1st unofficial Test, Harare, Nov 9 - 12 2015, Bangladesh A tour of South Africa and Zimbabwe
268 & 211
(target 144)336 & 129
Bangladesh A won by 14 runs

Bangladesh A have won by 14 runs, after setting a target of 144 on a pitch offering variable bounce, Zimbabwe A lost 3 wickets before stumps on day three with 123 runs to get

Zimbabwe A came out a lot more positive on the fourth morning, hitting boundaries and rotating strike at ease but M Shahid provided timely breakthroughs. The tail enders, M'shangwe and Nyauchi, supported Burl but fell short in the end.

That's all from this games folks. Cheers!

Shuvagata Hom to Nyauchi, OUT

it's all over! on a length, angling down the leg side, Nyauchi jumps down the track, clears his front foot, gets into his shot a lot early, ball pops in the air behind the bowler off the leading edge, Hom back peddles and and holds

Victor Nyauchi c & b Shuvagata Hom 16 (33m 28b 2x4 0x6) SR: 57.14
Shuvagata Hom to Nyauchi, no run

gets forward and defends

Shuvagata Hom to Nyauchi, no run

solidly forward and defends

Shuvagata Hom to Burl, 1 run

full, on middle, Burl taps it to the leg side, deep m id wicket runs in saes a single

Shuvagata Hom to Nyauchi, 3 runs

short, turning into the batsman, leans back, guides wide of slip to thirdman area, gets three

end of over 398 runs
ZIM-A: 125/9CRR: 3.20 
Ryan Burl35 (73)
Victor Nyauchi13 (24)
Abu Jayed 6-3-21-0
Saqlain Sajib 9-1-30-3

15 more minutes to be played

Abu Jayed to Burl, FOUR runs

back of a length, on leg, Burl leans back, forces this through square leg area, deep backward square runs around, but he's no chance

Abu Jayed to Burl, no run

solidly forward, drives to cover

Abu Jayed to Burl, no run

full, on middle and off, drives powerfully straight back to the bowler who stretches his hand and takes the pace off the ball

Abu Jayed to Burl, no run

leans forward, defends to the off side

Abu Jayed to Burl, FOUR runs

full, on leg, Burl leans forward, flicks fine, no fine leg but just deep backward square, rolls down for four

Abu Jayed to Burl, no run