23rd Match, Group A (D/N), Delhi, Mar 7 2011, ICC Cricket World Cup
(45.3/50 ov)199/5
Canada won by 5 wickets (with 27 balls remaining)
player of the match

Osinde's award pulls one back for the bowlers - so far the adjudicators have been massively biased towards the batsmen! Right then, that ends the coverage for today. In case you missed the action, here is Sid Ravi's bulletin. On behalf of Abhishek and the rest of the team, this is Nitin Sundar signing off. Ciao and keep reading ESPNcricinfo!

Osinde is MoM. "I was a bit surprised by the swing. In November we came to India and saw how the pitches played, so we knew what to expect."

Bagai: (The Delhi crowd cheers the 'home' boy) "Osinde did a fantastic job first up. We were disappointed with the show in the last few games, but today Jimmy hung around with me. We were fortunate not to have run-rate pressure. Once you were in, you could rotate the strike. In the end it was just about milking them around. Glad we won this and got it under our belt."

Kamande: "We started very badly, but after the recovery, 220 looked possible and that would have been defendable. Osinde bowled brilliantly .. Mishra got out at the wrong time. When you are defending 200, you need to keep trying for wickets. Did not work today, but there were some things to learn."

Bagai and Davison look relieved and happy. These two have been around long enough to know how much this matters for Canada. Their World Cup trip might be full of thumping defeats at the hands of the better sides, but they have accomplished something. They won't return empty-handed.

Otieno to Bagai, FOUR runs

Canada have doubled their number of wins in World Cups. Bagai has played a top innings here, and fittingly ends it all with a thumped carve over the off side. That shot underlines just how much better Canada have been better today, from the time Osinde picked those early wickets.

Otieno to Bagai, 1 wide

that's just how wrong the slower ball can go. Slips out, literally walks down the 22 yards, and ends up two metres down the leg side, and Bagai can't even get close to it with the attempt at the pull

Otieno to Bagai, no run

short of a length on off stump, forced off the back foot towards point

Otieno to Bagai, FOUR runs

and another four, Canada get even closer as Elijah sprays another one on the pads. Bagai must be excited in anticipation of a famous win, he helps this along to fine leg for four

end of over 456 runs • 1 wicket
CAN: 190/5CRR: 4.22 • RRR: 1.80 • Need 9 runs from 30b
John Davison4 (1)
Ashish Bagai56 (94)
Nehemiah Odhiambo10-0-45-2
Elijah Otieno8-0-36-1
NN Odhiambo to Davison, FOUR runs

Odhiambo delivers a friendly full delivery outside off, Davison reaches out and cracks it through the covers. Crisp and clean.

Davison walks out. This could end quickly.

Mahesh: "Why did the Skeleton Cross the Road? To go to the Body Shop!"

NN Odhiambo to Gordon, OUT

Aha, Kenya are down, but not yet out. Odhiambo has bowled Tyson round the legs. He delivers it full and on leg stump from over the wicket, Tyson shuffles too far across in search of the tickle to fine leg and misses. Leg stump is hit, Odhiambo is thrilled.

Tyson Gordon b Odhiambo 3 (12m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 27.27
NN Odhiambo to Gordon, no run

the Kotla is not going to bounce much any more. Banged in short, this one scoots along and Tyson ends up looking a little out of his depth as he aborts the decision to duck and ends up getting hit on the glove, which is just above the upper flap of the pad.

NN Odhiambo to Gordon, no run

short ball, not much lift from the deck as Tyson ducks disconcertingly

NN Odhiambo to Gordon, 2 runs

Tyson angles the face and steers a full ball very fine. Third man does well to keep it down to two

NN Odhiambo to Gordon, no run

full ball on the stumps, played solidly back at the bowler who has a needless shy at thr stumps at the batting end. Frustration, clearly.

Vijay: "@Rajat who is following the game. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was interesting."