1st ODI, Christchurch, Jan 10 2015, Sri Lanka in New Zealand ODI Series
(43/50 ov)219/7
New Zealand won by 3 wickets (with 42 balls remaining)
player of the match
Corey Anderson
New Zealand
end of over 434 runs
NZ: 219/7CRR: 5.09  • Need 0 run from 42b
Nathan McCullum25 (47)
Adam Milne7 (11)
Tillakaratne Dilshan7-0-28-2
Shaminda Eranga6-0-49-1

6.35pm That will be it folks. Anderson's 81 outdoes Mahela's 104 to see NZ through. We hope you will join us in a just a few days time for the second ODI in Hamilton. Till then though, this is ESPNcricinfo signing off and wishing you all a good night, wherever you are.

Corey Anderson, Man of the Match: It was nice to play in Christchurch for the first time. Nice to get to run around the ground before the World Cup next month. It was a bit disappointing to miss the Tests, but it is good to be back to be playing these games. I am feeling alright with the bowling, had to get through cramp and hopefully the training will get me back into shape for the next few weeks.

Corey Anderson is the Man of the Match

Angelo Mathews, Sri Lanka captain: We were 30-40 runs short. It wasn't the easiest wicket to bat on as it turned and stopped on us. A bit two-pace really. Batsmen really had to hang in there. Kept losing wickets at regular intervals. Proud of the way we fought on the field and the bowlers. I thought Sachi, Kula and Dilshan bowled really well. They are our main bowlers and we needed them to come back really hard and they have.

Brendon McCullum, New Zealand captain: I thought it was a really good performance from us. Thought we were outstanding with ball and bat. We saw some good characteristics come through, and I thought Corey under pressure really stood up today and got the job done. Thought the conditions were good. Plenty of bounce in the wicket. Can create plenty of scoring and wicket-taking opportunities as well. Outfield was lighting fast and it was nice to play in front of a big crowd again. Really good performances from Boult, as he bowled without luck, but was hostile. McClenaghan got better too as the day wore on. Milne was outstanding with the new ball as well. To beat SL you need to be outstanding in the field. The dismissal of Mahela was a turning point and helped us get some momentum as we rattled off 220.

6.25pm So to wrap it up, New Zealand are 1-0 up in the series with this three-wicket victory. We will be back shortly with quotes from the match presentation.

6.22pm With seven overs to go, New Zealand, with seven wickets down, manage to cross the line as they take the first of this seven-match series to get themselves onto a good roll. Sri Lanka should take great pride in how they fought back, especially through the bat of Mahela Jayawardene, and with the ball during the middle of the second innings. However, 218 was never really going to test the faculties of the hosts, so they will need to do some thinking as they look to regroup ahead of the next ODI in Hamilton on January 15.

Dilshan to McCullum, 1 run

and Nathan manages to prise out the winning single through midwicket to ensure a satisfying three-wicket victory for the hosts to take first blood in this seven-match series

Dilshan to McCullum, no run

looked for the forcing shot through long on, but finds the bowler

Dilshan to McCullum, no run

happy to wait on the back foot as this carrom ball is slipped in from Dilshan on middle and off

Dilshan to McCullum, no run

defended from the crease off the back foot as some boos ring in from the crowd

Dilshan to McCullum, 2 runs

tries out a leg-side delivery which is neatly swept round the corner to deep fine leg for a couple. Scores are now level as well

Dilshan to Milne, 1 run

once again manages to get it through midwicket, but is only kept to one. NZ just a boundary away now

end of over 425 runs
NZ: 215/7CRR: 5.11 RRR: 0.50 • Need 4 runs from 48b
Adam Milne6 (10)
Nathan McCullum22 (42)
Shaminda Eranga6-0-49-1
Tillakaratne Dilshan6-0-24-2

Rishi: "nooo, what are they doing, was their need of that tight single when u require 1 run per over...... silly really "

Eranga to Milne, 1 run

134 kph, almost gets another boundary, this time a streaky one off an edge through the slips, but is cut off by third man who puts in a valiant dive. Nathan wanted a second, but sends back Milne after he sees the powerful throw from the deep

Eranga to Milne, FOUR runs

135 kph, and nine becomes five as Milne literally halves the required chase with a clip through midwicket to find the boundary. This one raced away off the bat. Huge sigh of relief across the ground after that stroke

Eranga to Milne, no run

132 kph, solidly behind the line of this fuller length ball on middle and leg

Eranga to Milne, no run

129 kph, shorter one outside off which Milne is late on as he looks for the ramp over the slips

Eranga to Milne, no run

138 kph, looks for the drop single outside off but hits it a bit too well to the cover fielder

Eranga to Milne, no run

133 kph, defended off the back foot to the off side

end of over 411 run • 1 wicket
NZ: 210/7CRR: 5.12 RRR: 1.00 • Need 9 runs from 54b
Adam Milne1 (4)
Nathan McCullum22 (42)
Tillakaratne Dilshan6-0-24-2
Nuwan Kulasekara10-1-43-2

Kiran: "Noooo!! what have you done Corey??"

Dilshan to Milne, 1 run

plays with the softest of hands near the body as he sets off for the quick single to the other end. The non-striker is just about able to put in the dive after point swoops in to have a throw, with Sangakkara collecting it before removing the bails. A direct hit would definitely have made things interesting there as he looked to be short of his ground. They go upstairs to confirm, and it is indeed not out

Dilshan to Milne, no run

on the front foot to Dilshan as this is turned away to the leg side

Dilshan to Milne, no run

reaches forward before fending away the ball to the off side

Dilshan to Milne, no run

negotiates this first ball to the off side with soft hands

Potentially match-winning innings that from Anderson as we now officially get into the tail. Adam Milne walks into a slightly precarious situation as NZ look to knock off the remaining runs. Surely Nathan will take front and centre stage now?

Dilshan to Anderson, OUT

Dilshan removes the danger man as Anderson is late on the sweep, with the ball striking in line with the stumps on a fuller length. Looked good as gone there. Anderson, realising the match situation, wants the review. Replays show that this indeed was as plumb as it looked the first time. Ends up being confirmed as out as Anderson walks off to good applause as he trudges off with a score of 81

Corey Anderson lbw b Dilshan 81 (121m 96b 11x4 1x6) SR: 84.37
Dilshan to Anderson, no run

defended with soft hands to the off side

Dilshan back on to bowl. Going round the wicket