4th ODI (D/N), Durban, Feb 1 2008, West Indies tour of Zimbabwe and South Africa
(47.5/50 ov, target 264)266/5
South Africa won by 5 wickets (with 13 balls remaining)
player of the match
AB de Villiers
South Africa

We hope you've enjoyed our coverage of this fourth one-dayer - and do join us for the fifth on Sunday. From Will Luke, Martin Williamson and Andrew Miller, it's goodnight.

He's still got one more game, of course - on Sunday for the fifth one-dayer. West Indies fought hard with the bat, but they never looked like defending that total with their bowling attack - especially with the start Graeme Smith gave South Africa. There were a few needless wickets - in fact, Gibbs, Kallis, Duminy and de Villiers' wickets were all rather sloppy - but it allowed Pollock to hit the winning runs, and who would deny him that? Not I.

A super moment for Pollock who takes off his helmet and cheers to the crowd who all applaud him. He waves to each corner of the ground and there's a shot of his absolutely gorgeous wife. He's not yet weeping, but we all are, and off he goes into the dressing room.

Bravo to Pollock, FOUR runs

a wide full toss, carved past point for four! He's hit the winning runs in his final game on his home ground

OK. Here we go. He'll do it this time

Bravo to Pollock, no run

another slower ball. Pollock skips down the pitch and tries to slap this through the covers but complete mistimes it

Come on, Polly

Bravo to Pollock, no run

full, straight - is this it? No! It's meekly clunked to cover

Bravo to Pollock, no run

hammered back to Bravo who gets a finger on it...and there's no run!

Here we go again

Bravo to Pollock, no run

slower ball which raps him on his gloves! The drama, the tension, the excitement

Okay, Shaun, here you go. You can hit the winning runs. The crowd are all standing, waiting, cheering and clapping. This is his last one-dayer on his home ground here in Durban. The noise is electric

end of over 476 runs
SA: 262/5CRR: 5.57 • RRR: 0.67 • Need 2 runs from 18b
Mark Boucher21 (23)
Shaun Pollock17 (19)
Jerome Taylor9-0-48-0
Daren Powell10-1-49-1
Taylor to Boucher, no run

well bowled. Speared into the blockhole and it's dug out

Taylor to Boucher, 1 wide

short and ignored (not unlike my miniature mate Dan when he tries to order a pint)

Taylor to Boucher, FOUR runs

nudged down to fine leg - oh, and for four! He timed that very nicely

Taylor to Boucher, no run

driven to mid-on

Taylor to Boucher, no run

full and straight, Boucher goes for the big mow into the stand but hammers it into his pad

Taylor to Pollock, 1 run

patted down to third man

Taylor to Pollock, no run

slow and wide of the off stump, Pollock pats it to the wicketkeeper

Right. Eight needed. Can Pollock do it in two fours?