12.50pm I'm afraid, this is it. Match has been officially called off. Ireland finish third and Hong Kong fourth. There was never much of a chance for the game to start with so much rain falling. There is still chance for the final though which is scheduled to begin in a little over an hour from now and Netherlands and Scotland have arrived at the ground as well. Let's hope that this tournament has a winner. Until next time, see 'ya.

12.35pm With the rain still coming down, we are not too far away before Ireland confirm their third place in the Qualifier.

12.10pm Still raining and the covers still on. Priority will soon be shifted to this afternoon's final, I feel.

11.05am Cut-off time for a five-over match is 1.46pm local time, and it will take at least an hour to get the ground fit enough for play. So, the rain needs to completely abate within the next hour or so for any chance. Umpire Vineet Kulkarni says the ground is very greasy and unsafe at the moment. There is still a heavy drizzle lingering about, though.

10.45am Not much to update, folks. It continues to be soggy and wet. This match is in serious doubt now. Playing cards seems to be some of the Hong Kong players' preferred choice of activity.

9.45am The rain is continuing to come down for now. More updates as and when we have it.

9.30am There is plenty of water on the covers and a supper-sopper is at work. We definitely will not be starting on time. A reminder that Ireland will finish third if this game is washed out. We shall cross that bridge when we come to it, though. Let's hope we get some action in this game. Steady, unrelenting rain is a lot worse than a quick, sharp shower and unfortunately, we have the former here today.

ICC had tweeted a rather bleak picture a while ago.

9.15am Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 3rd place playoff in the World T20 Qualifier between Hong Kong and defending champions Ireland. Both sides still have a lot to prove but we can see it on show only if the weather relents. There has been steady rain in Dublin this morning, and the toss is more than likely to be delayed.