3rd T20I (N), Bengaluru, Feb 1 2017, England tour of India
(16.3/20 ov, target 203)
India won by 75 runs
Player Of The Match
ENG Innings
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10.45pm Phew. A frenetic end to a long and always entertaining English tour of India, dominated in the end by the hosts. We've had a lot of fun bringing it to you, and hope you've had fun following it as well. Until next time, I'll leave you with some of your own comments. Good night!

Venkat: "Dhoni's buzz word used to be "more often than not" and Kohli's is "priceless" when it comes to post presentation ceremony"

Mohit Shah: "Player of the Match: 1st T20 - M Ali, 2nd T20 - Bumrah, 3rd T20 - Chahal Player of the Series: Chahal Has been a bowler dominated series .."

James B: "Fitting end to a winter of collapses and capitulations. Horrible few months to be an England fan and a torrid IPL audition for the likes of Billings, Stokes & Buttler. "

Virat Kohli: "Coming back here after a while, a long time since we played the IPL final here. The occasion demanded us to be at our very best. We lost all three tosses, similar to the Test series as well, and we've won all three series. It's not a bad thing when you have MS Dhoni behind the stumps and experienced guys like Ashu bhai and Yuvi pa. I'm taking advice from them whenever possible, they're so intelligent, a lot of credit goes to them. Mishra's two overs, and that one over from Jordan to Yuvi, that changed the momentum. It pushed us past 200, and that gave us the psychological advantage. Having two legspinners on a dry wicket, we always knew we would get a few chances. Mishy started it, and then Chahal took five wickets in two overs - he knows these conditions, he knows how to bowl here. I have a lot of faith in him, and he plays with a lot of confidence. He has a lot of skill and he has the character as well. I wanted to send [Dhoni] up the order, he's the one who says he'll come in later, that will give the team better balance. Come the big game, even in the one-day series, series decider, he stepped up, and he stepped up again today. It's a memorable series win for us, the whole tour. It's been a brilliant couple of months for the Indian team, going forward we know exactly what to do in each format."

Yuzvendra Chahal is the Player of the Match. He doesn't get interviewed, for some reason. That's because he's the Player of the Series as well, so he'll do his interview now.

"It felt good because I'm playing an India match in Bangalore for the first time," Chahal says. "It always feels like home. I've bowled in the Powerplay before in the IPL, and Virat has confidence in me that I can do that. In the start, I plan that batsmen will want to go for their shots because it's a small ground, so I have a chance for wickets. I bowl a fuller length, so I have a chance for lbws if they miss the sweep and reverse-sweep. Never dreamed I'd get six wickets."

Eoin Morgan: "We made a fatal error in losing two in batsman when we were going so well. Outstanding bowling from Chahal, and India put in a performance worthy of winning the series. We could have done with myself or Joe getting 70 or 80 but it wasn't meant to be tonight. Beautiful wicket to bat on, very small boundary, and altitude as well. We would have taken 190 at the start of the game. Our batting performance was possibly the worst in the last two years, but we won't necessarily dwell too much into that."

10.30pm It's time for the post-match presentation.

Ahmed: "First time out of three T20 this series, Kohli didn't say I would have bowl first too. He knew...He knew what is hidden in this 22 yards !!! poor call from England captain at toss."

Tyagi: "Cricinfo Headlines Read 10 Min Ago as ... "Root Gives Momentum to England Chase"... and Now it is.... "Chahal takes 6, England lose 8 for 8" New example to the word COLLAPSE"

Shyam: "What changed?? The pitch, dew??? Sounds like the movie Chamatkar, A shahrukh Khan movie where Naseerudhin shah plays the ghost has been relived on the ground." -- I haven't watched the movie, but now I certainly will.

Balaji: "Had i seen match highlights or live telecast... Confused.. Somebody help me.."

Yuvraj Singh: "I thought I'll take my time for one or two overs. You always have time in T20. Bangalore has always been a batting paradise. It was gripping a bit, bit of spin, but batting paradise. I think 200 is the par score because you've seen big chases here, big sixes. Great bowling performance by the bowlers. Jassi brought us back in the last T20 as well, and Mishra set the tone for us today. Definitely because of the bowlers we won today."

Amit Mishra: "I wanted to vary my pace and spin the ball. Managed to keep the pressure on. The way I worked with Chahal in the nets, we were discussing which areas to bowl, and how to keep the boundaries to a minimum. I knew that if we didn't leak boundaries, we would put pressure on them, that's why I tried all my variety."

Akshay: "What the hell just happened? Was having my dinner, just finished and Eng all out!!! OMG is this a typical Indian fifth day Test pitch?"

10.15pm England were 119 for 2 at one point. Now they're 127 all out. That's eight wickets for eight runs. In the space of 18 balls. Chew on that. Chahal's figures of 6 for 25 are the third-best in T20Is.

Bumrah to Mills, OUT
full, aiming for middle stump. Mills gives himself room to try and smash that down the ground. He only manages a thick edge, and Kohli takes a super catch, it's flying to him at a great speed, straight at his face, and he takes it, falling to his left
TS Mills c Kohli b Bumrah 0 (1m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Bumrah to Mills, no run
bouncer outside off, Mills can't connect with the pull

Tarun: "That's something we have not seen in a while for England.. Collapse.. Implosion.. 7 down within the span of 10 runs.." -- This is the T20 version of the fifth-day collapse at Chepauk.