1st T20I (D/N), Bristol, July 27, 2022, South Africa tour of England
(20 ov, T:235) 193/8

England won by 41 runs

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end of over 205 runs
SA: 193/8CRR: 9.65 
Keshav Maharaj4 (5b)
Lungi Ngidi1 (2b)
Chris Jordan 4-0-30-0
Richard Gleeson 4-0-51-3

10.15pm Right, time to draw a line under this one. Same time tomorrow? Go on then, from Miller and Binoy, good night!

Time for the presentations

David Miller: "The ball was travelling around tonight, a mammoth total, but a phenomenal knock by Stubbsy. Extremely disappointing result but two more to come. They were 98 after 10 but demolished us in the last ten, and 4-5 dropped catches cost us massively, and they executed better with their plans. One was the light, the rest was poor fielding. Stubbs played in the local T20, phenomenal competition there, clean striker, he's got a gift. Ngidi, he had good plans, five in the ring in the last over, great to see."

Jos Buttler "Great performance, what we've been looking for, brilliant total, under threat for a while but delighted with the win. Great to see guys step up and take responsibility. Welcoming Jonny back and Dawid Malan great consistency. Moeen is one of the most stylish players to watch, want to get more and more responsibility to. He played fantastically and a crucial wicket too. Jordan and Gleeson, both bowled with great pace as well. 18th over from CJ changed the momentum of the game, a brilliant over. We know that yorkers in T20 are a fantastic weapon but the margins are smaller... especially on this ground."

The Player of the Match is Moeen Ali "A nice time to go in, I went in as a left-hander to keep the left-right. Worked out nicely. Not easy to go in and hit spin straightaway but generally I back myself, try to see it and hit it. Jonny is so powerful, I try to remind him of the good things he does. Keep him calm and not go over the top. We talk options. Great wicket, and a great-sized ground for me. Get good bat on it, it travels."

9.58pm Well, that was fun. Outstanding batting throughout the evening, led by Bairstow and Moeen for England, and the rookie Tristan Stubbs with a thrilling fightback for South Africa. But the difference was in the field. South Africa were hopeless at times with their catching, England - and Jordan in particular - was inspired. A brilliant catch at long-off, and a gobsmackingly composed 18th over that went for just three runs. Without that, this could have been tight....

Jordan to Maharaj, 1 run

full into the blockhole, boshed to the leg side, and England take a 41-run win.

Jordan to Maharaj, no run

slower ball, back of a length, cunning variation, and a back-foot air-shot

Jordan to Ngidi, 1 leg bye

yorker again, leg-sided but thumps the shins, deflected to the leg side

Doug: "Last over of the match and no-one has reviewed anything. Is this a record?" South Africa did review an lbw, but you'd be forgiven for missing it

Jordan to Maharaj, 1 run

makes room to leg, smacked to the off side

Brian: "First time a bowler has hit the stumps in the match !" Gosh

Jordan to Ngidi, 1 run

dipping on the full, nudged out to the leg side

Jordan to Maharaj, 1 run

full toss, sliced out to cover, cramped on the big swing across the line

Right, I think this one's safe now. Here's Jordan to mop up

end of over 194 runs • 3 wickets
SA: 188/8CRR: 9.89 RRR: 47.00 • Need 47 runs from 6b
Keshav Maharaj1 (1b)
Richard Gleeson 4-0-51-3
Chris Jordan 3-0-26-0
Gleeson to Phehlukwayo, OUT

full toss on the legs, flicked to square leg! Gleeson's figures get a massage, a slower ball on the hip and Rashid does the needful

Andile Phehlukwayo c Rashid b Gleeson 22 (17b 3x4 0x6 30m) SR: 129.41
Gleeson to Maharaj, 1 run

makes room to leg, flogs the full length to wide long-off

Gleeson to Rabada, OUT

leg stump out of the ground! Fast and straight, route one bowling from Gleeson, and this is over bar the Sweet Caroline

Kagiso Rabada b Gleeson 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 0
Gleeson to Phehlukwayo, 1 run

another yorker, this is excellent, leg-stump line, good pace, clipped to the on-side

Gleeson to Phehlukwayo, 2 runs

yorker once more, cuffed to wide long-on, Bairstow tracks round. South Africa need five a ball to win

Gleeson to Stubbs, OUT

launched into the off side, and that will be the game! Bold, thrilling innings from Stubbs, but he couldn't get enough bat through this one, full length outside off, Roy at wide long-off swallows the chance

Tristan Stubbs c Roy b Gleeson 72 (28b 2x4 8x6 44m) SR: 257.14

Has that put the game safe? Not quite. Gleeson has an important over to come here

end of over 183 runs
SA: 184/5CRR: 10.22 RRR: 25.50 • Need 51 runs from 12b
Andile Phehlukwayo19 (14b 3x4)
Tristan Stubbs72 (27b 2x4 8x6)
Chris Jordan 3-0-26-0
Sam Curran 4-0-36-0
Jordan to Phehlukwayo, no run

that is the best over of the night. Full length again, another outswinger, more confounded strokeplay as he can't lay a splinter on it. Big ask now for South Africa

Jordan to Phehlukwayo, no run

attempts a reversed stance, another yorker-length outswinger, and Phehlukwayo is aghast

Jordan to Phehlukwayo, no run

this is outstanding from Jordan, outswinging yorker to the left-hander, who tries to open the face but can't connect

Jordan to Stubbs, 1 run

low full toss, outside off, and that's another cuff to the on-side. Just another single as deep midwicket gathers. Big over so far

Sophia: "Playing in smaller grounds like Bristol and Cardiff is counterproductive to World Cup preparations in Australia " True. But are you entertained?

Jordan to Phehlukwayo, 1 run

yorker, exceptional, right in the blockhole, a hint of outswing, stabbed to cover for the single

Jordan to Stubbs, 1 run

wide line, full toss, under-edged hack to the leg side, Buttler tidies up

Jordan returns with two overs up his sleeve

end of over 1710 runs
SA: 181/5CRR: 10.64 RRR: 18.00 • Need 54 runs from 18b
Tristan Stubbs70 (25b 2x4 8x6)
Andile Phehlukwayo18 (10b 3x4)
Sam Curran 4-0-36-0
Richard Gleeson 3-0-47-0

Alex W: "England may have "not finished wel"l, but they did score 50 runs from the 17th and 18th Overs so started to finish well " Valid

Sam Curran to Stubbs, 1 run

opens the face, full length, jabbed down to backward point, Stubbs keeps the strike with the game on the wire

Sam Curran to Phehlukwayo, 1 run

bottom-handed, inswinging yorker, clubbed to the on-side

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England won by 41 runs
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