29th match (D/N), East London, May 4 2009, Indian Premier League
(14.4/20 ov, target 179)100
Super Kings won by 78 runs
Player Of The Match
58* (37)

And with that 78-run win, Chennai go top of the table on the back of three consecutive victories. It's hard to believe the formidable Deccan batting crumbled within 15 overs, despite the absolutely shoddy Chennai fielding, at least four catches were dropped and some simple run-out chances were spurned.

Barring the fielding, Dhoni can have little complaints about the performance. The batting was on song, and Albie Morkel and Sudeep Tyagi gave them the perfect start with the ball by slicing through the Deccan top order. Dwayne Smith played a counterattacking knock to remember, before Deccan's innings fell apart when their batsmen went for the big hits against the spinners.

Post-match presentation: Adam Gilchrist: "We were outplayed in all departments. We didn't bowl badly, but they batted very well on a good batting track. And it was tough to chase, especially after the start we got.

"I'm not focussed on the semi-finals as of now, but on turning around this run (of three losses)."

MS Dhoni is the Man-of-the-Match. Dhoni: "I was struggling earlier, it affects my batting when I come in with only four-five overs to go since I'm not a batsman who can hit right from the start, that was the thinking behind promoting me. Credit to the openers for providing the platform for us to take off from.

"We need to work hard on our fielding, we have dropped catches right through the tournament, it hasn't hurt us that much because we are scoring 160-180 but if it is a low-scoring game, we will struggle."

Thanks for joining us today, there's a big double-header tomorrow, see you then. This is Siddarth Ravindran signing out. Good night.

Raina to Ojha, OUT

and it's all over, an absolutely action-paced innings comes to an end, Ojha swipes it straight to man-of-the-moment Jakati at midwicket to bring the curtain down

Pragyan Ojha c Jakati b Raina 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Raina to Ojha, no run

on the legstump, turned in sharprly, defended off the backfoot

Raina to Shoaib Ahmed, 1 run

tries to slam it down the ground, deflected by Raina towards long-off, Deccan's hundred comes up

Raina to Shoaib Ahmed, no run

tossed up by Raina, defended towards extra cover by Shoaib

end of over 142 runs • 2 wickets
DC: 99/9CRR: 7.07 RRR: 13.33
Shoaib Ahmed0 (0)
Muthiah Muralidaran 3-0-11-2
Shadab Jakati 4-0-22-4
Murali to Suman, OUT

Deccan are doing a house-of-cards impersonation here, another wicket gone, virtually an action replay of the previous ball, Suman gets a bit of an edge though and it sails high before Vijay takes another catch

Tirumalasetti Suman c Vijay b Muralitharan 17 (17b 2x4 0x6) SR: 100

After a promising start to the tournament, a third straight defeat looming for Deccan here

Murali to Singh, OUT

Deccan are falling apart here, simple wicket for Murali, overpitched on middle and leg, RP swipes it straight down the throat of M Vijay at midwicket

RP Singh c Vijay b Muralitharan 2 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Murali to Singh, no run

sharp turn, pitches on middle and jags back towards RP, who is cut in half by it

Murali to Singh, no run

again on legstump, RP can't get it away

Murali to Suman, 1 leg bye

Sumna gets a big stride in as he defends, edged onto his pads and it ballons towards the offside, lands safely though

Murali to Singh, 1 run

Murali targets the leg stump, nudged towards short fine leg

end of over 132 runs • 1 wicket
DC: 97/7CRR: 7.46 RRR: 11.71
RP Singh1 (2)
Tirumalasetti Suman17 (15)
Shadab Jakati 4-0-22-4
Suresh Raina 1-0-11-0

that ends a superb spell for Jakati, he finishes with 4 for 22 amid the mayhem

Jakati to Singh, 1 run

down the track and slogged to long-on for a single

Jakati to Singh, no run

arm ball again, gets an inside-edge onto his pads

Jakati to Harris, OUT

arm ball does the trick for Jakati, Harris goes for a wild heave, he missed and offstump is rocked back, another four wicket haul for Jakati, what is it with the IPL and little-known Goa players?

Ryan Harris b Jakati 1 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25
Jakati to Harris, no run

short ball, Harris goes for the cut, gets a thick bottom edge which bounces through to the keeper

Jakati to Harris, no run

played watchfully off the backfoot towards point

Jakati to Suman, 1 run

pulled towards deep midwicket for a single