2nd ODI (D/N), Sydney, Nov 5 2010, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
(37.4/38 ov, target 240)210
Sri Lanka won by 29 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
86* (112)

The Sri Lankans are all in a huddle, the rest of the squad runs out on to the field to join them, Murali makes sure he pockets the ball - after all he's achieved, a series win in Australia clearly means a lot to him. What a performance from Sri Lanka, in both games. The teams are shaking hands now, Sri Lanka have won by 29 runs by the Duckworth-Lewis system. There are plenty of Sri Lankan fans in the SCG, just as there were in Melbourne. Upul Tharanga is the Man of the Match for his unbeaten 86.

What a day - it's 11.20pm local time - I can't remember a later finish to an ODI in Australia. The Sri Lankans have thoroughly deserved this series win. Today they batted well, but it was really the bowlers that won them the match. Murali was on song in his last match at the SCG, and Malinga was very difficult to get away when his slower ball was working. Not to mention the wickets delivered by Perera and Kulasekara. Australia will be hoping for a consolation win in the final match at the Gabba on Sunday, where they'll also no doubt make a few team changes.

Thanks for joining us, and be sure to return for Sunday's final ODI. From Brydon Coverdale, bye for now!

Malinga to McKay, OUT

there's the win, and the series! Malinga bowls McKay with a slower yorker

Clint McKay b Malinga 6 (8m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75
Malinga to Siddle, 3 runs

Siddle gets under this one and drives over cover

Malinga to Siddle, no run

Siddle gives himself plenty of room, Malinga bangs it in short and it sails over the stumps through to Sangakkara

Malinga to McKay, 1 run

off the pads towards square leg

So, the Aussies need 34 from the last over. Five sixes and a four - easy! No sense of theatre from Sangakkara - he should've brought Murali back on! It's Malinga to bowl out

end of over 378 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 206/9CRR: 5.56 RRR: 34.00
Peter Siddle6 (3)
Clint McKay5 (6)
Suraj Randiv 7-0-53-2
Thisara Perera 8-0-39-2
Randiv to Siddle, 2 runs

goes for the pull, comes off the toe of the bat and it's collected at long-on

Randiv to Siddle, 2 runs

backs right off from this one and punches it through cover

Randiv to Siddle, 2 runs

pulled down to long-on and they scamper back for two

Randiv to McKay, 1 run

pushed down to long-on for a single

Sri Lanka are one wicket from a historic victory - what will be their first series win in Australia.

Randiv to Hauritz, OUT

the ninth wicket is down - Hauritz went the slog over midwicket, as he had to do, and it's skied off the leading edge to long-on, where Perera takes the catch

Nathan Hauritz c Perera b Randiv 4 (8m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Randiv to McKay, 1 run

McKay advances and turns that into a full toss, gets it away through cover

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