5th ODI (D/N), Adelaide, Jan 26 2017, Pakistan tour of Australia
(49.1/50 ov, target 370)312
Australia won by 57 runs
player of the match
David Warner

10.20pm Phew. That's it from us, after a looong day at the Adelaide Oval. A triumphant end to the summer for Australia after a rocky beginning against South Africa. Hope you've enjoyed our coverage of the series, and you can pop over to the India-England T20 ball-by-ball if you so wish.

Also, a bit of news for Pakistan fans: Azhar Ali's position as captain of the ODI side seems to be under threat following Pakistan's 4-1 defeat in Australia

Anyway, Deiva and I will go off and have some well-earned rest. Until next time, bye!

Steven Smith: "We've played some pretty good cricket over the last couple of games. Davey has been absolutely outstanding, I thought Travis Head played very well to get his first ODI hundred as well. It was a disappointing start against South Africa and it's been great to turn things around. It's taken a lot of hard work and discipline from the boys. We've played some very good cricket over the last couple of months. We have a pretty quick series against New Zealand, they've played some good cricket recently. Hopefully we can have a good series before heading to India. I'd like to thank Pakistan for the cricket you've played for the last couple of months. You've been formidable opponents and I've enjoyed playing against you guys."

David Warner is the Player of the Match as well as the Player of the Series. "I just love playing cricket and churning out as many runs as possible. You've just got to take those chances (first-ball drop), if it doesn't go to hand you've got to make the most of it. Very happy for the break [he's been rested for the Chappell-Hadlee series]."

Azhar Ali: "Today again it was a very tough total to chase. Credit goes to Australia, especially David Warner and Travis Head. Chasing 360-plus is always tough, but still good positives in the batting - previous game and this game also. Tosses didn't go our way either, but it's part of the game, you can't really practise that. It's important that you still play good cricket. Tough teams don't care whether they win the toss. I would like to thank Cricket Australia, and the crowd, both from Pakistan and Australia."

"It's nice to get some runs," says Travis Head. "You have gameplans for different scenarios. Any batter enjoys batting as high as they can. I think when Davy is in such good nick, I was just trying to stay at the other end and rotate the strike. I wasn't that fluent initially, but it was nice to get that hundred. It's just a fantastic moment, I have a lot of friends and family here. We go into New Zealand with a bit of momentum."

Shaheen Farooq: "Again, 40 short from the historic chase as in 1st Test. Good fight though."

Murtaza: "Despite loosing I'm glad Pakistan got 300+ !"

Richard Stone: "The Highest score at the Adelade Oval in a losing cause and the 6th highest score (at the venue) of all time. Well done Pakistan!! "

Liam: "Pakistan has done well to get what they have got. The bowling has been great. Full compliments to Pakistan for sticking this out and not folding in 30 overs."

10.03pm Australia have wrapped up a 4-1 series win. A record opening stand from Warner and Head set it up for them, and 370 was always going to be a hugely difficult ask for Pakistan. Credit to them for fighting hard and staying in contention, just about, for most of their innings.

Starc to Wahab Riaz, OUT

and that is that. Yorker on middle stump, Wahab makes room to try and drive that through the covers, and he misses. The bails light up, to signal a 57-run win for Australia. Shoaib Malik, who retired hurt after being hit on the forearm, won't come out to resume his innings

Wahab Riaz b Starc 17 (21m 20b 1x4 0x6) SR: 85
end of over 498 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 312/8CRR: 6.36 • RRR: 58.00 • Need 58 runs from 6b
Wahab Riaz17 (19)
Adam Zampa9-0-61-1
Mitchell Starc9-1-42-3
Zampa to Hasan Ali, OUT

down the track comes Hasan, and Pakistan are eight down. Slowed it down, the tailender was through his slog well before it arrived, and then it spun away and offered Wade a simple stumping

Hasan Ali st †Wade b Zampa 13 (14m 10b 0x4 1x6) SR: 130
Zampa to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

this time it's too full for the slog-sweep, bottom-edges it to short fine leg

Zampa to Wahab Riaz, no run

dangled up slow outside off, Wahab is too early into his slog-sweep, can't connect

Zampa to Hasan Ali, 1 run

down the track now, chips it on the bounce to sweeper cover

Zampa to Hasan Ali, SIX runs

flighted outside off, Hasan goes for the slog-sweep and clears Maxwell, jumping to his right at the deep midwicket boundary

Zampa to Hasan Ali, no run

short ball, slides on with the angle to hit the batsman's thigh after he misses the pull


end of over 489 runs
PAK: 304/7CRR: 6.33 • RRR: 33.00 • Need 66 runs from 12b
Wahab Riaz16 (17)
Hasan Ali6 (6)
Mitchell Starc9-1-42-3
James Faulkner9-0-60-1
Starc to Wahab Riaz, no run

full outside off, Wahab has a big swing at it, and misses

Starc to Hasan Ali, 1 run

what is happening here? Full toss on off stump, looks to push towards mid-on and gets a leading edge that loops over short cover, to his left. Starc is furious

Starc to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

full-toss outside off, Wahab slices it over cover point, and Zampa, running in from the boundary and diving forward, gets both hands to it and spills it.

Starc to Wahab Riaz, FOUR runs

fullish on off stump, clears his front leg again, and this time meets it with a straight bat, shovels it back over the bowler's head

Starc to Wahab Riaz, 2 runs

full on middle stump, Wahab clears his front leg and miscues a pick-up shot over mid-on. Just about clears the fielder

Starc to Hasan Ali, 1 leg bye

full, slanting down leg. Misses the flick and it ricochets into the leg side off the pad

Starc continues from around the wicket

end of over 476 runs
PAK: 295/7CRR: 6.27 • RRR: 25.00 • Need 75 runs from 18b
Hasan Ali5 (4)
Wahab Riaz9 (13)
James Faulkner9-0-60-1
Mitchell Starc8-1-34-3
Faulkner to Hasan Ali, 1 run

another slower ball. This time Hasan slogs, slices it high in the air, drops into the vacant mid-off region

Faulkner to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

another slower ball, another full-blooded Wahab swipe, rolls along down to backward square leg

Faulkner to Hasan Ali, 1 run

loopy slower ball, full on off stump, pushed to mid-off

Faulkner to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

short on off stump, pulled in the air, one-bounce, to the right of long-on

Faulkner to Hasan Ali, 1 run

length ball on middle stump, clipped to short fine leg

Faulkner to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

slower ball at the batsman's legs. Gets down on one knee and slogs it away through square leg