23rd Match (N), Chennai, Apr 9 2019, Indian Premier League
(17.2/20 ov, target 109)111/3
Super Kings won by 7 wickets (with 16 balls remaining)
player of the match
Deepak Chahar
Chennai Super Kings

11:50pm And that is all from us! Thanks for joining us, we'll see you tomorrow.

Deepak Chahar: I knew we were going to play a lot of matches in Chennai this year so I worked on slower balls. We don't plan a lot, but we spend a lot of time together and he's been helpful. Now Bravo is injured and i'm getting opportunities to bowl at the death.

Deepak Chahar is the Man of the Match.

MS Dhoni: [On the fans] I've been here for a very long time and a lot of good things have happened here, including my Test debut. They love the team.

It became like the first game. Again we were cribbing about the track but we won. We've lost Bravo and it looks like this pitch suits us now but I don't think we want to play on wickets like these because it becomes too low-scoring for the batsmen.
I think age is on their side [Bhajji and Tahir]. They've come up every time but once we go out to flatter wickets, we'll have to see what combinations we've to play. Hopefully Bravo comes back soon. [On whether he makes plans for the opposition] Not really, that's the job of the bowling coach. I always say you set your own plans and if it doesn't work on the field, I will come in. I feel it is important not to have too many plans. Nowadays I insist on one-on-one meetings, most of them I'm not even part of.

Dinesh Karthik: Definitely not enough runs. Tricky games, games like these. You never know what's a good score, with the dew and stuff. You always end up thinking you should have got more. Four wickets in the Powerplay was definite setback, but good to see Russell showing maturity. We were defending a small total and the spinners did well, I'm happy with that. It wasn't a lack of concentration [from the batsmen], we've been on the road for two weeks. I'm okay with it [it doesn't always work]. Message to the team: enjoy, forget tonight, next game's a new day.

Sooryanarayanan: "Really like the positivity with which Karthik speaks even after a loss. That will rub off on the rest of the team as well."

Raghu IFMR: "Can you check the scorecard again, something seems wrong. It shows CSK chased without going to the last over. "

Vinod Rajpal: "Same overs taken by CSK to chase this as in match number 1 vs RCB !"

Parth: "It's funny how we hyped up this game so much but CSK just turned it into a one-sided game in first 4 overs of the match."

11:29pm And that is that. Win number five for CSK, they're up to ten points. Routine stuff from this team - they ALWAYS race away to the top, right at the start of the season. Five wins in six games, a 100% record at home and now they head into an away chunk of fixtures with full impetus. A top bowling performance, a nice little chase. Knight Riders have Russell, but you've got to turn up with more than him to beat CSK at this ground.

Narine to du Plessis, 5 wide

and this one is definitely turning past leg, also both of DK's legs. Pitches outside leg, turns a long way down and trickles towards the CSK dugout

Narine to du Plessis, no run

lbw shout as this rips back in sharply. Faf with the front leg planted across for a flick. That's turning past leg stump

Narine to Jadhav, 1 run

length and turning into middle stump. Stays deep in the crease and pushes to extra cover's left

end of over 1712 runs
CSK: 105/3CRR: 6.17 • RRR: 1.33 • Need 4 runs from 18b
Kedar Jadhav7 (7)
Faf du Plessis43 (44)
Harry Gurney2-0-20-0
Prasidh Krishna4-0-23-0

Anyone hoping for a last over finish still?

Gurney to Jadhav, 1 run

full on leg stump, leans in for the flick to deep backward square

Gurney to du Plessis, 1 run

slower ball at middle stump, looks to lift it over the off side, gets it off the inside half to deep square

Over the wicket

Gurney to du Plessis, FOUR runs

nicely done. Been a neat little innings of class from Faf tonight. Short ball down leg side. Allows it to skid on and helps it past short fine with a pull

Gurney to du Plessis, FOUR runs

scythes it over extra cover. Low full toss just outside off, stays inside the line, opens the face late and gets it to the boundary. That ball probably explains why Gurney hasn't bowled a lot tonight - he's having trouble gripping it

