2nd Test, Gros Islet, Jun 18 - 21 2021, South Africa tour of West Indies
298 & 174
(target 324)149 & 165
South Africa won by 158 runs
Player Of The Match
21*, 2/24, 40 & 3/44
Player Of The Series
237 runs

A comfortable win for South Africa, and we come to an end to the Test leg of the tour. It was always going to be challenging for West Indies to hunt down 324, and that famous collapse meant the match was wrapped up in a hurry. But there's a five-match T20I series waiting, and West Indies will hope a new uniform and fresh faces can bring better fortunes for their side. Until then, it's a goodbye from Raghav, Hemant and me, Himanshu. Good night and stay safe.

Srashta : "I look forward to India s tour to SA late in 2021 - Covid willing! India is a much better team on paper and crushed SA at home not long ago. But we know India has never won in SA and they will be hungry - it would be nice if SA have a team who will make it hard for them!"

Aj : "South Africa's lowest score this series was 174, our highest score this series was 165, speechless, it's always one step forward 2 steps back "

And with that, Elgar and his side lift the Sir Vivian Richards Trophy after a 2-0 whitewash of West Indies.

Quinton de Kock is the Player of the Series, and he can hardly think of words to speak: : "The coaches helped and backed us. We used to win a lot, and feels good that we're on that road again. Great to be part of a team like this."

And this is what Elgar has to say after winning his very first series as permanent Test captain: "We haven't won a series on the road for quite some time. Captaincy is a challenge, but I wouldn't have taken it if I couldn't do it. The boys stood up. It was great to see guys like KG rock up and do what he does [best], and great to see Keshav. KG is a world beater and world class, and what we expect from him and he expects of himself. He's a great character to have. I'm glad I don't have to face Ngidi and Nortje; I just have to face them in the nets."

Brathwaite, the West Indies captain, expresses his disappointment: "As a batting unit, we let ourselves down. But I must credit the bowlers - all the guys gave the effort. But as a batting unit, we didn't put partnerships together. We were going good [today], but we didn't carry on. That hurt us, and including myself, we fell short. As batsmen, we know what we did wrong. We have to learn from this as batsmen and come back strongly. South Africa played well. We need to get some rest [ahead of the Pakistan Tests] and work on technical stuff where we could do better. Kemar Roach was remarkable - he never said no - and he's a true warrior. All bowlers led by example."

Rabada is the Player of the Match, for his nine wickets and 40 runs in the second innings: "It's been a while since we've won away from home. We're trying to get back on top of things... and we're going to celebrate. Everyone was determined, and that is one of things Dean drove [into the side]. Whenever we need lower-order runs, I try and put my hand up. Few great names have retired, and now it's for the next generation to come on board. In the first innings, wickets were shared... it's a a determined and young group."

Here's the post-match presentation

Xolamzi: "Rabada is my man of the match"

Mohd Irshad: "There is still one positive for WI - jayden Seals" --- Unfortunately the bowlers never got the support from their batters, and that was it.

Alan Chapman: "I do feel proud to be an SA fan today, with these crushing, clinical wins, it feels just like the old days of PROTEA FIRE:)"

Here's Maharaj, the hat-trick man: "Important for the team to start a new journey with Dean as our new captain. Full credit to the team for this series win. [On the hat-trick] In the hat-trick ball, I had so many things going in my head. Full credit to Wiaan for going down the leg side [for the catch]. Dean has full faith in the spinners, which I am a big fan of."

Trundler: "Really nice to see all the SA bowlers deliver during this series."

2.07pm So South Africa take the series 2-0 with the 158-run win, and take home their first away Test series win since beating New Zealand in 2017. Yet another West Indies collapse, and yet another convincing win for the visitors. The batting never clicked for the hosts throughout the series, with their bowling colleagues lacking the support they needed. There were moments in the game - like when they had reduced South Africa to 37 for 3 in the first innings, and had them 73 for 7 in the second - when it seemed like West Indies were well and truly alive in the game, but they surrendered from advantageous positions to let it all slip.

Maharaj to Seales, OUT

and Maharaj has his fifth, as Seales heaves across the line to find deep square leg. That's the game too for South Africa, since Chase would not be coming out to bat. Fittingly, it is Maharaj who wraps it up with Seales playing the big shot down the leg side to a delivery bowled on good length wide of off

Jayden Seales c Nortje b Maharaj 7 (24m 15b 1x4 0x6) SR: 46.66
Maharaj to Gabriel, 1 run

brings out the drive to this very full ball just outside off, and sends the ball to long-off

Maharaj to Gabriel, no run

slower and fuller on middle and off, defended with an open face to cover

Maharaj continues, in search of his fifth

end of over 586 runs
WI: 164/8CRR: 2.82 
Shannon Gabriel1 (3)
Jayden Seales7 (14)
Lungi Ngidi 10-2-29-1
Keshav Maharaj 17-7-35-4
Ngidi to Gabriel, 1 run

clipped to midwicket, as Ngidi goes full on middle and off with the ball angling back in

Dipanjan Show: "I feel so good being a South Africa fan now. Been a while since I last felt like it."

Ngidi to Seales, 1 run

drives this full delivery on off to the left of point, who runs back to chase the ball

Ngidi to Seales, no run

And almost gets the outside edge. Seales goes for the drive off this fullish ball on middle and off, but is beaten on the outside edge

Around the wicket

Ngidi to Seales, no run

and again tries the poke while still in his crease, but is beaten. Another good length delivery on middle and off, and the batter's push can't find anything for him

Ngidi to Seales, FOUR runs

jabs at that good length ball wide of off and finds the boundary down the third man. Plays it late after a little skip, as Ngidi bowls on a good length on middle and off

Ngidi to Seales, no run

wide of the crease again, and drops that on a shorter length on middle and off. Seales sways away, and lets it go to the keeper with the ball angling away

end of over 575 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 158/8CRR: 2.77 
Shannon Gabriel0 (2)
Jayden Seales2 (9)
Keshav Maharaj 17-7-35-4
Lungi Ngidi 9-2-23-1
Maharaj to Gabriel, no run

floated full on off at just 71kph, and Gabriel defends by getting forward

Maharaj to Gabriel, no run

full on off stump, defended off the front foot and very close to his body

Gabriel is the new - and the last - man

Maharaj to Roach, OUT

right down the throat of long-on. Ngidi at deepish mid-on was pushed further back on the boundary after that first ball of the over, and this time Roach goes for the heave off this fullish and wide ball of off with Ngidi almost losing sight of the ball. Loses his wicket to this slog, and South Africa almost there

Kemar Roach c Ngidi b Maharaj 27 (82m 63b 4x4 1x6) SR: 42.85
Maharaj to Roach, no run

dropped at leg slip? Indeed. Mulder throws his right hand out as Roach tries to tickle this full ball on middle and leg. and gets an inside edge

Maharaj to Roach, FOUR runs

slams this across the line to the right of mid-on, which was quite deep

Usama: "When was the last time Windies were whitewashed in Tests at home?" --- Against India in 2019.

Maharaj to Seales, 1 run

hoicked away to square leg off this full length just outside off, gets a single

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