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3rd ODI (D/N), Sylhet, March 06, 2020, Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh
(43/43 ov) 322/3
(37.3/43 ov, T:342) 218

Bangladesh won by 123 runs (D/L method)

Player Of The Match
176 (143)
Player Of The Series
310 runs
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11.10pm Right, that was one long presentation, but then there's a lot of emotion involved. Bangladesh's most successful ODI captain Mashrafe Mortaza gets to sign off on a high, with his 50th ODI win also producing a 3-0 sweep against the visiting Zimbabweans. Records tumbled, literally every day of this ODI series, and it was a great thrill to bring it all to you. The T20I series starts early next week, and we hope you will join us for those games too. For the moment, on behalf of Ranjith P and Liam Brickhill, this is Debayan Sen saying goodbye and good night. Follow the game with ESPNcricinfo.

11pm Here's the series presentation, up next.

Mashrafe Mortaza comes on next. Says: "This time is very difficult, but I feel really good that the boys are happy to have won the series 3-0. The support I have had from them has been outstanding, from them, from the coaches. I hope the new captain who takes over has some big matches and the World Cup coming, hope they take this to the next level. (On this game) I think the way Liton has been batting has been brilliant. Tamim also, he's been a little bit under pressure. This is just the start. Big series coming up, hope they continue. I always say (Mustafizur) has been our champion. Saifuddin is a youngster, and has come back very strongly from his injury. I hope they keep repeating this performance in future."

Liton Das and Tamim Iqbal are joint winners of the player of the series award.

Liton Das wins the player of the match award. Says: "It is very satisfying. I am very happy to get the highest score for Bangladesh. I have really enjoyed my batting. (On Tamim) When we bat together, he has a calm head and always simplifies things for me. He gives me a lot of mental support, when I wasn't doing too well. I would like to thank god for this opportunity to play so well."

Sean Williams: "It's been a very disappointing series. The second ODI was phenomenal. Donald, Raza, Wesley were fabulous. We have to bowl better, and we have to go out there with no fear and give it a fair crack. We've got two days between now and the first of the T20s. Pretty sure Craig will be okay, but not sure about Chamu. A T20 is anybody's game on the day, and if a couple of guys get going, then we could upset Bangladesh. Some of the younger guys can get some games in."

Mashrafe Mortaza gets a plaque presented to him from the BCB president, and then a Bangladesh jersey signed by all his team-mates.

QR: "Tamim scored 2 centuries in a 3 match series and will still not be the Man of the Series. That's good for Bangladesh. "

Mashrafe Mortaza: "This is a great honour. My boys have been fantastic. They have given everything for the team. I'd like to say my thanks to all the boys. Especially to Shakib. If he had been here, it would have been different, but thanks to everybody." Mahmudullah: "He's been a brother and a friend, and he's got us so much for Bangladesh cricket. We have operated in a very nice way. When he took over, we were floundering a little bit."

Tamim Iqbal and Liton Das join the broadcast. Tamim says: "He (Mashrafe) was unbelievable. When he took over in 2014, we were nowhere. From 2014 to 2019, he took us to a stage where we were taken seriously all over the world. There were people who wanted me dropped, but he backed me all the way." Liton says: "He's got a very special place in my heart. I made my debut under him. He's always supported me. Having a captain like that is always rare. We will miss him, because when he leads, there's no distinction between seniors and juniors. It's a lot of fun." Mushfiqur Rahim: "He's been fantastic, not just as player, but also a human being. He should continue as a player. The way he bowled, he can continue for at least two years. I wish him all the best."

10.49pm As the teams prepare for the presentation, all the Bangladesh players are wearing his number 2 jersey, with the words 'Thank You Captain' written across the front. Delightful!

Abdullah : "@Simba scoring 2 goals in one game, then another in next game does not count as a hat-trick, why should this? Even if the format was ODI."

Lots of positives for Bangladesh from this series. The consistency of the openers, Liton Das and Tamim Iqbal, would please them no end. Taijul Islam's ability to adapt to white-ball cricket was good, too. The team also fielded at a very good level right through these three games, which I reckon could give them a slight edge against opposition that might hold the edge in other skills. Saifuddin showed he is quite handy with the ball, both new and old. Zimbabwe won't have too many positives to tick off, barring young Wesley Madhevere, who played another impressive hand with the bat today.

Simba: "If Mohammad Saifuddin takes a wicket with his first ball in the T20 series is that a hatrick?" --- Not an official one, but try explaining that to him, should that happen!

AMIR: "As a BD supporter and fan I really miss the outstanding bowling coach 'Heath Streak'! We badly need a serious, committed and dedicated bowling coach for BD team. Its a serious call now to think about striking pace bowler who can dominate with pace and tactics. Bowling allrounder likeSaifuddin will be the supporting role in ODI and T20 side but for TEST and ODI need couple of strike bowlers which will be made under good guidance of a pace bowling coach. Sorry, OTIS GIBSON isn't a good choice. " --- That said, you have to give anybody coming in some time before you judge them. The results don't often get shown overnight, remember

10.41pm That's 50 ODI wins for Mashrafe Mortaza, and his team helps Mashrafe sign off on an undeniable high. 3-0 in the series, and barring what was a batty hour to end the second ODI, it's largely been a no-contest! Today's win set up by a record 292-run opening stand by the openers, but right now the emotion is all about Mashrafe. Tamim carries him on his shoulders, helped by the likes of Mehidy, Taijul and Mahmudullah

Saifuddin to Tshuma, OUT

doesn't last more than one ball! Four for Saif, who bowls a searing in-swinging yorker to greet the number 11. It's difficult for anybody to deal with that first up, and more so for someone in just his second ODI. Saif does his typical cross-chested celebration, and the entire team now converges around Mashrafe Mortaza

Charlton Tshuma b Mohammad Saifuddin 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Tshuma is the last man in

Humayun Kabir: "W Madhevere, this kid looks special, it seems he will go long distances. Zim board should endorse few more pretty new bloods instead of chakava,mutombami,they just do not deserve places in this standard."

