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DC vs SRH, 34th Match at Hyderabad, IPL, Apr 24 2023 - Ball by Ball Commentary

34th Match (N), Hyderabad, April 24, 2023, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:145) 137/6

DC won by 7 runs

Player Of The Match
34 (34) & 2/21
Cricinfo's MVP
97.68 ptsImpact List
Full commentary
end of over 205 runs
SRH: 137/6CRR: 6.85 
Marco Jansen2 (3b)
Washington Sundar24 (15b 3x4)
Mukesh Kumar 3-0-27-0
Anrich Nortje 4-0-33-2

11.16 pm This was a dogfight for sure. But Delhi somehow outscrap Sunrisers on Hyderabad's home turf to leave with their second win in a row. Meanwhile, Sunrisers have now lost three straight.

Sunrisers Hyderabad captain Aiden Markram: "Not good with the bat again, not enough intent. We looked a team that was not excited to win a game of cricket unfortunately. We'll have to go back to look how we can chase better, be more free as a team and as a unit and hopefully that can help us going forward. It's difficult. You can say all the right things but ultimately guys need to buy into it. We want to play a certain brand of cricket and if we get it wrong doing that then we'll sleep a lot better at night. But unfortunately tonight, just lacked a bit of intent. We've got really good players and really good batters and unfortunately I think we're just letting ourselves down through lack of intent. Guys need to work out what brings out the best in them and makes them the most free to play. [On the bowlers] Incredibly proud of them and executed great game plans, kept it pretty simple and used the conditions pretty well tonight. It's a pity we couldn't get the job done for them. Our bowlers didn't deserve to be on the losing side like this tonight."

Delhi Capitals bowler Anrich Nortje: "Obviously really happy to get the win. Still not the ideal performance, probably a few runs short. Bowling, I thought the spinners bowled really well and one or two of the seamers as well at stages, and then at the end, unbelievable finish. What an over [by Mukesh]. The [batters from the first innings] said there was some inconsistency on a good length so try straight lines and hit the wicket and see if we can get some inconsistency with some cutters here and there. [On bowling at the death] Just try to keep it as simple as possible. Just focus on the target and go. [On facing Klaasen] I'm not gonna lie, the plan wasn't to bowl half-volleys. But it's definitely a good challenge. [On Mukesh's last over] He was very clear. Kudos to him. He did an unbelievable job. He really focused well in that last over, took his time and executed. So it was so good to see and really inspiring."

Delhi Capitals captain David Warner: "I love it here. It's an amazing crowd. I haven't been here for a long time. Thankfully my hair can only go white from here, it can't go gray. This game throws up some challenges. Mukesh there under pressure was absolutely amazing and our two spinners were great. You don't want them to get used to bowlers in back-to-back bowlers so if I can maneuver them around in the middle overs it can work. [On Ishant] Credit to him. He's worked very hard to get back into the IPL and to bowl as well as he did was exceptional. To win tonight, hopefully we can make it three in a row. We've got another against Sunrisers next."

Axar Patel named Player of the Match for his 34 off 34 and two wickets in the chase.

That's it for today's live coverage. Come back tomorrow for some more live IPL coverage. Until then, take care!

Mukesh Kumar to Jansen, no run

yorker on middle jammed out to mid-off for none. Mukesh is getting mobbed by his teammates as he helps Delhi seal an improbable seven-run win.

Mukesh Kumar to Sundar, 1 run

full on middle and leg, heaved wide of deep midwicket for just a single. Somehow they managed to jog just one instead of hustling for two to leave the Super Over as a possibility. Barring a wide or no ball, Delhi has sewn up their second win.

Shrikant : "Why Mukesh? Why not Ishant?" Well, he's showing why over the course of the first four balls.

Mukesh Kumar to Jansen, 1 run

low full toss on the ankles at 141 kph, flicked out tamely to deep midwicket for one.

Sandeep: "This is match should be remembered as Washi match." As in, Washi it out of your system ASAP?

Mukesh Kumar to Sundar, 1 run

139 kph delivery lands full on fourth stump, drives this firmly to long-on for one.

Mukesh Kumar to Sundar, no run

wide yorker on sixth stump at 139 kph, Sundar tries to open the face to guide this to third man but misses.

Srinath: "It's as thought either of these teams are hellbent on making this a thrilling chase to exhibit that they're no slouches when it comes to nail-biters. But the quality of cricket has been very middling today!" I think middling would take offense to that.

Mukesh Kumar to Sundar, 2 runs

full and wide on seventh stump at 138 kph, punches this wide of the cover sweeper for a jogged two.

