Group A, Singapore, Aug 17 2013, Asian Cricket Council Emerging Teams Cup
(45.3/46 ov, target 161)157
Afghanistan won by 3 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
60 (62)

Afghanistan pull it out of the fire! These two teams always find a way to win close matches, one of them had to lose, it's like Djokovic v Nadal, only good performances are good enough! Nepal had it won, maybe inexperience cost them, certainly some great death bowling by Hamid did too. A game played in trying conditions by both sides, batting was never easy with so much moisture in the air and then bad light and rain but it was an awesome game irrespective of all that and Paras Khadka and Hamid Hassan carried the flag for their nations with immense distinction.

Lots of candidates for Man of the Match but we're all in agreement, Paras Khadka had the biggest impact on the match.

Thanks for being with us, we're back tomorrow with two more matches in the Asian Cricket Council Emerging Teams Cup, including India U-23 v Pakistan U-23.

Mangal to Regmi, OUT

holes out to midwicket!

Basant Regmi c Asghar Afghan b Nawroz Mangal 7 (33m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Mangal to Sawad, OUT

direct hit by Samiullah from midwicket inside the circle, Sawad out by a yard

Chandra Sawad run out (Samiullah Shinwari) 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Mangal to Regmi, 1 run

Nawroz Mangal - only bowls in a crisis - on at the Club End. This man is 'ice'. Five wanted to win, six balls to go

end of over 452 runs • 2 wickets
NEPAL: 156/8CRR: 3.46 RRR: 5.00
Chandra Sawad0 (1)
Basant Regmi6 (12)
Karim Sadiq 6-0-19-0
Dawlat Zadran 7-0-30-0
Sadiq to Sawad, no run

Another run-out confusion in the happening but all safe in the end

Sadiq to Regmi, OUT

played to point, fielder to the ball quickly, throws to the 'keeper and beats Shakti's dive! IT IS ALL HAPPENING

Shakti Gauchan run out (Samiullah Shinwari/†Mohammad Shahzad) 1 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Sadiq to Gauchan, 1 run

tapped to cover

Sadiq to Gauchan, no run

Karim flings himself to his right to save a run

Sadiq to Regmi, 1 run

CHANCE Another run-out missed!

In the words of my old mucker Tony Greig, "Whadda game, ladies and gentlemen! Whadda game"

Sadiq to Sagar Pun, OUT

big appeal for lbw, looked ever so close! Turned down and then the run's attempted and Sagar's run out at the other end as he attempts to pinch a single!

Sagar Pun run out (Karim Sadiq/†Mohammad Shahzad) 1 (4m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
end of over 4410 runs • 1 wicket
NEPAL: 154/6CRR: 3.50 RRR: 3.50
Sagar Pun1 (2)
Basant Regmi5 (10)
Dawlat Zadran 7-0-30-0
Hamid Hassan 10-0-22-2
Zadran to Sagar Pun, 1 run

tapped to cover for a single

Zadran to Sagar Pun, no run

What a game! We said it would be close all those hours ago. Nine off the over already though and it's been a big over for Nepal

Zadran to Vesawkar, 1 run, OUT

turned off his legs, looking for two, ball was in Mohib's hands as it was started, Sharad puts in the dive, looking to retain the strike, but the throw's spot on

Sharad Vesawkar run out (Mohibullah Oryakhel/†Mohammad Shahzad) 24 (74m 51b 1x4 0x6) SR: 47.05
Zadran to Vesawkar, 2 runs

almost a repeat, not quite as well timed, hauled in two yards from the rope

Zadran to Vesawkar, (no ball) FOUR runs

First boundary in nine overs! Sweetly driven to mid-off, pressure-easing!

Zadran to Vesawkar, no run

tries a turn to leg, hint of a leading edge, played back up the track

Zadran to Regmi, 1 run

slashed to backward point

Late afternoon shadows are long now across the Padang. Game is as hot as it has ever been

end of over 433 runs
NEPAL: 144/5CRR: 3.34 RRR: 5.66
Basant Regmi4 (9)
Sharad Vesawkar17 (47)
Hamid Hassan 10-0-22-2
Amir Hamza 9-2-27-0

Class from Hamid, could have had more wickets. Almost a run a ball needed by Nepal now. One good over either way....

Hamid to Regmi, 1 run

on a length outside off, played to cover point

Hamid to Regmi, no run

full and wide, rooted Basant can't reach it

Hamid to Vesawkar, 1 run

flicked off his pads to square leg

Hamid to Regmi, 1 run

CHANCE! Put down by slip Sami, chest high to his left, that ball was travelling but catchable

Hamid to Regmi, no run

pushed to point, sent back

Hamid to Regmi, no run

Now that's something you don't often see! A batsman comes down the wicket to Hamid. Hamid drops it short in response and Basant flaps at the ball unavailingly

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