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1st Test, North Sound, July 25 - 29, 2012, New Zealand tour of United States of America and West Indies
351 & 272
(T:102) 522 & 102/1

West Indies won by 9 wickets

Player Of The Match
5/132 & 3/91
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WI 2nd Innings
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Plenty of smiles in the West Indies dressing room, Gayle isn't laughing, he is as emotion-less as he is when taking the bowling apart.

The draw looked the likeliest of results at the start of the day, with the pitch still flat. It was Roach who turned things around after a short rain break, taking two quick wickets to bring the match back to life. The second new ball then helped West Indies get a few more wickets, and they finished off New Zealand midway through the second session. 102 was needed, which provided enough time for Gayle to entertain the meagre Antigua crowd.

Not often that you hear criticism of Daniel Vettori, but he hasn't done enough with the ball in recent Tests. Callum: "Does this make Kane Williamson our number one test spin bowler? Since Luca injured his back he has not turned it, and continual fails to take wickets on spinner friendly tracks. His flight and use of pace make him a challenge in the shorter forms of the game (that he has retired from) but fails to challenge batsmen in the longer form of the game."

Presentation ceremony:

Ross Taylor: "We were in the game for parts of it, we didn't bat as well as we should have, we didn't take 20 wickets. Our top order batted very well, 200 for 2 in both innings, myself and Kane have to step up in the next match. We didn't look like creating enough pressure on them at times with the ball. It was a pretty good wicket, we scored over 600 on it. Guptill batted very well, he showed signs of getting into form in the ODIs, we need guys to score 100s in Tests. We got to bowl better areas."

Darren Sammy: "The team is playing really well. On a hard wicket, we all did our parts. It was very tough for the quicks, I must congratulate Ravi and Roach for their efforts. Narine continues to bowl well for us, he had to bowl a lot of overs for us. Credit to Chris and Powell for the position they put us in. I keep asking Narine whether he is okay, and he always wants to bowl. I fired up Rampaul today, not intentionally. I wanted to bring on Sunil, but he wanted only more over, and I saw the look on his face, and decided to keep him on. He bowled 135 and got us the breakthroughs."

Suspense is over. It's neither Gayle nor Roach. Sunil Narine is the Man of the Match. "The wicket was a batting paradise, you just had to go out there and bowl in the right areas over and over and over. I think we have about three days, have a good recovery and repeat this in Jamaica."

Okay, that's it from the gang at Cricinfo for now. Kanishkaa's match report is here , and Subash will be sending his stories later in the day. Thanks for the many mails, see you again at the Jamaica Test.

Vettori to Fudadin, 1 run

there it is, fudadin works it to square leg for the single that was needed, Gayle is very composed, not over-the-top celebrations, shakes hands with the New Zealand players, West Indies go 1-0 up, and they can't lose this series

Vettori to Fudadin, no run

gets behind the line and blocks it back to the bowler

Vettori to Fudadin, no run

length ball on off stump, tucked towards square leg

end of over 1912 runs
WI: 101/1CRR: 5.31 
Assad Fudadin6 (18b 1x4)
Chris Gayle64 (49b 8x4 2x6)
Neil Wagner 5-0-32-0
Daniel Vettori 1-0-2-0
Wagner to Fudadin, 1 run

Fudadin pushes towards mid-on and takes a quick single, scores are level, Fudadin now has the chance to hit the winning runs

Wagner to Gayle, 1 run

the 100 comes up as Gayle nudges the ball past a diving short leg for a single, two to go now

Wagner to Gayle, 2 runs

two more to Gayle, who carves this towards deep backward point

Glen: "I just think it is great not to hear Sir. Chanderpaul's name come up so much if at all in this game. Don't get me wrong, he is a great player, but it show how this team is coming along, although we have to say this is a weak New Zealand team. As for Man of the Match, have to give it to Roach as well, because he did what the West Indies have not don't in sometime, finish of a team!"

Wagner to Gayle, FOUR runs

on the leg stump, and Gayle shart-arms it behind square leg for four, one Gayle hit away from victory now

Wagner to Gayle, no run

on off stump, forced towards cover by Gayle

Wagner to Gayle, FOUR runs

four more but not one of Gayle's more convincing shots, Wagner banged it in short, cramping up Gayle, who sways out of the line and manages to squeeze it over first slip for four

end of over 182 runs
WI: 89/1CRR: 4.94 
Assad Fudadin5 (17b 1x4)
Chris Gayle53 (44b 6x4 2x6)
Daniel Vettori 1-0-2-0
Neil Wagner 4-0-20-0

Alan Harrison: "Well I agree with Dan that Roach should be man of the match. Gayle's batted really well, but don't forget he gave a relatively easy chance when on only 39 in the first innings. New Zealand should be kicking themselves."

Vettori to Fudadin, no run

big forward stride as he blocks to the off side

Vettori to Gayle, 1 run

drives that towards mid-on for a single

Vettori to Fudadin, 1 run

pushed towards cover for a single

Vettori to Fudadin, no run

defended towards cover by Fudadin

Vettori to Fudadin, no run

shorter this time, Fudadin looks to walk across the stumps, he defends to the leg side

Vikas: "I think it should be Gayle! Not just because of this match. but for helping WI believe that they can WIN!"

Vettori to Fudadin, no run

Fudadin blocks it back towards the bowler

Vettori to bowl now

end of over 174 runs
WI: 87/1CRR: 5.11 
Chris Gayle52 (43b 6x4 2x6)
Assad Fudadin4 (12b 1x4)
Neil Wagner 4-0-20-0
Doug Bracewell 6-0-25-1
Wagner to Gayle, no run

length ball, defended down the track

Wagner to Gayle, FOUR runs

overpitched and that is lofted over mid-off, Gayle gets to another half-century

Curtly Ambrose full of praise for Wagner's attitude in this match, says he expects to hear much more of Wagner in the days to come.

Wagner to Gayle, no run

a low full toss just outside off, pushed past the bowler but can't beat mid-on

Wayne Archer: "MoM should go to Roach, prior to stoppage for rain NZ was in control heading for a draw."

Wagner to Gayle, no run

defends towards the bowler, short of length ball on middle

Wagner to Gayle, no run

Gayle initially thinks of hooking this short one, then opts out of the stroke, weaves out of the way

Noel: "MoM: Sunil Narine. He bowled a total of 85 overs. Roach and Rampaul combined to bowl 86.3. Narine also took the most wickets (8). Remember it's "Man of the Match" not "Man of the Moment"."

Wagner to Gayle, no run

short of length and just outside off, chopped towards point