Ireland's first morning of Test cricket at Lord's was beyond their wildest dreams, as Tim Murtagh led a sensational assault on an England team containing five members of the squad that won the World Cup on this very ground last week. Here's how ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary charted a spectacular collapse ... even by the Test team's recent standards.

2.4 Murtagh to Roy, OUT, edged, and gone! Murtagh makes it happen! Nipping half-a-bat's width down the slope, snicking the edge, and scooped up by Stirling at first slip, more in his wrists than his palms, so low to the ground, but Roy isn't disputing it! First blood to Ireland!
JJ Roy c Stirling b Murtagh 5 (8 for 1)

9.5 Adair to Denly, OUT, full, straight, gone! Denly departs as well, and England's top-order woes are officially still woeful! Adair finds a fractionally fuller length, lovely shape back into the pads on a tight line, and he doesn't bother with the review. Well, well! This is working out nicely for the new boys!
JL Denly lbw b Adair 23 (36 for 2)

10.4 Murtagh to Burns, OUT, driven once more, edged once more, caught once more! This is brilliant from Ireland, loose and irresponsible from England. The ball was once again in the channel on off stump, and lured the wrong stroke at the wrong time! Now England really are in a pickle
RJ Burns c Wilson b Murtagh 6 (36 for 3)

11.6 Adair to Root, OUT, huge appeal again! So, so, so straight! The only thing that could save Root is an inside-edge! A long discussion and Porterfield calls for the review... Nope, no bat there! This is surely out! A yelp of delight from the Ireland fielders as they see that... and with good reason, as that is smashing the stumps!
JE Root lbw b Adair 2 (42 for 4)

12.4 Murtagh to Bairstow, OUT, a loose flat-footed swat, and Bairstow's timbers are wrecked! Yet another irresponsible stroke, the ball was straight and true, the shot was wild and woolly. And Bairstow's off-side fluency in ODIs once again translates to a bowled in Tests ...
JM Bairstow b Murtagh 0 (42 for 5)

12.6 Murtagh to Woakes, OUT, nips off the seam, into the pad, and up goes the finger! My God! Woakes reviews, it's possible it was high and certainly leg-sided, but it was tight to the stumps ... and no bat to save him... and clipping the top of leg stump!
CR Woakes lbw b Murtagh 0 (42 for 6)

14.2 Murtagh to Ali, OUT, nicked off, FIVE for Murtagh! Perfect line and that's too good for Moeen, who feathers through to Wilson, and the green tide surges again! That's Murtagh's 14th first-class five-for at Lord's - but the first to get him on the honours board! Just slipped across the bows, hits the seam and grazes the bat through to the keeper - Lord's catnip from the Middlesex man
MM Ali c Wilson b Murtagh 0 (43 for 7)

18.4 Rankin to Broad, OUT, round the wicket, back of a length and beats the bat, Wilson leaping to his right to snag the catch... Ireland are very keen on this and review Aleem Dar's not-out decision. There must have been a noise, because UltraEdge likes it too! A smidge of a spike and Ireland have their eighth! Another good use of the review system and Broad is off... England could be bowled out before lunch, here!
SCJ Broad c Wilson b Rankin 3 (58 for 8)

20.1 Rankin to Curran, OUT, gone, poked to short leg! Perfectly placed, straight into McCollum's bread-basket! Curran won't be hurting Ireland today, just tucked off his legs but in the vicinity of the catcher and he snapped up a low chance - everything going for Ireland here!
SM Curran c McCollum b Rankin 18 (67 for 9)

23.4 Adair to Stone, OUT, and that's yer lot! Bowled off the elbow, seaming back and then deflecting down into the timbers to complete an Irish rout at England's HQ! Adair gets his third, Stone's fun is over and England have had their World Cup party well and truly pooped!
OP Stone b Adair 19 (85 all out)