

floated up outside off and driven past extra cover, Trott finishes it in style

Peterson to Trott, no run

back and pushed from just outside off stump to cover

Peterson to Trott, no run

bend of the front knee and blocked back to the bowler

So a brief scare but England have, as expected, cruised it, the last rites...

end of over 378 runs
ENG: 175/3CRR: 4.72 RRR: 0.07
Eoin Morgan15 (19)
Jonathan Trott78 (81)
Chris Morris 8-1-38-1
Robin Peterson 9-1-45-0
Morris to Morgan, FOUR runs

full toss outside off, guided through the covers, whoops

Morris to Morgan, FOUR runs

too much width, Morgan does he get-low-and-thrash-it-square thing and powers it through point, very well timed

Morris to Morgan, no run

back and across the off stump to block

Morris to Morgan, no run

back of a length, blocked just outside off stump, playing a little away from the body

Morris to Morgan, no run

tighter line, blocked on off stump into the covers

Morris to Morgan, no run

played from just outside off to point on the back foot

Ben: "Pietersen would definitely come in for Bell - he performed really well at the top of the order in the UAE last year and Bell's struggled recently. Morgan is our most dangerous striker." But Morgan hasn't struck it recently, Trent Bridge is his only knock since he came back from the IPL...Morris back with nine to win...

end of over 369 runs
ENG: 167/3CRR: 4.63 RRR: 0.64
Eoin Morgan7 (13)
Jonathan Trott78 (81)
Robin Peterson 9-1-45-0
Lonwabo Tsotsobe 5-0-26-0
Peterson to Morgan, 3 runs

back and cut pleasantly past point, it runs away quickly and they get three

Peterson to Morgan, no run

good length, played with the turn towards square leg, threatened to sweep to start with

Peterson to Trott, 1 run

forward and ran off the outside half of the bat behind point for a single

Peterson to Trott, 2 runs

back and flicked from off stump past midwicket, again the timing is very good indeed, almost gets it to the wide long on fence

Peterson to Morgan, 1 run

firmly pushed from just outside off to mid-on, they take on the fielder and get home comfortably

Peterson to Morgan, 2 runs

dangerous, reverse swept from middle stump behind square on the off side, backward point goes back to field

Powerplay now...

end of over 358 runs
ENG: 158/3CRR: 4.51 RRR: 1.20
Jonathan Trott75 (79)
Eoin Morgan1 (9)
Lonwabo Tsotsobe 5-0-26-0
Jean-Paul Duminy 5-0-27-1
Tsotsobe to Trott, no run

back of a length sliding across the off stump, chopped on the bounce to point

Tsotsobe to Trott, FOUR runs

four more, this time flicked past mid-on, overpitched on off stump and Trott tucks it away again

Tsotsobe to Trott, FOUR runs

forward and threaded past extra cover with magnificent timing, again so glorious from Trott, the union flags are unfurled in the stands

Tsotsobe to Trott, no run

full ball just outside off stump, pushed firmly to mid-off

Tsotsobe to Trott, no run

leg stump, clipped to midwicket coming forward

Tsotsobe to Trott, no run

forward just outside off stump and pressed to extra cover

Tomis: "Some people asking who Kevin Pietersen comes in for in this England side. Maybe Ian Bell, maybe Eoin Morgan. errr he comes in for Bopara. One score and some part time mediums won't save Bopara." I dunno, his late order hitting has proved effective and his wobblers are very handy indeed, balances the side well...