(D/N), Adelaide, February 10, 2015, ICC World Cup Warm-up Matches
(50 ov, T:365) 211/8

India won by 153 runs

India Innings
Afghanistan Innings
Match Details
India  (50 ovs maximum)
Rohit Sharma c Mirwais Ashraf b Mohammad Nabi150122172127122.95
Shikhar Dhawan  b Hamid Hassan48100050.00
Virat Kohli c †Afsar Zazai b Dawlat Zadran5981055.55
Suresh Raina run out (Mohammad Nabi)75718453105.63
Ajinkya Rahane not out 8861100122144.26
MS Dhoni (c)†c Nawroz Mangal b Shapoor Zadran1020270050.00
Ravindra Jadeja not out 11101710110.00
Extras(lb 7, nb 1, w 13)21
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 7.28)364/5
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Shikhar Dhawan, 2.1 ov), 2-16 (Virat Kohli, 3.6 ov), 3-174 (Suresh Raina, 28.3 ov), 4-269 (Rohit Sharma, 39.5 ov), 5-322 (MS Dhoni, 46.1 ov)
Hamid Hassan814916.12274220
2.1 to S Dhawan, bowled him! Excellent delivery, angling across towards the top of off stump, and maybe there was a tiny bit of inward movement. Dhawan, no footwork, looks to dab it down to third man, and only manages an inside edge that hits his pads and rolls into the stumps. 7/1
Dawlat Zadran806618.25218130
3.6 to V Kohli, gone! That's very full outside off, almost yorker length, and it swings away late as Kohli pokes at it and takes his outside edge and Afsar Zazai takes a lovely low catch behind the wicket, diving to his right. 16/2
Shapoor Zadran805817.25234320
46.1 to MS Dhoni, and there ends a scratchy innings from Dhoni. Comes down the track and goes hard at the length ball on off stump, went too hard at it, I think, and didn't time it at all, went high in the air and dropped into long-on's hands. 322/5
Mirwais Ashraf602904.83193000
Mohammad Nabi906216.88213311
39.5 to RG Sharma, aaaand he's gone. Rohit makes room to go over cover, maybe, but it was too close to him for that and he hit it straighter than he wanted and it dropped straight into long-off's waiting hands. 269/4
Aftab Alam4040010.0087010
Samiullah Shinwari302608.6650210
Javed Ahmadi402706.7582100
Afghanistan  (T: 365 runs from 50 ovs)
Javed Ahmadi c †Dhoni b Yadav17162040106.25
Usman Ghani c Yadav b Jadeja4472824161.11
Nawroz Mangal c †Dhoni b MM Sharma60851162270.58
Asghar Afghan c Mohammed Shami b MM Sharma2043432046.51
Najibullah Zadran st †Dhoni b Ashwin43310133.33
Samiullah Shinwari run out (†Dhoni/Jadeja/Rayudu)1730421056.66
Mohammad Nabi (c) b Jadeja16120016.66
Afsar Zazai not out 2435361068.57
Mirwais Ashraf  b Raina2750028.57
Nasir Jamal not out 2440050.00
Extras(lb 13, nb 1, w 6)20
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 4.22)211/8
Fall of wickets: 1-30 (Javed Ahmadi, 4.4 ov), 2-93 (Usman Ghani, 20.3 ov), 3-153 (Asghar Afghan, 34.6 ov), 4-158 (Najibullah Zadran, 35.4 ov), 5-160 (Nawroz Mangal, 36.4 ov), 6-169 (Mohammad Nabi, 39.4 ov), 7-199 (Samiullah Shinwari, 45.2 ov), 8-206 (Mirwais Ashraf, 47.6 ov)
Umesh Yadav903513.88373040
4.4 to Javed Ahmadi, gone. It's back of a length outside off, a bit of extra bounce, maybe. Too close to cut and he gets a thick outside edge, close to the shoulder of the bat, through to Dhoni. 30/1
Mohammed Shami903904.33335010
Mohit Sharma914024.44312100
34.6 to Asghar Afghan, slower ball on off stump, and that's a good catch from Shami. He didn't quite middle it again but the mid-on fielder still had to jump and reach overhead to grab it while running towards the boundary. 153/3
36.4 to Nawroz Mangal, off-stump yorker and Dhoni goes up for the catch as he tries to steer it away to third man. The umpire had a bit of a think and then gave it out. Was it a bump ball? Nope. It pitched full, close to the bat, and went straight off the outside edge to Dhoni. End of a good knock from Mangal.. 160/5
Ravindra Jadeja1023823.80391201
20.3 to Usman Ghani, ha ha, what a dismissal that is! Goes for a big hit and doesn't quite judge the length right. Ball turns and he sends it soaring high in the air over the on side. Dhawan, running back from short midwicket, and Umesh, running in from long-on, converge on the ball. Dhawan is quicker to it, dives, gets it in his grasp, but spills it when his elbows hit the ground. Then he manages to juggle it while sliding forward, once, twice, and then into Umesh's waiting hands. Brilliant work there from Dhawan.. 93/2
39.4 to Mohammad Nabi, boom. Down the track, looks to hit inside out, misses, and when the batsmen miss, Jadeja usually hits. 169/6
Ravichandran Ashwin1013713.70353010
35.4 to Najibullah Zadran, and he's gone. Down the track again and Ashwin holds this back a bit, bowls it slower. Zadran swings through the line too soon and it drops and turns past his bat. Dhoni has the simplest of stumpings to make. 158/4
Suresh Raina30913.00121000
47.6 to Mirwais Ashraf, and that's another loopy delivery, very full, and Ashraf swings across the line and misses. Off the back pad and into the stumps. 206/8
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Adelaide Oval
TossIndia, elected to bat first
Players per sideIndia 15 (11 batting, 11 fielding); Afghanistan 15 (11 batting, 11 fielding)
Hours of play (local time)14.00 start, First Session 14.00-17.30, Interval 17.30-18.15, Second Session 18.15-21.45
Match days10 February 2015 - daynight (50-over match)
South Africa
Marais Erasmus
Simon Fry
Reserve Umpire
Nigel Llong
  • 4th umpire: CB Gaffaney
Afghanistan Innings
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