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'Et tu?'

Julius Caesar was told to beware the ides of March. Here's a look at betrayals that could occur in cricket on March 15

Some vital records that are on the verge of being broken

Want stats? Bet you didn't know about these upcoming milestones

A dual-purpose news report about England

Not sure what's going on with their T20 side? Help is at hand

Warnie fixes Australian cricket

The blond legend's blueprint for success - leaked

County names re-rebranded to truthfully reflect roots

Lobby group demands nicknames in American style to be done away with

Where can cricket be played next?

A list of alternative venues for cricket to explore

What to look forward to in 2013

A handy month-by-month breakdown of what we can expect from the world of cricket this year

The young players not to watch in 2013

This year has seen some eye-catching debuts for several of the Test nations. Here's a rundown of the players who might be bursting onto the scene in the next

Dodgy prawns and other delights

England are in India. Time to dig out the food-related cricket stories

What now for Ricky Ponting?

The Perth Test will be the last time we see the great man pull on the baggy green. But what might retirement hold?

Cricketers coming to a screen near you soon

In the wake of Flintoff's new TV show, we look at what other similar televisual delights you can expect in the near future

Hey Viv, no gum

What if cricketers were paid to give up what they are remembered for?

Who will sponsor English cricket?

We line up potential investors

Didn't they make a movie about it?

Recent cricket events that wouldn't look out of place on a Hollywood set

What cricketers want

Sometimes even players need to advertise in the classifieds

Yes, minister

Cricketers who could be cabinet ministers

Who watches the IPL?

Didn't know? This handy guide to the species will help

What spot-fixing has taught us (over and over again)

The most overused words in the coverage of the trial

Cricket, you've been served

Not everything in our game is as it seems. Call the lawyers now

I'm an MBE... Get me a TV show

You'll now get to see former England bowlers in new avatars

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    My XI: Martin Crowe on Mark Waugh's lazy elegance and batsmanship that was easy on eye
  • Sea, sun, scandal
    Diary: Our correspondent takes in the sights and sounds of Galle and Colombo, and reports on a tampering controversy
  • Worst keepers, and honours at Lord's
    Ask Steven: Also, most keeping dismissals on debut, seven-for at HQ, and youngest ODI centurions
  • From swinging London to Maco country
    Diary: Our correspondent walks and buses the streets of the English capital, and then heads for the coast
  • When Pidge strayed
    My Favourite Cricket Story: Brett Lee remembers how Australia nearly lost the Old Trafford Test in the 2005 Ashes
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