5th Investec Test, The Oval, August 15 - 17, 2014, India tour of England
148 & 94

England won by an innings and 244 runs

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112 runs • 25 wkts
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5.10pm: Even those who thought it was all over didn't think it would be quite all over now. But it is, India have lost inside three days for the second Test running and England have completed one of the speediest turnarounds from chumps to champs in the history of the game. Alastair Cook's smile is as wide as the margin of victory - he'll not captain England in a Test again until April 2015 but, boy, does he have some good memories to sustain him through the winter. You can read up on all the gory/glory details in David Hopps' match report and then stick around for further analysis from our guys at the ground. After five Tests in 42 40 days, we're all quite giddy and in need of a lie-down - but we'll be back for the one-dayers in a week or so. Thanks, as always, for your contributions; from myself, Alex and Gnasher in London, Devashish, Alagappan, Karthik, Sid and numerous others in India, it's goodnight and good luck. Bye!

4.40pm: Right, we're going to get started with the presentations... Wonder what India's booby prize will be? Joe Root is named as Man of the Match for his unbeaten 149: "It's always nice to score runs and you want to score as many as you can, but to finish like we did today was really pleasing. We've had to show a lot of character since Lord's and dig deep. I enjoy batting at five [since Australia], it's nice to score runs and win again. I think I got into a place where I was just looking to survive but I'm trying to put pressure on the bowlers again. It's still very exciting, just the start of being a really strong side, hopefully we can build on this, even though it's a long time until we play Test cricket again."

James Anderson is named England's Man of the Series (nominated by Duncan Fletcher): "We've fought back really well, there's been some good performances through the series. I think I'm in a good place with the ball, I think the way all four seamers have bowled in the last few Test has been hugely impressive. We wanted the nicks to carry, after the first couple of games. When you feel like you have an edge over a batsman, it does help as a bowler. It's hard work over a long series, so credit to the guys. The batsmen have done a great job for us since Southampton, scoreboard pressure is a great thing. I was worried about the how the body would cope with these five Tests, it's gone all right, so I'll get in shape for next year and see how it goes.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is India's Man of the Series (nominated by Peter Moores): "It's tough but we have to look forward to the next series. We were hoping to win the series but in a five-match series it is hard to maintain your performances. The body is a bit tired but it was a good experience, playing in England, it was a great experience and I hope I do well in future. Bowlers want to bowl well here, trying to focus on line and length and I'm pleased I had success."

India captain MS Dhoni: "We've lost a lot of confidence over the five-Test series, it is disappointing, there will be many experiences which the youngsters will learn - not too many have played Tests away from home and hopefully they can take that it into the future. Right from the start, our batsmen never really performed, the lower order helped out... That blurred the performance of the top order, just scoring 150-60 runs will not put pressure on the home team. It's demanding but the wickets were good, nice pace and bounce - in the overcast conditions the fast bowlers get swing and the English bowlers were very consistent. The batting unit felt the pressure of not scoring, that's what you have to do in Test cricket, absorb pressure. [Changes to the line-up?] If we went with Rohit, the difficulty was who to leave out, whatever we could have done, we tried - a bit more application from the batsmen and it would have been better. The first couple of Test matches were good for us, so there is no point in playing practice games later in the series. A five-Test series was very demanding, you could see with Bhuvnesh, the effects on him, but we couldn't replace him. It's important to know where your off stump is, our playing XI didn't have many Tests, so we are lacking experience but until they play international cricket, they won't get that. It's important to play here, learn lessons and come back strong. The one-day format, we have some new players coming in and it's not as demanding. It's important we leave the Tests behind and enjoy the ODIs and T20."

England captain Alastair Cook "It was an amazing performance, to win like we've won after what happened at Lord's, the players, the staff can take an enormous amount of credit. All summer, before we won at Southampton, we played good cricket in patches and then let it go after an hour or so... To maintain pressure like we did in the last few games was impressive. [Captaincy criticism?] It's good to have the support of the guys throughout the tough times and then enjoy the good times. I think at Southampton, the first day, to win the toss - we made a good decision to bat, Gary going on to get a hundred and the Belly following it up. When you score runs, with our bowling attack in these conditions, it's hard for the opposition. It's a shame [no Tests until April], they'll be very different conditions in West Indies. We have a lot of Test cricket after that. We have to enjoy tonight, look at how we have got things to click and then take it on. In sport, you have tough times, it's the character you need to show to bounce back. The support has been fantastic, from the families as well, means we can go out and play some good cricket."

4.30pm: Umm, well... That was pretty bad. Even schadenfreude fans would have watched the last hour or so from behind the sofa. Such has been the magnitude and ferocity of the turnaround in this series, from India being 1-0 up after Lord's to now, many India players will still be spinning when they disembark from the plane home. That, perhaps, will make the memories more painful than 2011. The sense of progress and satisfaction that India basked in after Lord's - a first Test win away from home in over three years, remember - has evaporated, then re-condensed as a cold sweat every time the batsmen came out to face James Anderson and Stuart Broad. And that was before Chris Woakes and Chris Jordan started taking wickets as well. From bad to farce, India have one helluvan autopsy to carry out - Sid Monga, Sambit Bal and Jarrod Kimber will be deploying their scalpels on the site very soon, I'm sure. For the record, India batted for 90.3 overs in this match, so at least they got into a second day this time.

