Final (N), Kolkata, May 24 2015, Pepsi Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 203)161/8
Mum Indians won by 41 runs
player of the match
Rohit Sharma
Mumbai Indians
end of over 2021 runs
CSK: 161/8CRR: 8.05 
Mohit Sharma21 (7)
Ravindra Jadeja11 (8)
Vinay Kumar4-0-39-1
Mitchell McClenaghan4-0-25-3

00.40am The massive presentation ceremony has finally ended. Rohit Sharma and Mumbai Indians can finally get their hands on the trophy. It is also time we left them alone to celebrate. Another IPL season has come to an end. Thanks for having tuned in to our coverage. Goodbye from all at Cricinfo

00.35am After a presentation as long and winding as the IPL, we are finally talking to the captains

"I think they got too many on the board," says MS Dhoni. "I think the first over was good, the second was not. That's where we gave them that landslide that we were not able to control. It was a touch wicket to bat if you didn't give the batsmen any width. It was a good wicket. I don't think there was uneven bounce, the ground was small, the outfield was quick. If we had kept them to 180 the game was on. This was a good team effort, but we never reached 100% efficiency level. Losing Brendon McCullum just before the knockouts was a big blow. These are all part and parcels, you can't really help it. Overall the team performance was good, but we need to go back to the drawing board and see how we can win the IPL."

"It's always been good here," says Rohit Sharma, also the Man of the Match. "Whenever I have come here, I have taken happy memories back. It has been a very good journey. To bounce back from that situation we found ourselves in in the first half is very rare. It has been a great journey. I couldn't have asked for more. It was important to show character. We knew we had guys who could do that. This is a sweet victory because we came from nowhere, with people writing us off."

"I learnt a lot playing with the seniors.," says Shreyas Iyer, the Emerging Player of the Year. "It's a good feeling that seniors look at me as an emerging player. I didn't have to change my game much after the Ranji season. I just backed my instinct."

Andre Russell wins the fastest fifty award. Chris Gayle has won the maximum sixes award. The orange cap goes to David Warner, and the purple one - for a second time - to Dwayne Bravo. Andre Russell has also won the award for the Most Valuable Player this IPL

They go for the stumps as their name is inscribed on the trophy. Fireworks go off as Mumbai Indians celebrate their second IPL win. The whole support staff, the team owners, the players, everybody is out on the field. Harbhajan Singh has a stump, J Suchith has one. The whole squad and the owners get into a huddle at the pitch for a celebratory huddle. These are not crazy celebration. Just calm assured acknowledgement of success. Reaction of a team that expects to win, not one that has surprised itself. Yet to think that as early as the first half of the league they needed to win every game. And they have

Lendl Simmons: "When we lost the first wicket, we needed to consolidate a bit. We assessed the pitch really well and got a good score on the board."

Harbhajan Singh: "It feels great. We didn't start well but proud of the way we ended. I am really really happy with the way I have performed. Playing for India is the most important thing. Doing well here has helped me get back."

Parthiv Patel: "We have played really well. We didn't start off well, but it is a great personal journey. I have been part of a winning CSK side, but to contribute so much throughout is great."

Hardik Pandya: "I coped well with the pressure."

Parthiv Patel: "Hardik didn't pay for the haircut, hence that celebration." [His celebration after the catch]

Vinay Kumar: "It was not that easy to bat on this wicket. We planned to not bowl to their strengths."

Lasith Malinga: "I have played for Mumbai Indians every year. Not a great start this year but we have finished well. Everyone thinks T20 is a batting game, but I rthink bowlers can win you the matches."

Robin Singh: "Lasith has not only bowled better over the season, he has got fitter as well. He has fed off other international bowlers as well."

Kieron Pollard: "Obviously not, no one would have believed we would be here after that start. For the non-believers and naysayers, we are here. When you look at the big games, most of the experienced guys have won us the games. Started from the bottom, now we are here."

Ricky Ponting: "Extremely satisfying. I told the boys these have been a special couple of months, and that it would be memorable if we capped it off. Yeah stressful after the first six matches, didn't have nails left, but we have come back well. The way the team has grown, the way our captain has grown, it has been special. We played probably our best match in the final."

Jonty Rhodes: "I don't chew my nails. I don't pull my hair off. It's hanging in there. Others - like the head coach - are losing their nails and hair. Not me."

Vinay to Sharma, FOUR runs

top edge over the keeper's head, but Mumbai Indians don't care where the ball has gone. This is a legal delivery, and that means they have won the IPL again

Vinay to Sharma, SIX runs

full length ball on off, he makes room and smashes this over extra cover for six

Vinay to Sharma, 2 runs

slows away at a full ball, gets a thick edge over point, and Suchith - not asked to bowl today - puts in an excellent save still. He could have taken it easy but hasn't

Vinay to Sharma, SIX runs

that's the flicker of the dying flame. Mohit backs away to smoke this short ball over extra cover for a big six

Vinay to Sharma, 2 runs

Mohit gives him the charge, yorks himself, gets a single to mid-off, and then an overthrow from Rohit. he laughs as he apologises to Vinay. He can afford to now

Vinay to Jadeja, 1 run

wide full toss, driven to deep cover

Vinay Kumar is not only winning his eighth domestic title in two seasons, he is going to bowl the last over

end of over 193 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 140/8CRR: 7.36 • RRR: 63.00 • Need 63 runs from 6b
Mohit Sharma1 (2)
Ravindra Jadeja10 (7)
Mitchell McClenaghan4-0-25-3
Lasith Malinga4-0-25-2
McClenaghan to Sharma, no run

sharp bouncer, beats Mohit's pull to end McLenaghan's quota

McClenaghan to Jadeja, 1 run

dug in short, pulled away to deep midwicket for one

Round the wicket he goes

McClenaghan to Sharma, 1 run

backs away to punch this shortish delivery to deep cover

McClenaghan to Jadeja, 1 run

high full toss, flicked to fine leg for one

Round the wicket he goes

McClenaghan to Ashwin, OUT

another wicket goes down. A serious chance to bowl Super Kings out. Ashwin looks for a big hit, gets too under a length ball and is caught at wide long-on

Ravichandran Ashwin c Suchith b McClenaghan 2 (4m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
McClenaghan to Ashwin, no run

full and wide, angling away, beats the outside edge as Ashwin looks to steer this square

McLenaghan to bowl out now