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West Indies cricket

The art of brokering peace

Shridath Ramphal's confidence is heartening. It would be a masterstroke if he manages to influence a binding accord between the WICB and WIPA

Crisis in the West Indies

Windies cricket in its death throes

A reconstituted body, West Indies Cricket, must be formed to oversee governance of cricket in the Caribbean, as outlined in the PJ Patterson report

Interview by Nazma Muller

Dwayne Bravo interview

'My club is more organised than WICB'

Dwayne Bravo says the board's unprofessionalism, its inability to improve the quality of first-class cricket, and the lack of facilities are holding West Indies back

Crisis in the West Indies

West Indies shouldn't go down the Zimbabwe road

Australia, New Zealand and Zimbabwe have all gone through disagreements between board and players that have led to strikes and threatened strikes. There are certain similarities with the current West Indies crisis

West Indies contracts row

Nothing short of a disgrace

What solution do we have for the chronic blindness on both sides to the reality of the increasing irrelevance of West Indies cricket?

Bangladesh in West Indies 2009

The origins of the issue

Cricinfo looks into the crisis among the West Indies players which have led to a second-string team taking on Bangladesh in the first Test at St Vincent