Back around the wicket

Gurney to Jadhav, (no ball) 1 run

length at leg stump, looks to flick and cops it on the pad off the inside edge. They steal a single.It's a massive no-ball

Over the wicket

Gurney to Jadhav, no run

slower short ball headed down leg. Looks for the pull and is through it early. Cops it on the forearm

Gurney to Jadhav, no run

offcutter at a length on off stump, from around the wicket. Defended into the covers

James: "I'm guessing MSD hasn't come in because they think the game won't go to the final over."

end of over 168 runs
CSK: 93/3CRR: 5.81 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 16 runs from 24b
Faf du Plessis34 (41)
Kedar Jadhav5 (3)
Prasidh Krishna4-0-23-0
Piyush Chawla4-0-28-1

Ashish: "@Sareth - Remember the low scoring thrilling final of 2017 between MI and Pune? And the victory margin? Surely it was one of the best low scoring matches and the fact that it was a final made it a fierce competition!"

Prasidh to du Plessis, 2 runs

leading edge but it results in two. Length at off stump, defends inside the line and this pings off the outer part of the bat, past point

Jayesh: "@Varun: Which also means a 6th bowler will bowl at least one over in the death!" --- What is the death at 4.8 required, eh?

Prasidh to du Plessis, no run

full on off stump, driven firmly back down the pitch and at the bowler

Prasidh to du Plessis, 2 runs

low full toss just outside off, drives it to sweeper's right

Prasidh to du Plessis, 2 runs

nicely timed but sweeper cover cleans up to his left. Prasidh with the perfect amount of pace to play some strokes. Gets a short ball to climb in the corridor and Faf springs up and gets his weight into this cut shot

Prasidh to Jadhav, 1 run

short of a length just outside off, pulled along the floor to deep square

Janani R: "@Varun - why do they have to score quickly? And the fact that they didn't score quickly in the chase doesn't mean they couldn't l. Could also be the case that they didn't care. BTW does winning matter more or the NRR? I think the points table after this match will pretty much sum it up for you." --- My point wasn't that they should score quickly, more that the pitch was clearly difficult to bat on for both teams.

Prasidh to du Plessis, 1 run

length on off stump, dropped in front of point with soft hands

Prasidh with the ball. Which means Gurney won't bowl out tonight.

end of over 158 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 85/3CRR: 5.66 • RRR: 4.80 • Need 24 runs from 30b
Kedar Jadhav4 (2)
Faf du Plessis27 (36)
Piyush Chawla4-0-28-1
Kuldeep Yadav4-0-16-0

Niraj: "@Jury: I guess Jadhav didn't get the memo. Boundary first ball.:P"

Chawla to Jadhav, no run

length on off stump, dead-batted into the off side on the front foot

Chawla to Jadhav, FOUR runs

casually lifts it one bounce over the long-off boundary! What does it mean to get settled? Length ball outside off, probably a googly too. Half a stride, beautiful hands, nice timing as he goes inside-out

Jury: "@Varun - CSK is not a quick chasing side. This has been the case for a last few years. Even a score of 50 will be taken to the last over. "

But it is Kedar Jadhav who comes out and the crowd is silent again.

Chawla to Rayudu, OUT

won't survive this time! Length at off stump, looks to sweep, gets a top edge and Rana settles under it from short extra. A few steps to his left and holds on. And a big noise from the crowd - as if it's KKR's home ground.

Ambati Rayudu c Rana b Chawla 21 (49m 31b 2x4 0x6) SR: 67.74

Sareth Kumaresa: "To be fair its not just a large score that makes a final interesting, you can have a thriller of a game like the First Qualifier from last year with a low scoring match and it can be better than a high scoring final which was very one sided last year"

Chawla to du Plessis, 1 run

length in the corridor, pushed to point's right off the back foot

Chawla to Rayudu, 1 run

length at leg stump, flicked to deep square

Chawla to Rayudu, 2 runs

dropped! That catching fielder gets Rayudu to try and go above the infield. But there's been a ball change in the interval and this one grips and spins away from his inside-out shot. He slices it up towards Prasidh who runs in and slides on his knees as he puts this down from in front of his chest and loses balance

Here is Chawla now for his last over. There's a short extra cover in there.