5th Match (N), Dhaka, Feb 28 2016, Asia Cup
(20 ov, target 148)124/8
Bangladesh won by 23 runs
player of the match
Sabbir Rahman
end of over 208 runs • 2 wickets
SL: 124/8CRR: 6.20 
Chamara Kapugedera12 (7)
Dushmantha Chameera1 (1)
Al-Amin Hossain4-0-34-3
Mustafizur Rahman4-0-19-1

11.15pm And that is that. Bangladesh join India with two wins, and a good, solid chance of getting into the final. An outstanding performance from them today. Tomorrow's game sees Pakistan taking on UAE. Do join us for that, and keep sending in your feedback. Until then, goodbye!

Mashrafe Mortaza: "T20 we have always struggled a bit. This was a good win for us, going forward. The wicket was pretty good to bat on, 147 you can still fight it out. After a couple of catches missed, we stood up and did our best. Wicket was on the slow side today. Shakib played a big role along with Mahmudullah, but Sabbir was brilliant."

Sabbir Rahman is the man of the match: "It was a good opportunity to come in early. I just rotated the strike and played to my strengths."

Angelo Mathews: "We could have just milked it around after we got the initial start. We just lost our way, and once we hit that 12-runs-an-over mark, we just kept losing wickets. Credit to Bangladesh for bowling and fielding well. We could have taken better options, but we kept losing wickets through the middle section. We have to be patient, it's a learning curve for all of us. It will be hard work, we'll need to beat India and Pakistan to qualify for the final, and we'll try our best."

Dinesh: "Bangladesh 2016 is like Sri Lanka 1996. Full of gutsy players whom the other teams cannot underestimate anymore.."

11.03pm This is the first time Bangladesh have beaten Sri Lanka in T20Is. This was the fifth meeting between the sides.

Mahmudullah says he needs to "talk with Mash", and get to bowl more regularly. He also credits the Sabbir-Shakib partnership for digging partnership out of a difficult situation. "Mustafiz really came good, because it was sticking up a bit, and with the new ball Al-Amin and Taskin were outstanding."

10.57pm What a performance this was from Bangladesh. They lost a heap of wickets at the top of the order, but Sabbir Rahman kept counterattacking, and made an outstanding 80 full of crisp cricketing shots. Still, 147 was only a par score, as Shakib Al Hasan admitted, but the bowlers were brilliant in defending it. Mustafizur wasn't just landing everything exactly where he wanted to, he also seemed to know exactly what the batsman's intentions were, every time. Al-Amin, Taskin and Mashrafe backed him up perfectly, and the spinners were outstanding on a slow deck, slowing it up, making the batsmen create all the power themselves. A disappointing batting display from Sri Lanka, it has to be said.

Al-Amin to Kapugedera, no run

slower bouncer outside off, Kapugedera misses the pull, and all of Bangladesh celebrates

Al-Amin to Kapugedera, SIX runs

full on off stump, and that's a clean strike from Kapugedera. All too late, but a good shot nonetheless, clears his front leg and swings through the line to hit straight back over the bowler, to the right of long-off

Al-Amin to Chameera, 1 run

dug in short outside off, pulled to deep midwicket

love - cricket : "There was a time Bangladesh used to depend heavily on spinners and there were not enough quality pacers. Things have changed!"

Mark: "It comes to something in T20 when you think that you can defend 100, 120 is a good target and 140 is just about impossible to chase. This is T20, but not as we know it, Jim."

Samia: "Best match of the tournament so far, don't you agree?"

Al-Amin to Kulasekara, OUT

full on off stump. Kulasekara plays a whippy lofted hit down the ground, picks out long-on

Nuwan Kulasekara c Soumya Sarkar b Al-Amin Hossain 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Al-Amin to Kapugedera, 1 run

yorker on off stump, squeezed back past the bowler, down to long-on

Al-Amin to Shanaka, OUT

low full-toss close to off stump, Shanaka slogs, and the ball hits high on the outside half of the bat, loops up in the air, and straight into short cover's hands

Dasun Shanaka c Mushfiqur Rahim b Al-Amin Hossain 14 (19m 14b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100

Mustafizur has been absolutely magnificent. Only 19 off his four overs. It leaves Sri Lanka 32 to get from the final over. It's still possible, mathematically... Here's Al-Amin.

end of over 195 runs
SL: 116/6CRR: 6.10 • RRR: 32.00 • Need 32 runs from 6b
Dasun Shanaka14 (13)
Chamara Kapugedera5 (4)
Mustafizur Rahman4-0-19-1
Al-Amin Hossain3-0-26-1
Mustafizur to Shanaka, 1 run

full-toss on middle stump, at thigh height. Slogs across the line, misses, and it hits his thigh pad and rolls into the covers

Mustafizur to Shanaka, no run

ha. Shanaka steps across his stumps this time, shaping for the scoop over short fine leg. Mustafizur sees it, follows him with the yorker, and slides it between his legs

Mustafizur to Kapugedera, 1 run

wide yorker. Looks to squeeze it through the covers, ends up jabbing it back to the bowler off the bottom of the bat

Mustafizur to Kapugedera, 2 runs

fullish outside off, and he brings his bottom hand into play to whip that to the right of deep midwicket

Mustafizur to Shanaka, 1 run

low full-toss on off stump, swiped to long-on

Mustafizur to Shanaka, no run

oh, Mustafiz, superb. Fired full outside off, and Shanaka, looking to make himself room, falls over as he tries to jam his bat down on it. It's past him too quickly