2nd ODI, North Sound, May 24 2010, South Africa tour of West Indies
(48.1/50 ov, target 301)283
South Africa won by 17 runs
player of the match
Hashim Amla
South Africa

Spare a thought for Darren Sammy. The crowd look stunned. Sorrowful glares. Smith had flicked the throw. And apparently they practice that kind of throws. Smith had a horror time on the field today; he misfielded, he even dropped a catch but here he is with a direct hit that has won the game for South Africa.

The game was meandering towards nowhere when suddenly Sammy changed it with the innings of his lifetime. He nearly got West Indies home but they ran out of fuel in the end. The boy on the burning deck. He walks ever so slowly out of the park.

Hang on for the quotes from the post-match ceremony.

Gayle: It was a good effort. Credit must go to Sammy for giving us some hope. The middle period was our downfall. too many dot balls. The pressure increases. Game simulation and learn to rotate the strike. We might have a new squad for the third game. Sarwan and Nikita miler will be mostly out. Injuries. I think we can look at the positives from this game and take it to the next one. The middle period we need to work on."

Smith: "Few key chances were missed. Apart from our catching we controlled the game very well. Apart from Sammy's 20 odd balls, we were in control. Sammy played a great knock today. We closed the game down. We did what we had to do. The deck has been slow, we built good partnerships and manipulated the field well, especially in the middle period. We ran hard. Duminy has had a tough time. he has been working on few technical things in the background. I am sure he will get a chance somewhere in this series and he needs to take it."

Amla is the man of the match: "I was quiet fortunate that I played a bit of County cricket before I came here. You always have to develop your game in international cricket ( on working on his off-side field). "

That's it from us. Thanks for joining. Good bye and good luck.

Morkel to Miller, OUT

Pollard, the runner is run out Game over. SA have won. Sammy is crestfallen. Smith fires in the direct hit. It was a length delivery on the middle stump line, pushed out to covers.. and they run for the single that would bring Sammy on strike. It was always going to be tight. Smith picks it at short cover, and flicks it back hand and it's direct hit at the non-striker's end with Pollard just short of the crease. Pollard threw in a desperate dive but it was not to be.

Nikita Miller run out (Smith) 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
end of over 485 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 283/9CRR: 5.89 RRR: 9.00
Daren Sammy58 (24)
Ryan McLaren 7-1-41-0
Morne Morkel 9-2-58-3

The injured Nikita Miller comes out. Pollard is the runner. one wicket left. One fit batsman. A runner. What's going to happen here?

McLaren to Sammy, OUT

Rampaul is run out It was a full pitched delivery and Sammy mistimes the drive to McLaren. Rampaul had backed up too far, trying to get the single that would have given Sammy the strike. McLaren stops the ball, turns and runs to break the stumps. Just one wicket left. What drama here.

Ravi Rampaul run out (McLaren) 5 (19m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 62.5
McLaren to Sammy, 1 wide

Wide surely? yes it is. Full toss well outside off. Sammy has a swing and a miss.

Lots of advice coming in from the crowd.

McLaren to Rampaul, 1 run

he backs away to punch the length delivery to sweeper cover.

McLaren to Rampaul, no run

Dot ball. Pressure. Rampaul goes for the big shot to the on side and mistimes the slower one to Smith at short midwicket.

Ali: "Sammy's not the prettiest but man does this guy have heart. "

McLaren to Sammy, 1 run

almost yorker length outside off, squeezed out towards sweeper cover. 20 from 15.

McLaren to Rampaul, 1 run

length delivery on the pads, pushed to midwicket .. they scramble across for the single. Sammy applauds Rampaul for the single.

McLaren to Sammy, 1 run

full delivery outside off stump, Sammy goes for the big drive and edges it to Amla at square-leg. A single.

The two batsmen have a chat. Sammy takes the strike.

end of over 4719 runs
WI: 278/8CRR: 5.91 RRR: 7.67
Daren Sammy56 (21)
Ravi Rampaul3 (5)
Morne Morkel 9-2-58-3
Dale Steyn 10-0-59-1
Morkel to Sammy, 1 run

and now retains the strike with a drive to long-on. 23 from 18. Drama ... Excitement.. The crowd have gone delirious.

Morkel to Sammy, SIX runs

This is absolutely stunning. Gayle stares straight ahead from the dressing room. Sammy is having the time of his life with the bat. He clears the front foot and wallops the full delivery to wide long-on boundary

Morkel to Sammy, FOUR runs

He has killed this one. Boom! Full delivery on the off and middle line and Sammy smashes it over the bowler;s head. Absolutely crunched!

Morkel to Sammy, FOUR runs

Lash em Sammy! Oh boy he is making the crowd go mad here. ANother clean swing, another boundary. He backed away, got his front foot to the leg side, opened up his stance and swung to the cow corner. No chance for Kallis this time

Grant: "Dont u dare say anything about "FB" rather say Windies dont have a hope in hell!"

Morkel to Sammy, 2 runs

Thrash! He gets forward, moves the front foot out of the way and swings it to the cow corner. Kallis gets around from deep midwicket and makes a diving stop near the boundary

Morkel to Sammy, 2 runs

full delivery on the middle, pushed out towards long-off and they scramble back for the second run. 40 from 23