Saifuddin to Raza, OUT

slower ball, and he has hit this down deep mid-wicket's throat! The fielder is actually three-quarters of the way into the boundary, and that's why it ends up being an easy catch for him in the end. Saif picks up another, and Raza's resistance comes to an end

Sikandar Raza c Mohammad Naim b Mohammad Saifuddin 61 (50b 5x4 2x6) SR: 122
Saifuddin to Raza, no run

length, driven hard towards long-off. Refuses the single, to retain strike

joe: "@deb..thank you for posting my comments today..that made me look up some stats on you and guys..deb is outstanding...Debayan Sen, is one of the tribe. He started out as an accidental football commentator in 2005 and can comment on wrestling ..hahaha impressive deb" --- Yeah, it's all about being interactive over here

end of over 379 runs
ZIM: 218/8CRR: 5.89 RRR: 20.83
Sikandar Raza61 (48)
Carl Mumba4 (6)
Taijul Islam 9-0-38-2
Mohammad Saifuddin 6-0-41-2
Taijul to Raza, 1 run

length, punched past cover, but the man in the deep will do the cleaning up

MAK: "To be honest, other than Sikander Raza and Madhevere Zimbabwe batting was well below par. Tiripano bat exceptionally in the last game but that is kind of fluke. Zimbabwe will have to plan well to keep up with the international level. Forget about Afghanistan, even Ireland are going up than them. "

Taijul to Mumba, 1 run

length, around off, and Mumba goes back to punch this towards cover

Taijul to Raza, 1 run

shorter, and he goes over point towards the sweeper in the deep this time

Taijul to Raza, no run

shapes back in from around the wicket, and bowled a touch quicker. Can only defend this

Taijul to Raza, SIX runs

unerring accuracy again from Taijul, but just a touch predictable now. Raza smacks this over long-on, after clearing his front leg out of the way

Taijul to Raza, no run

length, goes on with the angle again, and Raza cuts to point

end of over 365 runs
ZIM: 209/8CRR: 5.80 RRR: 19.14
Sikandar Raza53 (43)
Carl Mumba3 (5)
Mohammad Saifuddin 6-0-41-2
Taijul Islam 8-0-29-2
Saifuddin to Raza, 1 run

looks for the yorker, but ends up a low full toss around off. Driven hard towards cover, and Mortaza gets low down from his position at mid-off to cut this off. Superb bit of work, especially for a man with dodgy knees. Duly applauded

Saifuddin to Mumba, 1 run

length, driven towards deep cover

Ahshan: "Raza, you are not only a player but also the name of inspiration.You have nothing to lose, just play and enjoy yourself. Love you ZIM"

Saifuddin to Raza, 1 run

angles in towards leg stump from outside off, and he whips this towards deep square leg. Just a single

Saifuddin to Mumba, 1 run

slower ball, around off, and he slices this away through covers towards the sweeper in the deep

Saifuddin to Mumba, no run

length, defends this towards short mid-wicket

SabbirChowdhury: "While Bangladesh are very likely to clinch the series 3-0, they have a lot to think about. The bowling, just to mention, is not very much beyond average, which was proved in the 2nd match. They have a lot of players waiting to be seriously considered for the national team. What they need is proper grooming and coaching to be a part of a very good international squad. It's high time Bangladesh became one of the top ranking teams!"

Simba: "Zimbabwe wasted Donald Tiripano. He was supposed to bat higher without much pressure then accelerate there after"

Saifuddin to Raza, 1 run

full toss, around leg and middle, and he swats this away towards deep square leg

The final Powerplay comes into play, as does Saifuddin

Mr Robot: "Well done Raza. Congrats!!"

end of over 352 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 204/8CRR: 5.82 RRR: 17.37
Carl Mumba1 (2)
Sikandar Raza50 (40)
Taijul Islam 8-0-29-2
Mustafizur Rahman 6-0-32-1
Taijul to Mumba, no run

drives to covers, where the fielder dives low and keeps the batsman on strike

Normally, would have been an outstanding knock, but the equation is still a really big one against his team

Taijul to Raza, 1 run

fuller, and driven to long-off. That's fifty for Raza, in his 100th ODI

Sajid Siddique: "@sumit saha: Why u made a jinx bro? Why? Why?"

Taijul to Raza, no run

length, defends towards square leg

Taijul to Mumba, 1 run

driven back towards the bowler. Taijul dives to his left, and parries the ball away. Allows them to pick up a single

joe: "zim need to teach themselves that this is the way to bat even if they are batting first...then we can talk about keeping wickets later"

Taijul to Tiripano, OUT

the Don is gone! Taijul sticks to the basics, angles one in without much turn, and Tiripano loses shape in looking to slog across the line. Misses, and the bowler hits

Donald Tiripano b Taijul Islam 15 (18b 0x4 2x6) SR: 83.33
Taijul to Tiripano, no run

looks to go forward to drive, but misses

KP: "So the game is on with Raza and Tiripano in the middle now." --- They basically need to bat through, unseparated, and also score briskly

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