Mukesh Kumar has the ball in hand for the final over. David Warner is in an animated discussion with the two umpires because Delhi has been penalized for not ending their overs in time. They'll need to bring another fielder inside the 30-yard circle. Only four fielders on the boundary allowed now for the final over with 13 needed to win.

end of over 1910 runs • 1 wicket
SRH: 132/6CRR: 6.94 RRR: 13.00 • Need 13 runs from 6b
Washington Sundar20 (11b 3x4)
Marco Jansen1 (1b)
Anrich Nortje 4-0-33-2
Mukesh Kumar 2-0-22-0

praveen ch: "Sending klaasen down the order costed SRH!!!"

Nortje to Sundar, 1 run

full outside leg, Sundar just taps this gently into midwicket for one wanting to keep the strike for the start of the final over.

Mohit: "Just when you thought SRH is doing all to lose this match... DC steps up with its dropped catches and poor bowling"

Nortje to Sundar, FOUR runs

full on the legs at 145 kph, Sundar clears the front leg and shovels this high over wide long-on, bisecting Warner at long-on and another fielder running across from deep midwicket one bounce over the rope.

Nortje to Jansen, 1 run

full outside leg stump at 144 kph, follows Jansen backing away from leg and it is jammed out through the leg side for one.

Nortje to Klaasen, OUT

full and wide, Klaasen blisters a drive flat to the cover sweeper but picks him out too well. Sharp catch taken at knee height reaching forward five yards in from the rope after jogging 10 yards to his right.

Heinrich Klaasen c Aman Hakim Khan b Nortje 31 (19b 3x4 1x6 25m) SR: 163.15
Nortje to Klaasen, 2 runs

dropped! Full at 143 kph on off stump, Klaasen miscues a skied drive swirling over extra cover. Marsh is running backward trying to take this over the shoulder but his body is in awful position trying to crane his head backwards for the catch and it slips through his hands. Warner had a much better angle coming over from mid-off but eased off trying to avoid a collision with Marsh who was going full steam for the chance.

Nortje to Klaasen, 2 runs

yorker on the stumps, jammed out down the ground and they scamper a tight two beating the relay from Axar that short hops Nortje and nearly takes his head off.

end of over 1815 runs
SRH: 122/5CRR: 6.77 RRR: 11.50 • Need 23 runs from 12b
Washington Sundar15 (9b 2x4)
Heinrich Klaasen27 (16b 3x4 1x6)
Mukesh Kumar 2-0-22-0
Anrich Nortje 3-0-23-1
Mukesh Kumar to Sundar, FOUR runs

tremendous tumbling scoop by Washington Sundar! Shuffles low across his stumps tumbling over in the process trying to scoop this full delivery from off stump but maintains his head stillness in spite of the tangled limbs elsewhere to focus on flicking the ball away past leg stump to the fine leg rope.

Mukesh Kumar to Klaasen, 1 run

low full toss on the legs, flicked away for one.

Mukesh Kumar to Klaasen, FOUR runs

length ball on sixth stump, slices this 117 kph slower delivery high over backward point and beats the sweeper Ripal Patel's diving effort.

Saravanan: "Srh beat Lsg to win worst chase fumble of the tournament award . Congratulations SRH. Well deserved " Hmmm... I don't know about that. The LSG one was pretty bad.

Mukesh Kumar to Sundar, 1 run

full on sixth stump at 139 kph, driven to long-off for one.

Mukesh Kumar to Klaasen, 1 run

full on the legs, flicked to the leg side for one.

Mukesh Kumar to Klaasen, FOUR runs

a matador red cape diving effort at long-on by Warner turns two into four! Knee high full toss on the stumps, flicked to wide long-on. Should be two but Warner takes an awkward angle coming in off the rope trying to stop this ball and dives over it in the end.

end of over 1713 runs
SRH: 107/5CRR: 6.29 RRR: 12.66 • Need 38 runs from 18b
Heinrich Klaasen17 (12b 1x4 1x6)
Washington Sundar10 (7b 1x4)
Anrich Nortje 3-0-23-1
Kuldeep Yadav 4-0-22-1

If this chase is not floating your boat, then by all means check out Al Muthu's tribute piece to Sachin Tendulkar on The Little Master's 50th birthday to lift your spirits.

Nortje to Klaasen, 1 run

full on the stumps, driven down the ground to wide long-on for one.

Asif: ""Kaun hain Rahul Tripathi"also sounds good"

Nortje to Klaasen, SIX runs

length ball on middle, Klaasen trusts the bounce on this 146 kph delivery and heaves this high and deep over the square leg rope.

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DC won by 7 runs
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