1st Test, Centurion, Dec 17 - 20 2014, West Indies tour of South Africa
(42.3 ov)(f/o) 201 & 131
South Africa won by an innings and 220 runs
Player Of The Match

The teams have some time to rest, to regroup before the Boxing Day Test, but it will take some effort from West Indies now to prevent a repeat of this. Thanks for all your comments and feedback, keep an eye on the match stories and analysis.. they will be up on the site soon. I am going to sign off here.. Ciao ciao

"Didn't expect to finish this early but Dale got it started. It was a difficult pitch to bat on," says Amla, who is also the Man of the Match. "We would have bowled first too and 57 for 3 wasn't a great position to be in, but me and AB got together. Then Vernon got the match going by picking up early wickets in the first innings, then Dale ended on big note. He is a wonderful bowler and showed his class. Batting with AB is easy, I try take the one and put him on strike. It was a tough situation though. Kemar Roach got injured and it made a little easy for us. You saw the catch AB took today, stunning catch. Having him in the team really helps. Losing Quinney .. it's never nice to lose someone in the team. We have a few days to recover till the next match. Ten years (AB and Steyn) they have been fantastic."

"We got three early wickets after bowling first. But then AB and Amla batted really well," says Ramdin. "In our batting, we showed signs of batting partnerships but did not carry on at all. They are a fantastic team, it needs a lot of character and we hope we can put a fight and challenge them. The guys were getting starts but we didn't carry on, and AB and Amla took it away from us. We need to work on getting those big partnerships."

11.21 am What a royal thrashing this has been! West Indies have been bowled out twice in under four sessions. This is South Africa's second-biggest win in Test and their biggest against West Indies. It took only 15.2 overs for South Africa to wrap up the innings. Seven wickets went down and the lunch is still some 70 mins away. Dale Steyn had been absent for the first three days and he woke up just in time to remind everyone what a champion he is, taking six of the seven wickets this morning after being wicketless in the first innings.

Smooth sailing all the way for South Africa - first it was Amla and AB scoring heavily, then the debutant, Stiaan van Zyl, picking up a century, then Philander running through the West Indies side in the first innings, and now Steyn in the second. Some resistance from West Indies today would have raised their confidence a bit but this will only make them despondent. To add to that, their best player in the match, Kemar Roach, has been out due to the ankle injury.

Nick: "Steyn now has 6 innings to get 11 more wickets to become the fastest seamer to 400."

tiaancloete@yah: "What a way for Steyn and Ab to celebrate 10 years of cricket 150 for ab and 6 wickets in one spell for Steyn!!! Brilliant stuff"

Prasad Pai: "A captain scoring the century in the first innings and winning the Man of the match, and the strike spearhead bowler getting no wickets in the first innings and getting his full form back in the second. Happened in two test matches at the same time in different parts of the world today."

Siddharth: "Didn't pick up a single wicket in the first innings , but ends as the highest wicket taker in the test. That is Steyn for you ! "

Steyn to Cottrell, OUT

game over! Cottrell can only manage a leading edge as he looks to clip this short one to the leg side.. this lobs up for the fielder at midwicket

Sheldon Cottrell c Abbott b Steyn 4 (10m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
Steyn to Cottrell, no run

pushes inside the line of this length delivery, the batsman is beaten again

Steyn to Cottrell, no run

sharp short one again! There is nowhere to run away from these.. they rise so sharply and only up to the throat height.. The batsman somehow fends it away

end of over 426 runs
WI: 131/8CRR: 3.11 
Sulieman Benn6 (9)
Sheldon Cottrell4 (3)
Morne Morkel 11.1-1-43-2
Dale Steyn 7.5-2-34-5
Morkel to Benn, no run

quicker and on the stumps, the batsman is hit on the pads but this was heading down the leg side

Morkel to Benn, no run

fires it full but this is down the leg side

Morkel to Benn, FOUR runs

whoaaa! This is not short enough but the batsman arches back and whacks it powerfully though midwicket. Fantastic shot

Morkel to Benn, 2 runs

he stays back and punches this nicely through cover for a couple of runs

Morkel to Benn, no run
Morkel to Benn, no run

short of length on the stumps, the batsman swings his bat and misses

end of over 418 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 125/8CRR: 3.04 
Sheldon Cottrell4 (3)
Sulieman Benn0 (3)
Dale Steyn 7.5-2-34-5
Morne Morkel 10.1-1-37-2
Steyn to Cottrell, 2 runs

big outside edge as the batsman throws his bat at this length delivery, this flies well over point and they come back for a second

Steyn to Cottrell, no run

full and swinging on off, the batsman gets a leading edge to the off side

Steyn to Cottrell, 2 runs

fires this one on the stumps and the batsman manages to push it away through midwicket

South Africa a wicket away from wrapping it all up.

Steyn to Taylor, OUT

and how quickly has he done this! 25th five-for Steyn. This is regulation one. Fuller, swinging away, takes the outside edge and straight to Amla at first slip. What a legend this guy.. No wickets in the firs tinnings for him, didn't bowl much yesterday due to tight groin.. and now this

Jerome Taylor c Amla b Steyn 9 (21m 10b 2x4 0x6) SR: 90

Quinton de Kock has been ruled out of the series, by the way.. It could six to eight weeks for him to be back playing..

Steyn to Taylor, no run

length delivery on off, bounces a touch extra, the batsman defends it towards point

Steyn to Taylor, FOUR runs

he waits on the back foot and chops it firmly to the off side, the bounce does the rest, taking it over the point fielder and to the boundary

Five wickets in 13 overs this morning..not a single one to Philander who was the most menacing in the first innings.

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