"Utterly gutless and shameful performance from India," says Vishwa. "Completely disappointed. This says more about how bad India is than how good England is. Congrats to England."

It's Jadeja-vu all over again for Anirudh: "Give us any team out of form, any player out of nick, any average player looking for a start to cement his place in the team and we'll make sure they turn their fortunes around, even at our own cost. Team India."

For Mark, understandably, it's all been quite hard to compute: "What on Earth...??? Are these the same two teams that played the first two Tests??"

Senthil, meanwhile, has seen the fixture list: "Previous tour 4-0, at least we have seen few fightbacks. This is worst than the previous tour... Also last time the saga continues in Australia too, not sure what this team going to unfold in Australia tour to follow."

Jordan to Sharma, OUT

short again, scooped straight up into the air... Moeen trots to his left from silly point and calmly takes the catch! It's all over, India have been shake-rattle-and-rolled, England win by an innings and 244 runs and take the series 3-1. Jordan has four-for, India have lost 8 for 64 in 17 overs, another slasher-flick session to follow the X-rated horror of Old Trafford

Ishant Sharma c Ali b Jordan 2 (4b 0x4 0x6 13m) SR: 50
Jordan to Sharma, no run

slightly back of a length, in the channel, Ishant fends down the wrong line as it floats through to the keeper

"Uwaisul, Zim v SA has finished," notes a relieved Aayush. "Indians, rejoice!"

end of over 291 run
IND: 94/9CRR: 3.24 
Stuart Binny25 (28b 4x4)
Ishant Sharma2 (2b)
Chris Woakes 7-0-24-1
Chris Jordan 4-0-18-3
Woakes to Binny, no run

banged in short of a length, Binny hops back to defend short on the off side - so Jordan will get a crack at Ishant

Woakes to Binny, 1 wide

banged in very short, trying to keep Binny at this end... called wide on height

Woakes to Binny, no run

short of a length, slides down the leg side again, Binny walks across and ducks

Woakes to Binny, no run

full and around off stump, sweetly driven coming on to the front foot but extra cover snatches it with one hand

Woakes to Binny, no run

pitched up, lures the drive, Binny playing perilously away from his body, edged on the bounce to fourth slip

Woakes to Binny, no run

good length on off stump, textbook defence from Binny, pressing forward

"Which game will finish first. This one or the SA vs Zimbabwe game?" It's a race to the bottom, Uwaisul Karnain

Woakes to Binny, no run

aims a bouncer down the leg side, Buttler goes up for some hang time to grab the ball

end of over 289 runs
IND: 93/9CRR: 3.32 
Ishant Sharma2 (2b)
Stuart Binny25 (22b 4x4)
Chris Jordan 4-0-18-3
Chris Woakes 6-0-23-1

"BCCI testing 3-day test format; 'We can even assure a result' assures Srinivasan," gurgles Bala

Jordan to Sharma, 2 runs

full and straight again, dealt with it well, using the pace to divert a couple through midwicket

Jordan to Sharma, no run

length ball on off stump, Ishant goes right back into his bunker and jams the bat down on it in defence

England have five slips, a gully, short leg and silly point

Jordan to Binny, 1 run

fullish and straight, plays around the front pad and this time takes a single through midwicket

Jordan to Binny, FOUR runs

full and in the slot again, this time right out of the screws as Binny leans into a sumptuous cover drive

Jordan to Binny, no run

goes back and defends a shortish ball into the off side

Jordan to Binny, 2 runs

pitched up outside off, leans into a crisp off drive, not quite out of the middle but gets a couple through mid-off

India spiralling towards a sub-100 total, a 3-1 defeat, another bout of soul-searching... But hey, Ishant Sharma hung around for a bit on Friday

end of over 2710 runs • 1 wicket
IND: 84/9CRR: 3.11 
Stuart Binny18 (18b 3x4)
Chris Woakes 6-0-23-1
Chris Jordan 3-0-9-3
Woakes to Aaron, 1 run, OUT

COMEDY RUN-OUT KLAXON! Moeen Ali may not take a wicket in this Test - he's barely had a bowl, so feeble has India's resistance been - but his name goes down next to this, Aaron nudged the ball through backward square leg, came charging back for a non-existent second as Moeen circled to throw, and even though Buttler had to dive to his left to break the stumps, there was daylight to the line

Varun Aaron run out (Ali/†Buttler) 1 (3b 0x4 0x6 5m) SR: 33.33
Woakes to Aaron, no run

good length, backing away but manages to poke the ball defensively towards point

"Poor Anderson. Has to wait till next April for being top wicket taker for England" Excellent point, Bharath... When it will be his 100th Test

Woakes to Aaron, 4 byes

wild delivery down the leg side, swings away further past the batsman, Buttler makes a heroic attempt but can't prevent the byes

Woakes to Binny, 1 run

pitched up and punched into the covers, they pinch one

Woakes to Binny, no run

Woakes looking to get in on the action, straightens one in the corridor, play and a miss

Woakes to Binny, FOUR runs

flashes and flashes hard, a thick edge over the leaping Cook and that will be four for Binny

Varun Aaron is in at No. 10. This has long become a shambles

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