Eliminator (N), Delhi, May 25 2016, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 163)140/8
Sunrisers won by 22 runs
player of the match
Moises Henriques
Sunrisers Hyderabad
end of over 202 runs • 2 wickets
KKR: 140/8CRR: 7.00 
Sunil Narine1 (3)
Morne Morkel0 (0)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-19-3
Mustafizur Rahman4-0-28-0

Tharun Raj : "A new name on the IPL trophy this year then :D" And with that I'll bid my farewells. Thank you for your company, looking forward to seeing you again for Qualifier 2 on Friday

Moises Henriques is the Man of the Match "I still feel like I left a lot of runs out there. All the bowlers bowled well, and we fielded really well. It was staying low, so facing Morne and Holder was easier, turning their ridiculous bounce to normal bounce. We have guys who take the pace off, we have ones who can put the pace on, good death bowlers too. The game owes you nothing, every opportunity you have to grab it."

"Definitely, fielded well and that's what we set out to do. We knew if we fielded well we would win close games," David Warner says "Bipul's two sixes came in very handy. Little but short with the batting, but runs on the board is crucial. So good execution by the bowlers. Took some spectacular catches and we try to improve every game we play. Will help, we'll change wickets, but the square is the same. Both teams have batting fire power and depth in bowling. We needed to win every game to win the final. We are up against Gujarat, we have set the benchmark high, now its about come back and executing it again"

11.30 pm This was supposed to be the clash of the league's best bowling sides and Sunrisers Hyderabad have proved they are a menace in the end-overs. At one stage it seemed Mustafizur and Bhuvneshwar Kumar were simply bowling machines set on yorker mode. They will face Gujarat Lions on Friday for a spot in the IPL final in Delhi

Knight Riders batsman made starts, but none of them could go on. Manish Pandey was quite fluent, but he was caught on the outfield. That was another aspect of play the Sunrisers were on top of. Their fielding. Yuvraj, after hitting 44 off 30, nailed a direct hit with only one stump to aim at and Bhuvi took a pressure catch to dismiss Yusuf Pathan very early.

"I thought it was a very good wicket to bat on, 160 was chaseable. I thought Colin's run-out was a turning point," Gambhir says, "Didn't have big partnerships. Someone needed to play a Yuvi kind of cameo, it was an unbelaievable innings, changed the momentum in their favour. And if one of our batters continued like that, we could have won the game. [Russell] Gives us firepower in the last overs with the bat and with the ball too. Tried our level best. We should have gotten 160. Bowlers did very well, batters didn't live up to expectation. This is a format where we have to keep playing well. Individuals can take the game away. We were confident, we had won against them, restricting them to 160 was very good. But when you lose someone like Andre Russell, difficult to replace them. Kolkata fans have been the most loyal"

"Really sweet victory. Do or die match and before this we lost two matches," says Bhuvi, "It was a wicket which was good for the batsmen and later on it wasn;t coming onto the ball. We looked to bowl yorkers. Advantage, we have an idea playing on this wicket before the next match"

punit: "From being a medium pacer at 120-130 Bhuvi now consistently bowls 140-141...has he just progressed from being a medium pacer to at least fast-medium if not fast bowler??"

Bhuvneshwar to Narine, no run

offcutter outside off, dot ball! Take a bow, Bhuvi! Narine squirts it to third man, looks for a single, can't find it. Done and dusted.

Bhuvneshwar to Holder, OUT

another slower ball, Holder wasn't quite well balanced when he went for the loft towards long-off. The ball hit high on the bat and carried only as far as long-off

Jason Holder c Cutting b Kumar 6 (12m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 85.71
Bhuvneshwar to Narine, 1 run

shortish and slower, Narine heaves it to deep midwicket

Bhuvneshwar to Narine, no run

this is outrageous bowling! Landing yorker after yorker after yorker. This one is wide of off stump so Narine, the new batsman, can't reach it

Bhuvneshwar to Sathish, OUT

that's how! 140 kph yorker on middle stump, Sathish misses, Bhuvi hits. Leg stump goes for a walk and Warner yells in delight

Rajagopal Sathish b Kumar 8 (21m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

Gambhir has finally decided to rip his pads off his legs. Looks like he knows how this is going to turn out

Bhuvneshwar to Holder, 1 leg bye

aims for the pads, with the batsman moving towards leg. Holder looks to whip it to midwicket, can't connect.

KKR need 25 off six balls.

end of over 198 runs
KKR: 138/6CRR: 7.26 RRR: 25.00 • Need 25 runs from 6b
Rajagopal Sathish8 (8)
Jason Holder6 (5)
Mustafizur Rahman4-0-28-0
Bhuvneshwar Kumar3-0-18-1
Mustafizur to Sathish, 2 runs

yorker on leg stump, Sathish jams his bat down and gets it to long-on for a couple.

Chat with Warner and Mustafiz...

Mustafizur to Holder, 1 leg bye

goes for a reverse dab, and it looked entirely premeditated. He was in no position to make a connection. Hits him on the body. Sathish is mindful of sneaking a quick single.

Prashanth: "How crucial those 2 sixes by Bipul sharma in the last over? Proving to be match winning hits."

Mustafizur to Holder, FOUR runs

just over mid-on! Holder does well against this leg stump line. Cleared the front leg like the other batsmen, but played with a straight bat. Gave himself the better chance of middling the ball even with the cut

Mustafizur to Holder, no run

and now he lands a leg stump yorker at top pace and beats Holder all ends up. Through his legs as he attempts a flick

Mustafizur to Holder, no run

that's another cutter at 125 kph, moves wide of the crease and makes the angle across the right-hander work for him. Holder cleared his front leg to hit over long-off. Misses

Mustafizur to Sathish, 1 run

falls short of the long-on hurtling in! It's the offcutter, pitching outside leg and making the batsman slog across the line. That's how Mustafiz gets his wickets, because then the offcut has every opportunity to take the edges.

Mustafiz gets the 19th. Pressure all around