1st Test, Brisbane, Dec 1 - 4 2011, New Zealand tour of Australia
295 & 150
(2.2 ov, target 19)427 & 19/1
Australia won by 9 wickets
player of the match

I don't think even the Australians would have expected such an easy outing today. It was one bad day for New Zealand where everything went horribly wrong. Something for the two Johns - Wright and Buchanan - to ponder over. But we all know they're a much better team than this so no need to despair. Australia had the worst of days at Newlands not too long ago. Happens to the best of them.

The players have all the time in the world now to sign autographs.

We'll let you know who the Man of the Match is as soon as we receive word.

The Man of the Match is James Pattinson. Thanks for pointing out the error about Bracewell picking up the award in his debut match. I must have been dreaming! I really need to catch up on sleep. Don't ask!

That's all we can bring to you for now I'm afraid. No pictures of the presentation unfortunately. There's of course the report by Brydon Coverdale and analysis by Dan Brettig to keep you going. Thanks for the mails and your company. We'll see you again soon. Cheers (on behalf of Sid Talya, Nitin and Raghav) !

Bracewell to Warner, FOUR runs

so Warner does the honours! Short outside the off stump and he fetches it and clubs it high over mid-on, too easy for Warner, Australia are 1-0 up

Bracewell to Warner, FOUR runs

he overpitches first up, Warner was waiting for it with a straight bat, defensive punch past the bowler and mid-off

It's Bracewell now

end of over 2Wicket maiden
AUS: 11/1CRR: 5.50 
Usman Khawaja0 (4)
David Warner4 (2)
Chris Martin1-1-0-1
Tim Southee1-0-11-0
Martin to Khawaja, no run

slants across the left-hander, he safely lets it go, that ends a very good over, pity he has just eight runs to defend

Martin to Khawaja, no run

gets behind the line and tucks it to short leg

Martin to Khawaja, no run
Martin to Khawaja, no run

Khawaja's also squared up, edged but well short of slip

Martin to Hughes, OUT

he gets him this time! Seems a bit farcical here, poor shot again from Hughes, it was shaping away and perhaps better off left alone, he lashes at it and he's taken at gully

Phillip Hughes c Guptill b Martin 7 (6m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 116.66
Martin to Hughes, no run

Dropped Hughes was all at sea really and so was McCullum, Hughes tamely pokes his bat at a delivery angling on his body, the ball hits the shoulder of the bat and McCullum juggles and makes a mess of it at second slip

Here's Martin

end of over 111 runs
AUS: 11/0CRR: 11.00 
David Warner4 (2)
Phillip Hughes7 (4)
Tim Southee1-0-11-0
Southee to Warner, no run

drops it down towards short cover and tells his partner to stay back

Southee to Warner, FOUR runs

that's why he wants the strike, short and wide and Warner will not let those go, carves it over gully, no problems

Southee to Hughes, 3 runs

swings it towards the pads and he whips it behind midwicket, Warner shows more urgency in the running and pushes for three

Southee to Hughes, no run

full outside the off stump and he safely lets this one go as well

Southee to Hughes, no run

lands it outside the off stump, he shoulders arms

Southee to Hughes, FOUR runs

just 15 needed now, good way ti get going, gets width outside off, follows the movement and punches it past gully

Hughes and Warner walk out to finish things off

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