3rd ODI, Dublin (Malahide), Jul 16 2021, South Africa tour of Ireland
(47.1/50 ov, target 347)276
South Africa won by 70 runs
Player Of The Match
177 (169) & 3 catches
Player Of The Series
261 runs

6.38pm And that is all we have for you today. We'll see you on the 19th for the T20I series. Have a good evening!

Temba Bavuma: We were good for a majority of the game. In the last 10-15 overs I did show a bit of frustration. The batting was awesome, Quinny and Janneman leading the way. Those are the type of performances we're looking for from the batting unit. So it was nice today. We hope it's the start of good things on this tour. Good confidence for the spinners. Keshav showed why he was a world class bowler. This augurs well. All in all from a bowling effort, it was a good showing.

J Malan: It's all about opportunities and it feels better to get runs in a winning cause. We just had some plans, luckily got some good net sessions, and it was great. IT was a privilege to bat with QDK.

Janneman Malan is the Player of the Series.

Andy Balbirnie: If we'd been asked, we'd have probably taken 1-1. But having won the second game we were really excited at the potential to win a series. They brought their big guns back in Quinny. We lost early wickets and that was a setback. But a lot to be positive about coming out of this. Some of our Young lads have really stood up. Been a really great week for Harry Tector, to name one. Curtis coming back after injury, and Josh bowled really well. Certainly 1-1 against a side like South Africa is a just reward. The atmosphere here is really brilliant, we didn't get to play at home last year so it was new to a lot of our guys. Been a lovely experience to play in front of such a crowd.

6.26pm It's hard to tell at the ground that Ireland have lost this game. Absolute warmth all around as Simi Singh walks off to applause. The series is tied 1-1. Ireland had their chance to get a series win against a team ranked in the top eight for the first time in history, but fell short today to Malan and De Kock. Still, they have been very, very good this series. South Africa knew they had to bring their best today, and a 225-run opening stand was quite a step in that direction. But you look at the final score, and how easy run-scoring got, and you can safely say that this match was buried when they decided to toss the new ball to Keshav Maharaj. He took out Stirling and Balbirnie early on, and it is not generally easy going for Ireland when one of those two don't get deep into the innings. Having said that, they will be very pleased with how Tector, Campher and Simi went today. 276 in a chase of 347 after being 92 for 6 is nothing to chuckle at. Lovely end to an evenly fought series. Ireland stay in fifth place on the Super League table. South Africa jump one place to 10th.

Nortje to Young, OUT

taken at mid-off. Young did his job, and now he has a hack at the fastest bowler in this game. Can't fault him. It's short and rising up at him, he can only slice it up for Bavuma who holds on and gestures in frustration

Craig Young c Bavuma b Nortje 8 (30m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 57.14

Manvendra Singh: "Congrats Simi .... From one Singh to another .... The stuff dreams are made up of. No one can take this away. A one day centurion for all eternity"

end of over 4713 runs
IRE: 276/9CRR: 5.87 RRR: 23.66 • Need 71 runs from 18b
Simi Singh100 (91)
Craig Young8 (13)
Lizaad Williams 8-0-62-1
Anrich Nortje 7-0-37-0
Williams to Simi Singh, 2 runs

there it is! Standing ovations all around for Simi Singh. What a lovely moment for him .THis is full outside off, he walks across to get in line and brings out a crisp drive to long-off's left. Young sprints for his life to make sure he can make the ground, and he makes it comfortably in the end. Lovely, confident knock after coming in at 92 for 6

Big support for Simi at the ground, cheers for every run. He's two away from a maiden hundred

Williams to Simi Singh, 2 runs

good length and wide outside off, walks across and gets this attempted slog off the thick inside edge to deep midwicket's left

Werner : "Williams is suppose to be a death bowler with a great Yorker. Why is he bowling short the hole time. This is absolutely a joke"

Williams to Simi Singh, FOUR runs

gets it to the vacant third man boundary! It's a length ball, wide outside off. Walks across and throws the bat at it. Thick outside flies over short third

Al Tusi: "I don't understand why South Africa's bowling is so off especially even after they have the match well in their hands."

Williams to Young, 1 run

full outside off, gets forward and pushes this to point's right

Williams to Young, 1 wide

short ball fired well down leg side, left alone

kevin: "@george coen - tough crowd. SA has a 220 opening partnership, 2 centurions, and is up by 80 runs w/ one wicket to go. that's not convincing enough w/ this XI?"

Williams to Young, 1 wide

slower short ball outside off, beaten on the attempted pull and that is deemed to be over his head

Williams to Young, 1 wide

yorker down leg side, past the flick

Williams to Young, no run

yorker just outside off, tails in to beat the inside edge on his cover drive

Williams to Simi Singh, 1 run

full toss outside off, walks into the off side and whips this to deep midwicket